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Comment 06 Mar 2017

I'm with you and I agree that Thad deserves another year. I think if there is anything you could blame Thad for lately, it would be recruiting. But the limited number of NBA caliber players are hard to get to come to OSU when recruiting against "basketball schools" like Kentucky, UNC, Duke, Kasas, the list goes on. We have zero NBA caliber players on this team (maybe Lyle if he improves a lot). Then KBD getting hurt as our best or second best player put a damper on the season.

Given our active roster and with basketball naturally being a volatile and streaky game, I don't think this season was a sh*t show. With the younger players showing some promise, and no disrespect to Loving but I think we will improve with the more well rounded KBD using that playing time, we will be in the big dance next year. I'm still excited to watch how far we can go in this B1G tourney even though I'll probably pull my hair out from the frustration.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I watched the game in person and it seemed like he did not miss a throw. Just about every throw was perfectly placed in stride hitting their hands. He did throw a pick where he didn't see the corner coming from the other direction after getting rushed out of the pocket. Even including that, I was incredibly impressed. Make sure you have nice sunglasses for the future.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

During the time I had an internship in AA, I lived right across the street from the rock. MSU started a tradition years ago painting the rock before their game. ichigan then painted over it in their colors, and nowadays it gets painted every few days for random stuff by frats and sororities and whoever else. I'm surprised no pictures surfaced last year when it was painted red with block Os on it. I was told ichigan students guarded it during the week of The Game, but they didn't last year when I was in AA.

The bronze is a bit different though.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

They're still working on it and I'm not sure if there are LEDs along the tunnel, but there is a huge Block O that is hung on the ceiling of the tunnel that will be illuminated at night. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.

Comment 22 Aug 2014


Comment 22 Aug 2014

Right, now I don't know if Johnny Manziel made it to his meetings on time today.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I think the best thing about our secondary is the depth. The most devastating thing that happened last year, when Bryant got injured, just tore us apart because we didn't have anybody ready. This year, fingers crossed that there are no injuries at all, but due to the competition at each position the next man up will be ready.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

I can tell you unequivocally that this is not true from 2005 through present. At no point did OSU athletic department personnel, athletic facilities personnel, or ohio state police department ever participate, light the field or scoreboard for the event from 2005 to present.

I can't factually confirm what you are saying, but it sounds dead on. I worked for OSU Athletic Facilities at the shoe for 3 years and never heard of the "Midnight Ramp." I would be very surprised if anybody within the Facilites department was involved.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

My uncle lives in Vegas, from Ohio and a huge Buckeye fan, and he says that there are Buckeye bars all over the place out there. Obviously this could be true for other teams as well, but I know that we are represented well in Nevada so it's not too surprising they hate TTUN.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Alright you have a good argument. I agree with everything except I think it's a toss up between 2011 Wisconsin and 2012 Purdue, but no harm both were incredible.

The last point is interesting. Braxton is definitely the better player, maybe not the best prototypical qb, but the better player and that's who Urban wants on the field.

You've swayed me. Hopefully these next few weeks speed up so I can stop worrying about the past.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I think we all know that Braxton is the most athletic qb in the nation and he certainly adds that extra possibility of a huge play that the defense has to prevent, but I think Kenny earned a chance to start against a legit opponent. He set single game OSU passing records, albeit against a garbage defense, and came through with the most impressive comeback in recent years. Last year he seemed to be the best qb on the team to me. I thought he should have started after the Northwestern game last year when Braxton shit his pants, I actually thought he should have played in the 2nd half of that game. I'm not saying I'm disappointed with last year, I just don't really understand how Kenny didn't get a chance to start after proving his worth multiple times.

With all of that said, I really am optimistic that Braxton will be more of a leader and a qb this year. He stays healthy and we have a legit shot.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I still don't understand why he was a backup last season.