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Comment 26 Sep 2014

So what is the over/under on settlement amount, I'm going at 6.5 million?  I say this because if it gets to the point where a fact finding investigation into the Title IX department/investigation at OSU the university will probably pay handsomely to not allow that to happen.  But if Mr. Waters refuses to settle this suit could bring out some very ugly things on how the Title IX/DOE influence universities in these times.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

The more you look back on the past 2 years, the more this becomes apparent.  Herman relies on better talent to make plays when they cannot he has no idea on how to change the play calling to set up success.

Tresselball may have been super frustrating for not using our maximum talent, but he was always working to set up something big towards the end of the game and it usually worked!!

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I was screaming this to anyone who would listen!!  Tom Herman set the offense up to fail and has been doing that in every big game!  Without the extreme talents of Braxton, El Guapo and a stacked offensive line, we are seeing just how much of a "genius" our OC is.  Now I know how TSUN felt last year with Borges because this was just as pathetic if not worse.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

The next questions is, how will the 2nd investigation by Montgomery play out??  Is Ohio State trying to find more evidence to support the firing?  Will it be a more thorough approach with more witnesses and investigating the administration to see what they knew and how long they knew it?  Will the current/alumni band members even participate because of how the first investigation went and was reported?

I feel that this is a long way from complete, but unfortunately for Mr. Waters he will probably never be the director of TBDBITL again.