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Comment 06 Apr 2020

it isnt hard to look like the best coach when your getting the best talent

And yet there are plenty of 4 and 5 star kids every year who aren't developed into NFL prospects.  He's not wrong that it's easier to score a run if you're starting on third base, but you still gotta finish the job and LJ is tremendous at that.  You may have better odds but it's definitely not a given that a 5* = top 5 draft pick.  That said I'm sure it wouldn't take long to disprove his stance -- even PSU and OSU take non-4/5 stars occasionally.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

I'm waiting for those statistics to come out of Sweden.

You mean Sweden with government universal healthcare for all citizens? Very socialist Sweden, with a general cultural attitude of community benefit? I too am curious to see how that plays out.

The US isn’t Sweden anymore than we’re China, and neither of those approaches would work here.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Yes, around the country, likely in regions not yet hit. Definitely unlikely to be from a major metro, and more unlikely to be true in a month (if it even is true now, the internet is funny that way).

We are only beginning to see what this looks like in the US. My sister is a nurse and has been working her ass off. My coworker’s fiancé is a nurse and was essentially told there are no masks for her. Pictures of hospitals with nothing to do and plenty of supplies? Great. Tell Bumfuck Alaska General Med to send their supplies to places with actual people.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Talk to me when car accidents become highly infectious. Until then you’re not even comparing apples and oranges.

You are not under martial law yet. Keep doing what you’ve been asked to do, and encouraging others to do the same, and maybe it won’t come to do that. Unless you happen to like the look of those satellite images of mass graves coming out of Iran.

Comment 02 Apr 2020

I’m sure this isn’t the case in every state, however in Ohio the playgrounds are closed but parks are still open.

As always be smart and practice distancing, but we drove to Highbanks on Sunday since it was a nice day and had a picnic out of the back of our car (the ground was super wet). It’s not perfect in either direction, but my wife/kid are both the type to go bonkers being indoors all the time so even just a change of scenery went a long way for them.

As for gyms, if you need to move I’d recommend looking into bodyweight stuff for home. Darebee has a ton of exercise programs for free, YouTube can be a good resource, etc. With everyone working from home we’re moving less (from already not moving enough) so it’s good to incorporate some daily exercise if possible. Plenty of mental benefits from exercise which helps as well.

Comment 20 Mar 2020

Dunno how into “fine woodworking” you are, but Wood Whisperer Guild has quite a few good projects you can buy. Projects comes with plans (also sketchup files iirc) and videos covering each step. They’re also steadily adding more instructors so the number and types of projects has been increasing.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

Not exactly the most explicit explanation he could've provided.  Be curious if AE or someone gets another interview for clarification.  Because I don't honestly know what OSU could've lied to Edwards about -- it was certainly no secret they were recruiting two RBs, nor was it a secret who they were recruiting.

Moreover I don't see how Edwards would go from taking photos with Pryor at UGA and talking about expecting/hoping to play with a second RB in this class, to suddenly feeling lied to when another RB (Pryor no less) commits.  Either way Bellamy's tweets make it sound like confirmation of Webb's accusation, whether he meant it that way or not and regardless of his follow up tweet further down.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

You can’t tell me with 100% certainty that in 4-6 this virus will be bad enough to shut down the university. This is ridiculous beyond comprehension.

You're welcome to voice your displeasure to the head of the OSU Med Center, who is also the head of academic health affairs, and let him know he doesn't know shit about how virus transmission works.  Again, Drake doesn't make decisions in a bubble.  It's as true here as it is for all the other stuff.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

That's the important point here.  Anyone who went to college likely knows someone who transferred to a different school after their freshmen year, and those regular students likely didn't have their toughness questioned.  There are myriad of reasons a kid may not mesh at a school, even if during recruiting/campus visits everything felt right, or as you said decide to transfer due to external factors such as family. 

And, yes, some kids may also decide they just want to play and it's not happening where they are (and may never happen).  They get five years to play, and for 80% of them it'll be the final five years they get to enjoy doing it in an organized sport.  Shit happens.  People need to stop automatically putting those kids on blast without knowing the rationale, just because those kids are deciding to leave their favorite sportsball team.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Sounds like an immature woman changed her mind more than a rape.

Yeah, and if she changes her mind in the middle of it and the person doesn't stop then it becomes rape.  Not that hard to grasp.  "No means no" doesn't lose meaning or power as soon as sex starts.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Memphis would NEVER attempt to push out a HC who took an interview elsewhere, as it would mean that they'd never be able to attract a quality HC

Conversely, I'd have to think at least a few recruits will look at these comments and ask themselves if VT is worth the consideration.  Just as Memphis isn't OSU in terms of coaching destinations, VT isn't Bama in terms of recruit destinations.  It seems almost like an unnecessary self-punch in the dick in order to score some pointless tough guy points, given the whole issue of players testing the transfer waters then backing out seems so small in general.

Do I think a player should be all in?  Sure.  But shit happens, and drawing this unprompted hard line in the sand feels both counterproductive and ridiculous.  There could be any number of reasons that a player may decide to go in the portal, and many more why they may regret that decision and want to come back.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

EVERY SINGLE team in the SEC Florida played that year did better against Florida than OSU.


Voters back in 2006 weren't paying attention enough to the coaching advantage in the SEC,recruiting, or the spread. In reality OSU should have probably been ranked somewhere around #20. The entire SEC probably would have beaten them in the title game.

I agree that in 2006 OSU was probably the victim of the hype machine, but no.  That's like saying because OSU got its doors blown off by Clemson in 2016 and that means every ACC team on their schedule would've won as well.  We all know the transitive property doesn't work in college football; it's part of what makes ranking the teams such a pain.

Context matters.  OSU was overhyped and had almost two months to get fat and lazy; Florida was underhyped and had almost two months to seethe on the daily disrespect (real and manufactured I'm sure).  We all know what kind of motivator Urban could be in that situation (see: 2014 CFP), and 2006-7 was when he was probably at his most hungry as a coach.  Add in rumored locker room drama before the game, and a devastating injury on the first play of the game (which was a TD I might add) that completely destroyed the ability to stretch the field, and it all coalesced into a game that snowballed near halftime by an excellent, underrated team.  But that doesn't magically mean OSU was trash.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

(Keep responding to myself here, I know.)

Additionally, if we look at the current TOP247/Composite 2021 rankings, there are only two RBs (Shipley, Wheaton) ranked at #30 overall or higher, which seems to usually be around the rough cutoff point for 5*s.  While this will likely change in the future, as of today that means next year there's only two 5* RBs for the entire nation to chase and neither are in the Midwest (NC, TX).

Comment 05 Feb 2020

Correction:  Beanie Wells' 2006 class featured nine 5* RBs, not six.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

Correct me if I'm wrong but the last 5 star running back OSU has had that was a starter was Beanie?

Boom, Saine, Hyde, Zeke, Weber, and Dobbins were 3 and 4 stars and all were studs

There are a couple ways to look at it.  Yes, those six were all studs, but per Ramzy's link since 2000 OSU has signed 29 RBs and only three were 5* recruits: Beanie, Clarett, and Sam Maldanado.  So the three 5* in 20 years had a 66% success rate, and who knows what Maldanado might've been without the injuries before he ever played here.

That leaves 26 4/3/2* players.  Now obviously more than the six you listed were good players, but just using those we'd have a 23% success rate (it's probably closer to 40% if I had to guess).  Recruiting numbers don't guarantee anything -- of course lower ranked players can and will turn out to be great.  What they get you are better odds.  The 2017 class had five 5* players: Chase, Okudah, Wade, Wyatt Davis, and Baron Browning.  As of today that's an 80% success rate, and over the next two NFL drafts will likely feature the bulk of our 1st/2nd round draftees (in addition to Fields next year, who was also a 5*).

Now, all of that said, there is likely another trend at work here affecting the dearth of recent 5* RBs at OSU.  That's the devaluation of the position nationally, and therefore the overall pool of 5* RBs is likely decreasing.  Clarett's class had five 5* RBs; Beanie's class had six.  JK Dobbin's class had 1 (and JK was the #2 RB despite being a 4*).  Further, the 2020 class had three; '19 had three; '18 had two.

I don't think Ramzy is wrong per se, I just think the context isn't entirely complete.  In 2000-2006 maybe JK, Jaelen Gill, and Demario McCall would've ended 5* as well, as they were all ranked #2 at RB in their respective classes.  Zeke and Clarett were both ranked #5 RBs in their classes, but 11 years difference likely somewhat impacts why one was 69 overall versus 35 in addition to their respective 4* and 5* statuses.  The position matters less in the NFL than it used to, and a lot of these rankings try to base themselves on where these players project into the NFL.  So it would make sense the pool of 5* RBs will continue to decrease.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

^ This.  Concerns about automation are the same story we've been seeing in one form or another since the printing press.  Unfortunately some employment avenues we're used to seeing will dry up, and yes that will leave some people behind and that sucks.  But other avenues will open.  We are very good at creating new ways to spend time working.

Comment 20 Dec 2019

You're welcome to your own opinion mate, but fact of the matter is most communication technology is built under the science of a round earth.  Every time you use a satellite, ie. GPS, Dish Network, cell phones, Google Maps, the internet, you're disproving flat earth theory.  You can prove the curvature of the earth for yourself with a cell phone camera and a balloon.

Flat earth theories are like any long standing conspiracy theory (moon landings, 9/11, etc): just enough fact to make it seem plausible while injecting enough fiction in the details to fit a preferred narrative.

Comment 13 Dec 2019

Initial reports suggested his flight was delayed in getting to the location. However, a report later emerged revealing Day was busy recruiting.

I'm unsure why it's framed in the article as if the 'reports' were contradictory.  Couldn't the later report be true (that he was having his in-home with Stroud, in California) while the initial report (that his flight from California to the CFP presser in Atlanta got delayed) is also true? 

While I'm sure he isn't shedding any tears over missing a pointless media function, I highly doubt Day is playing some kind of 3D chess, is passive aggressively trying to stick it to the CFP or whoever, etc.  Seems to me Day is trying to make every minute count this week between recruiting, awards obligations, probably some light game prep, and CFP obligations, and he unfortunately cut it too close to account for a delay in a coast-to-coast flight and got burned.  He still flies in a plane and is bound by the same issues plaguing every mere mortal holiday traveler, he isn't Iron Man.  It happens.  In the meantime, Dabo got a nice chuckle for his quip against Saban, and his fanbase probably got wet in a Red October "Captain scared them out of the water!" moment of self-delusion.