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Comment 15 Mar 2013

Please make a GIF of that dude from Nebraska falling on his ass while he was back peddling!

Comment 12 Mar 2013

God I hope this is a lie, I don't like to hate on the victim but Im only hoping because this kind of news makes me sick. I like to think OSU players hold themselves to a higher standard but sobering things like this seem to come out and just embarrass the whole community.

Comment 11 Mar 2013

@Jason I used to be pretty good friends with Anthony Collica (wrestler from solon) and I was wondering if you knew anything about his recruitment. Was he offered by Ohio State? I remember him being dominant and if I'm not mistaken he's favored to win his 3rd state title in a row and he finished pretty high at nationals in Fargo.

Comment 10 Mar 2013

I've decided to take happiness out of Michigan's misery. Big ten titles are nice but they're not all that important I'm glad to see Michigan seeded lower in the tournaments and Ohio State seeded higher for a 2nd place finish in the best league in America.

Comment 05 Mar 2013

@Vico I know a lot of people were talking about Price moving to Offensive Line and I think he definitely has the size and strength for it, but I was wondering what you think his eventual position will be in college.

Comment 20 Jul 2012

That is literally the sketchiest story of all time! Why was this guy in SOcal first of all and second of all what was this guys role in Terrelle's life? I bet he just gave TP's family money to help them stay afloat in the hopes that one day he could piggy back off of TP's success. Wow what a pathetic weird dude

Comment 07 Jul 2012

Kick this kid out, he not only represents us as a buckeye community poorly but he (and this incident) is more distractions for the team. @Irricoir This may add up to be nothing, but he didn't hold up his duty to stay out of trouble and when people don't do their job they get fired. I hope he gets the boot.

Comment 22 Jun 2012

I wish I you guys could have seen of video as my face went from uncontrollable excitement to bitter realization and then finally to begrudgingly happy as i found out who the two new "commits" were, but in all seriousness welcome aboard guys!

Comment 21 May 2012

how the hell are you going to make the 90's and 2000's mount's? Absolutley nuts how much talent we've had in the shoe the last two decades.

Comment 17 Apr 2012

I agree with @Ramzy but it hurts soo much to say it! I will truly never hate anything as deeply and passionatley as I hate tsun but, it makes me sick to think those assholes got so bad that the rivalry isn't as respected. Unfortunatley we're two schools bound by hatred but bound nonetheless so michigan being better makes ohio state better. Lets just always hope OSU is a little bit better every year

Comment 07 Mar 2012

 “When you grow up in Ohio, there are things you don’t allow yourself to dream about. I watched Woody, Archie, Pete Johnson and Cornelius Greene…and now I get to coach here? This is unbelievably humbling and gratifying for me.” - New CB coach Kerry Koombs Hey @Alex Kerry Coombs just made it official!