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Comment 09 Dec 2011

One of the worst things to ever happen to college football was ESPN's analysis, because we're forced every day to believe that there's a best team. I do remember growing up and wanting to beat Michigan, to win our games, and to go to the elusive Rose Bowl. I remember how huge the Rose Bowl was, at 10 years old. I also remember watching the Sugar Bowl hoping against hope that a favorable outcome would give Ohio State a national championship.

But the fact remains that even that senseless hoping and the system of mythical and split championships is more compelling than watching Forrest Gump run headfirst into Adam Sandler's Waterboy character for 3 hours. At least under the old system when we saw a rematch it was between the LSU/Oregon variety, not the LSU/Alabama type.

Comment 09 Dec 2011

Well at least we know the Heisman Trophy will go to probably the best player in the nation (Andrew Luck) or the best RB in the nation (Trent Richardson).

Oh. Wait. Nevermind, it's projected to go to Robert Griffin. Well then, good job every award committee ever except for the Davey O'Brien. You managed to prove why the Heisman is respected and you are not.