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Comment 08 Dec 2019

Ryan Day and his staff are going to be more likely to solve Brent Venables than anyone else the last couple years. If anyone can do it, it's going to be that guy. I just wonder how Jeff Hafley feels about going up against that offense. I guess this is why you come back to college from the NFL.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

Ryan Day game plans a handful of plays to use each week. I think he's been holding on to those plays until the opposing defense has spent a few possessions adjusting to what Dobbins and Fields do. It seems once the coaches see what a defense is doing (and if it's what they expected from the film room), they pull out some bootleg fake-RPO to Bin Victor or Fields dips his shoulder on a fake draw and opens the entire secondary, and its feast time.

Comment 01 Jan 2019
Starbucks is to coffee as The Wall is to Pink Floyd. Sure it's popular and every hipster in America loves to be associated with it, but real fans find it tasteless and overly try-hard. Meddle/Timmy's is better anyway. Starbucks burns its roasts so you can still taste it through the diabetes.
Comment 03 Dec 2018
Good summary of how I feel about the playoffs. If you look at the four teams that got in, I think they got the right ones. Two undefeated conference champions, an undefeated independent and a one loss champ that avenged their loss. But then you swear up and down you used these principles that exclude conference bias, and then rationalize Georgia strictly through losing to a team whose entire resume this year hinges upon their conference schedule. That's intellectually dishonest, logically inconsistent, and insulting. Just say what you really mean, committee: you feel the SEC is a tougher conference and that barely losing is still more impressive than winning in other conferences. I'd still disagree, but I'd at least respect that the committee doesn't need to hide their rationale. This obviously shows that they came up with the rankings first and worried about rationalizing afterward.
Comment 09 Dec 2011

One of the worst things to ever happen to college football was ESPN's analysis, because we're forced every day to believe that there's a best team. I do remember growing up and wanting to beat Michigan, to win our games, and to go to the elusive Rose Bowl. I remember how huge the Rose Bowl was, at 10 years old. I also remember watching the Sugar Bowl hoping against hope that a favorable outcome would give Ohio State a national championship.

But the fact remains that even that senseless hoping and the system of mythical and split championships is more compelling than watching Forrest Gump run headfirst into Adam Sandler's Waterboy character for 3 hours. At least under the old system when we saw a rematch it was between the LSU/Oregon variety, not the LSU/Alabama type.

Comment 09 Dec 2011

Well at least we know the Heisman Trophy will go to probably the best player in the nation (Andrew Luck) or the best RB in the nation (Trent Richardson).

Oh. Wait. Nevermind, it's projected to go to Robert Griffin. Well then, good job every award committee ever except for the Davey O'Brien. You managed to prove why the Heisman is respected and you are not.