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Comment 9 hours ago

Michael Dwumfour-Defensive tackle from Michigan who has been developing for a few years. Had a lot of hype in the spring from the media but never panned our, should a solid starter for Rutgers

I love how the narrative changes now that he's no longer at UM and now being coached by a former Buckeye.

Comment 19 Jan 2020

You make me blush.  It may be the clothes he's wearing or how they fit him, but I would have expected him to look big in pretty much anything, He did look big when he took his shirt off, but he also is tall so it's harder to look filled out like Dobbins when you're 6'5". 

Comment 18 Jan 2020
For a guy that looks so muscular on the field I would have thought he'd look bigger in regular clothes and lifting.
Comment 16 Jan 2020

BUT, they have failed badly with the five* guys who put up 3* stats....Shea Butter, DPJ, Gary to name a few. To be elite you need five* guys to play (consistently) as five star guys...all the playoff teams do.

They have had bad luck with the 5-stars.  Peppers had a good career & Dax Hill is projecting well, but Gary, Shea, DPJ, Solomon, Green, etc. did not pan out.  It's hard to say anything other than they were over-rated as recruits.  Most of them were really good athletes.  Most were also overrated as recruits predominantly because they were so much bigger, stronger, more athletic etc. than their peers in HS.  That makes it harder to evaluate if they are actually good football players because they overmatch their competition so much in HS.  They aren't really required to develop any skill until they are faced with opponents that are more similar in terms of size and strength.  I think their lack of production in the NFL or at the places they transferred to though shows it wasn't due to a lack of coaching, but that they were just over-rated recruits.  The better question is why do they get so many overrated recruits? 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Sam Hubbard had no experience at DE (and inferior physical gifts to Gary's) and after bouncing from LB to TE to DE at Ohio State, and then 3 years with LJ, became a starting DE in his 1st year in the NFL.

Hubbard was not a borderline 3/4-star.  He was ranked 102 spots higher than Winovich as a recruit.  Although both had similar backgrounds in moving around positions and both had similar sack numbers, Winovich far outpaced his tackles numbers and was a 2-time first team all B1G performer and second team All American..

What it was at Michigan that didn't allow Gary to get developed I don't know - overall culture, strength and conditioning program, position coach, what he was asked to do in the defensive scheme. 

If that were the case you'd expect to see an uptick in Gary's numbers in the NFL with better coaching and a better program, but that didn't happen.

Although there are exceptions, there DOES seem to be a problem generally with player development at Michigan. That's not MY read as a Buckeye fan; that's the read of lots if Michigan fans at Mgoblog. A HC who is paid as much as Harbaugh should be able to fix it. That he hasn't is ok by me.

That's another question about a different coach with a different set of criteria.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

How about comparing Gary to Sam Hubbard (who played safety, and lacrosse in h.s.) and has started and thrived for 2 years in the NFL? Or to Tyquan Lewis, a lower-ranted recruit who was a Big Ten DL of the year?

My point is I think Gary was vastly overrated as a HS recruit and all his expectations are based off that alone.  Being a highly ranked HS recruit does not make you a good CFB or NFL player.  Gary was a great athlete and had great size for position.  His recruiting rankings and his combine numbers are a product of that.  But, Gary was never a great defensive lineman because he lacked football specific skills to that position.  The Bosa bros and Young were also highly ranked recruits and also had great size and athleticism.  When you're in HS and you're able to physically overmatch your opponent that much it's hard to decipher skill vs size, strength, and athleticism because they don't need a ton of skill to be successful at that level.  The lack of skill doesn't show up until they are faced with players of more equal size and athleticism.  I think this bears out in the NFL where both are now free from their college coaches and getting NFL coaching.  Both still trended in the same way.  Joey is still a fantastic pass rusher & Nick had a great rookie season.  He dwarfed Gary's numbers.  I think that's evidence that it wasn't a lack of coaching on UM's part.  Gary just isn't that good of a football player and is just a great athlete.

But, there are plenty of other really good examples of Mattison developing d-lineman.  Look what he did with Winovich.  He was a HS QB & LB.  He was a border line 3/4-star and ranked below all those other DEs.  He bounced around positions at UM and started off as a TE.  He was able to develop under Mattison into an All American.  Mo Hurst was also a border line 3/4 star who also developed into an All American.  He also developed Chris Wormley & Taco Charlton into first team all conference players.  I think one could make the argument Mattison did more with less talented guys than LJ has.  I can't think of two border line 3/4 stars that LJ developed into All Americans like GMatt did with Winovich & Hurst.  I'm not saying he's better either.  LJ has developed a lot too.  But, based off their NFL careers I think it's clear the Bosa bros were supremely talented football players whereas Gary was just a talented athlete, but an overrated football player.  My hunch is Young is in the same boat as the Bosas so I don't think citing just Gary as a reason for GMatt's shortcomings as a d-line is fair, nor the Bosa bros and Young as a reason for LJ's ability as a d-line coach is accurate either.  I think all wound up just being what they are.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Do you truly believe Joe improved his skill level by such a margin 16 TD passes to 60 TD passes in a single season or is it more likely that the staff designing and calling plays as well as the WR's maturing finally caught up to his level of play!?

No, I think he had them all along.  But, where Burrow excels IMO is something that's harder to see in practice.  I'm guessing if you watch for example Burrow & Fields compete in practice Fields looks like the more gifted player with the larger upside.  He's a better athlete, has a stronger arm, is a better runner, etc.  Where Burrow excels is in his reading of coverage and decision making and handling pressure.  Those don't really show up in practice as much.  So, unless Burrow got live snaps against quality teams when the game was close you might not notice.  IMHO Burrow is better than Fields at this point in their careers.  This is where football evaluations are often wrong and why the Combine is a bad evaluator of talent.  It seduces folks into thinking the bigger, faster, more muscular & athletic guy is better when those things are not the most important parts of football player.  Those make you a great athlete, but are not football specific skills which largely don't get evaluated in the Combine and take live game action to show up.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Having two of his coaches leave for the school's top rival was a bitter pill for Harbaugh to swallow.

There are plenty of legitimate silly moments, many of which are nails on a chalkboard for UM fans, but there's a flip side of the coin to this one.  Many OSU fans like to point the finger to coaching as the reason they think UM is underachieving, then OSU turns around and poaches 2 of the very coaches they had gripes about and suddenly they are puffing their chests out about the defensive turnaround in 2019 in part due to two of the very coaches they were citing as a problem only a year back.  That doesn't exactly add up.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Although I'm sure some will neg just because it's UM content, I also know many are interested.  A lot has been discussed lately with the cultural differences between OSU & UM.  Here is a diary from MGB poser UMGoblue11 who used to work in UM athletics and knows folks inside the program.  It speaks to some of the negative talk about recruiting and culture at UM and how that may be different than at OSU, Clemson, & Bama and other Saban disciple schools (UGA, T A&M, etc.).

  • Saban brought player scouting from the NFL to CFB recruiting with huge support staffs led originally by Ed Marinowitz.  These concepts eventually filtered out as guys from Saban's coaching tree left and took it with them (UGA, Tenn, Oregon, FSU then A&M, etc.).
  • UM has opted for a smaller staff in order to keep things in-house which relies more on assistants to scout and break down film rather than support staff.
  • In the early JH years there were older guys on the staff that weren't willing to do this. More recently JH has opted for younger guys willing to put in the hours recruiting.
  • This smaller staff probably limits UM somewhat and they probably don't use as much contact, social media, photoshop edits, etc. as some other schools do. 
  • While the whole superior academics things is overblown, UM does shy away from kids that are not willing to make the cut with academics and get their grades in order and they also do tend to stay away from kids with red flags unlike a team like MSU who is more willing to take a risk on a guy with a questionable background.
  • If the family or handler of a kid is looking for "assurances" they won't play that game.  Take that as you will.
  • They care more about their own evaluations and don't care about the recruiting rankings.
  • JH ranks everyone on the roster from 1-120.  They sit in meetings and "basically get their manhood called out.  Some take this better than others."

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Plenty of talent everywhere with a bit of questions in the secondary and the QB depth.  Once again if Fields is healthy OSU should be a NC contender.  But, given the lack of depth and the fact he had some difficulty with the knee this year I'd be concerned with his health and what happens if he can't play for an extended stretch or against any of the top games on the schedule.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I loved watching Clemson get humbled on the big stage, although obviously I would have immensely preferred watching Ohio State, even if we ultimately came up short against LSU. 

And here I was thinking it was OSU getting their karma for courting Fields when they already had Burrow.  Anybody got a sense of humor??? :)

Comment 14 Jan 2020

You've gotta have skills & create value.    That being said, nothing will replace the human touch...things like hand written thank you cards, honest caring people, & a person that can trouble shoot problems as they arrive.  In education, it's only a matter of time before many of our jobs/classes are offered online.  We are increasingly asked more frequently to create independent studies that don't involve any classroom time.  I'm ready and able to offer my curriculum 100% online if need be, but students will miss a teacher's immediate feedback, encouragement, etc.  

Comment 12 Jan 2020

A lot has to happen to go undefeated players, and it’s puzzling that we didn’t show up in that one game against Iowa two years and that one game against Purdue last year.

What about VT in 2015 (#3 vs #32), PSU in 2016 (#5 vs #20), & Oklahoma in 2017 (#2 vs #16).  OSU ranked on average 19 spots higher than those teams in the team talent composite. 

That stretch of performances stands tall and powerful against some slappy from another program with a series of mid-division finishes over the past few years tries to pass some judgement.

So, now I'm a slappy?  Who the hell are you and what have you accomplished?  You are not OSU, you're just guy sitting at home watching them.  Take a picture of yourself and make it your profile pic and let's compare who's the slappy.  You can see mine.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

While we all can enjoy watching another Harbaugh have a soul-crushing loss to end his season, and have the loss caused by a former Buckeye, no less, this delays bringing back Kerry Coombs to Ohio State.

And while a Harbaugh loss may feel good to some, it comes at a cost...a Lewan victory.  Even UM fan's don't like him :/

Comment 12 Jan 2020

If you count Clemson as equal, we’ve had two losses to inferior opponents in three years.

Why would you count Clemson as an equal if OSU is significantly more talented?

You’re saying that only one of TTUN’s opponents over the last three years has been to an inferior opponent?

Nope, I didn't say anything about UM's losses.  In fact I said they aren't any better.  My point was if I was an OSU fan and we had a number of loses to inferior opponents I wouldn't be talking shit about UM "doing less with more".  There are plenty of other arguments to talk shit about UM on, but this one is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.