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Not a UM alum, but my Dad is so I grew up with UM sports. Born in Ann Arbor, but lived in the Northeast most of my life. Just an educated jock...former college baseball player with a graduate degree in exercise science. I'm a HS PE teacher, adjunct exercise science professor, and strength & conditioning coach. I like lifting, following exercise science research, watching college football, and spending time with my fiancee & two dogs.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Charles Woodson's 1997 punt return for a TD against OSU.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Charles Woodson, Tom Brady, Jabrill Peppers, & Jake Ryan

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Comment 2 minutes ago

HOWEVER . . . If Milton gets any accuracy downfield with his cannon, Michigan has a puncher's chance. They can't afford injuries on the DL or secondary. But if Milton stays healthy and improves every game, well, Michigan will surprise some people.

Honestly, I don't see any chance for UM this year unless Fields is not healthy.  Maybe with another year of development for Milton & an assumed regression from Fields to his successor I can see a chance, but the talent gap still exists and OSU will be the favorite for quite some time.  It will take a Heisman candidate QB for UM and ho hum one for OSU to flip the script.

Comment 2 hours ago

Gotta give credit to Chryst, he's taking it in stride.  He said something along the lines of accepting the rule because that's what they had to do to play and have the players safety come first.  I doubt many HCs would say that.  But, it's a shame for a team that had such a strong start. 

Comment 14 hours ago

It starts with Milton; aside from having an absolute cannon of an arm, he's mobile in ways that Shea Patterson wasn't.

Was pleasantly more than anything that Milton could run when needed and find the lane and get positive yards.  His passing wasn't anything special, but he did what Patterson often didn't...make easy throws and find the open WR.  We all knew he had a cannon, but I was pleasantly surprised he didn't make any mistakes and didn't throw any picks.  One of Patterson's biggest problem is he just never wanted to keep it when he clearly should have.

Keep an eye on Michael Barrett as the season goes on, because he's going to get that sweet, sweet Jabril Peppers hype.

I'll start it!  I was very impressed with Barrett.  He was UM's best defender that day.  I figured he'd be solid, but not spectacular.  He looks already better than Hudson.

In any event, Michigan was more entertaining to watch against Minnesota than they have been in years.

I'm not ready to anoint them anything yet, but UM did some things we didn't expect.  First, the won a road game against a ranked opponent, something JH has not done much. Second, they started fast.  Slow first quarters was also something that happened all last year.  Third, The brand new o-line and the new QB with the erratic accuracy in the past both played great.  Pair that with solid returners at the skill positions and the solid defense we already knew of UM is promising.  I still am a bit questionable at DT and CB against some of the better o-lines and better WRs corps, but looking around the B1G I think Wiscy & OSU have the only o-lines to give the DTs trouble and OSU has probably the only WR corps that would give them trouble.  So, a 6-2 or 7-1 season looks a lot more likely than it did last week when many were thinking 5-3 or 4-4.

Comment 17 hours ago

In my mind it's simple.  Although every action in the game changes subsequent actions from a philosophical standpoint, you still have many opportunities to overcome a bad call if it occurs earlier in the game.  If it's the last play of the game, a play that would give a score to the other team with very little time left, or provide a fresh set downs or turn the ball over on downs very late in the game, there is not enough time in the game to overcome those calls.  So, a bad call in those situations can by itself change the outcome of the game.

Comment 19 hours ago
I've always wondered how accurate a bunch of chain links held by two dudes running beside the field really are. It does seem archaic, doesn't it? Why we maintain this system is a head scratcher.
Comment 20 hours ago

Couldn't they just put a sensor across each goal line and put some kind of tracking system inside the ball?  Don't they do this in hockey with the puck and the light?  Granted, lots of dudes piled up on the goal line may block the sensor, but you'd have to think there's a way to do this.

Comment 21 hours ago

I understand why they do it, I just don't agree with it particularly when it's a critical juncture of the game and can change an outcome.  Let them take as long as they want to get it right as much as possible.  The refs on the field are just guessing on a split second eye judgement when it's that close.  Why not get a sensor in the ball that connects to first down lines and goal lines like the puck in hockey crossing the goal line and a light?

Comment 21 hours ago

A false negative would mean that he had the disease but one test was negative. By my understanding he was positive on a test, but several later tests came back negative. Indicating that it was a false positive, not a false negative. 

You're right, sorry I messed up the terminology.  It was a false positive.  But, the point was it wasn't simply lax enforcement on the SEC's part, it was an incorrect testing outcome.

Comment 21 hours ago

I 100% believe whatever was called on the field would have stood

I've never liked the idea that the call on the field stands unless there is "indisputable video evidence" to over turn it.  I always thought the replay booth should just make the call as they see fit without the hurdle of needing it to be indisputable. 

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I think that's the fear for everyone, but it seems unlikely anyone will get through an entire season without a positive test to a key contributor.  The hope is it's not to an irreplaceable player.  For OSU, that's probably only Fields.  But, many teams have significantly more irreplaceable players than just one, but losing the starting QB would be a significant problem for many teams.  Imagine several playoff teams losing losing starting QBs...ugh.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

Was Sabans a false positive? i dont ever remember hearing that, i just thought he was able to return based on the super lax regulations the SEC has when it comes to covid.

Who knows for sure, but it was reported as a false negative.

Comment 26 Oct 2020

A little too early to say anything with certainty as we know what happened with Saban and false negatives.  But, I'm still uncertain if Mertz will be allowed to play in the UM game if his positive test is accurate.  I'm assuming the test was from Saturday rather than Sunday, which means the UM game falls on the 21st day.  Athletes are not allowed to compete for 21 days after a positive test.  Does that mean they can compete on the 21st day or do they have to wait until the 22nd day to participate again?  

Comment 25 Oct 2020

As a fellow MSU-hater, admit it. You enjoyed watching them lose to Rutgers more than your win over the gophs... 

I honestly don't see MSU as much of a threat to UM so it's kinda meh to me.  They have a lot of rebuilding to do, but good for Rutgers for getting a conference win.  But, I didn't actually watch the game.  Did Rutgers actually play well or MSU just play terrible?

Comment 25 Oct 2020

Wisconsin and Michigan are legit top 10 teams, PSU is top 15 and Minnesota, Nebraska, and Indiana should be very solid as well. 

I'm not sold on UM as a top 10 team just yet.  First, we haven't seen Oregon, USC or Washington play yet.  Second, I'm not giving up on TAMU, Oklahoma, & Miami yet as potential top 10 teams.  While I think UM is close and potentially better than those teams, I think they are also potentially worse.  I think UM will show a weakness at DT when playing better o-lines.  Dax Hill also didn't play in the second half with an undisclosed injury.  With Ambry Thomas opting out, if Hill is out for any extended amount of time, a good passing attack will also cause UM trouble. 

There are a lot of teams that fall in the good, but not elite category once you get past the top 3.  UM is one of those.  But, I'm skeptical they are a top 10 team.  They will likely have to beat at least PSU or Wiscy if not both to do that and I'm skeptical they'll beat Wiscy after seeing how effective Mertz was.  To me he was the biggest surprise in his first game experience.  Time will tell and they will have a crack at it, but there's a lot of season to be played and I'm still in the wait and see camp on UM as a top 10 team.

Comment 25 Oct 2020

At least the next time there is a Twitter stat posted there will be one more win in the road wins against ranked opponents column.  Does that make it two now??? :)

A few items of note...

  • Quinn Nordin was hurt which is why Moody kept kicking despite being 0/3
  • Dax Hill did not play in the second half.  JH won't say why, but confirmed he was hurt in some capacity
  • Milton was 15/22, 225yds, 1 TD, 0 INT
  • Kwity Paye had 2 sacks
  • Michael Barrett (VIPER) had a sack, 1.5 TFL, 1 forced fumble, and a 66 yd kickoff return
  • Not sure how they track hurries as maybe only after reviewing the tape, but Hutchinson seemed to have a bunch.  He didn't show up a ton in the box score, did have 5 tackles, but looked very good pressure some bad throws and getting off blocks.
  • Despite the score, Minnesota had more first downs, more time of possession, and total yards weren't as big of a difference as you'd expect based on the score (UM 478 Min 326).
    • With better kicking from Minnesota this may have been a closer score, but UM scored TDs, and Minnesota struggled in the red zone.
  • Freshman that played other than garbage time
    • Roman Wilson (WR)
    • AJ Henning (WR)
    • Blake Corum (RB)
    • Mikari Paige (DB)
Comment 24 Oct 2020

This is the oddest game...still hard to tell if anyone is any good.  Nordin needs to start kicking for UM.  UM seems to be doing a good job against Morgan & Bateman, but it's hard to tell when they are down a few o-lineman.  UM's DTs still seems like it will be a problem against some of the better o-lines.  Michael Barrett looks very explosive and I think is an upgrade over Hudson last year.  Although UM's o-line looks OK, I think Minnesota's defense is pretty bad, so I'm still not sure if UM's line is any good.  Milton has been hit or miss, some good plays and some bad.  Still seems a bit erratic with his throws, but has a strong arm and can escape the pocket...a much more willing runner than Patterson.  UM seems to be rotating lots of guys on seemingly #1 WR or RB...lots of all playing.  I'm not sure if that's a good sign or a bad one.  Deep at both positions, but maybe no big playmaker like Nico?  I'd like to see them let one back get in a better rythm.  Charbonnet had an 80 yard run and then sat the bench for two series.  So...I'm not sure if any of these teams are any good.  Same for PSU & Indiana.  Wiscy is starting to look like the second best team in the B1G.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

 michigan is gonna lose at least 5 games this year

At least?  I'd say 4 losses is probably at most.  Rutgers, Maryland, Indiana, & MSU will all be betting underdogs.  UM will be a betting underdog versus OSU.  And, Minnesota, Wisconsin, & PSU will be push games.  UM has never lost to Wisconsin or PSU at home under JH as they get them both at home this year.  So, for UM to have at least 5 losses you'd have to assume they lose all the push games plus another one they are expected to beat at a minimum.  That seems unlikely.  5-3 is probably the safe bet losing 2/3 to Minnesota, Wisconsin, & PSU plus of course OSU.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

If he can’t rebuild a terrible MSU roster within 3 years he may get fired and never be a head coach again. 

I get the winning thing.  It will never be easy to win 11 games at MSU with OSU, PSU, & UM in your division where they will be a perennial underdog.  But, MSU has a better roster at least in terms of talent.  MSU is currently ranked #35 in the team talent composite according to 247 whereas Cincy does not appear in the top 50.  Cincy has the #40 class for 2020 and the #45 class going for 2021.  They've never cracked the top 40.  MSU is not much different in 2020 and 2021 and even a bit worse, but have cracked the top 40 several times in the years prior including even some top 20 classes so they clearly have the cache to do so with the right coach.

Comment 24 Oct 2020

Cincinnati @ SMU(-2)

After two straight 11-win seasons I'm a bit surprised that Fickell is not a P5 HC yet.  I would have thought he'd be a good fit at MSU minus his obvious conflict of interest at OSU, but if that's the case that will limit his opportunities where most of his experience lies in the midwest.  Is he holding out for OSU or will we see him as a P5 HC somewhere else in the near future.