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Comment 09 Nov 2018
All QBS generally have a sort of arrogance to them. What Haskins lacks is leadership. He doesn't seem to command the offense especially on the sideline when they are waiting to return back in the game. This isn't necessarily a bad thing it's just not the way he's wired. I believe if your looking for a Tebow type Qb , you will find that Martell is that type of Qb. I think once Haskins goes pro more than likely as a 1st round pick you will see a better team game from OSU. Martell is Meyers style Qb.
Comment 04 Nov 2018
Let's hire some young asst . that want to prove themselves instead of paying old head coaches big money to hang out and collect paychecks. There is no incentive to get better for the coaches. There getting paid a million dollars . Should have dumped Shiano when he left for tenn. job.
Comment 22 Oct 2018
I heard OSU is coming out in new uniforms . Hubba Bubba pink because we are so soft. It doesn't matter what time we play. There will be some excuse as to why we couldn't run the ball, tackle, cover, get in the right position or commit penalties. Then on sun. we can all grade out as champions and say "well we've got to get better". BLOW IT THE F_CK UP! SHIT NEEDS CHANGED!