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Comment 01 Apr 2012
That possession at the end of the half was really a momentum changer, plus the two points were huge.
Comment 01 Apr 2012
I don't really know much about b-ball, but I do know some team will probably pay him plenty of money. Defense is not a real big issue in the NBA.
Comment 01 Apr 2012
Matta got this team back from a late season wreck, but I guess everyone has forgotten about that.
Comment 31 Mar 2012
I am a bit disappointed, but hell of a run. Now into the sports abyss until August. I will spend the my time fishing until football resumes.
Comment 24 Mar 2012
There were a lot of anticipated foul calls. It was almost as if the refs were not able to get in proper position. I think it was equally poor.
Comment 24 Mar 2012
This teams really looks like the having fun together. Williams was amazing. I'm so glad I got to watch Hawii 5-0 instead of watching the boys cut down the nets!
Comment 23 Mar 2012
I have to go to Cincy tomorrow for dinner with friends who all love UC. I'm not really the trash talking type (they are), but I'm going to rock my OSU gear. I am also glad I won't have to hear it from my inlaws.
Comment 19 Mar 2012
I think Cronin is a good coach, but he always seems to whine all the time. I live south of Dayton and north of Cincy. I have to hear all the little man syndrome from UD and UC fans. I would actually rather play at UD than UC because their fans actually sellout the arena. I actually like UC, but get annoyed by the fair weather Cincy fans. Sure OSU has their share of a-hole fans, but they usually don't come and go like UC fans. What's the over/under on how many times the completely washed up Nick Lachey is mentioned.
Comment 17 Mar 2012
Williams appeared to be more confident then he has in the past.
Comment 11 Mar 2012
I like the draw, Syracuse will be tough. Most teams are tough this time of the year.
Comment 26 Feb 2012
This team has no composure when it comes to small time.
Comment 14 Feb 2012
I watched a big east game the other day. I was thinking how nice it was to not really notice the refs.
Comment 07 Feb 2012
Sully thrown to his back. No over the back?