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Comment 14 Jan 2018

Lesson learned. How many times will these idiot defensive coordinators play prevent defense? Put a hand on the wr's, then bail out into zone coverage, just another display on how stubborn football coaches can be. Always playing conservative. 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

So let me get this straight. So because some of us question some of Urban's decisions, you bring up the same ole rebuttal of he makes millions of dollars? Didn't the CEO, COO, and CFO of Enron make millions? Urban didn't show with his actions to play other players, whom he didn't have loyalty with. That's messed up. Sport is suppose to be competitive, allow the best players to play. Jt should've been benched against Clemson and Iowa. I don't care what anyone says, when those recruits opened their mouths and were bold enough to speak their minds about something some of us fans thought. Said enough. A lot of these big time players from the South, want to compete and play. Believe me, us fans don't have the answers, but some of us aren't afraid to call bs when we hear it. 

Comment 09 Jan 2018

Really? Saban benched his qb after the first half of the national championship game. The same qb who only lost two games in his entire career and led his team to back to back natty's. I could've careless if the move didn't work, the fact that he had the guts to pull the trigger said it all. Nick Saban believes in playing the player he feel gives him the best chance to win. Freshman or upperclassman. When you make mistakes, Saban gets in your face on the sideline. When the team calls timeout, Saban is in the huddle. Saban actually allows his assistants to call plays. Greatness learns from greatness. Urban should take notes. Play the best players. You think Saban would've left jt in that Clemson game, or Iowa? The only accountability we have on our team is if your a freshman, rb, or wr. 

Comment 08 Jan 2018

My concern as usual is our coaching staff  playing the better player. Borland is really admirable, but against elite teams, he'll repeatedly get exposed. Browning should be manning the middle. Booker is way too stiff and slow. I'll put his hand in the dirt and blitz him off the edges. And what the heck is Worley talking about, concerning Browning not playing consistent enough. How many times did we witness Worley getting torched in coverage because of peeking in the backfield and not having eye discipline? Dude sit down somewhere. 

Comment 06 Jan 2018

You are spot on! Meyer didn't take his foot off the gas, he sorry offense couldn't move the ball. People need to stop making excuses for him and call it what it is. Our offense has been lackluster since 2015. Meyer hasn't made any adjustments that was reflected with on field play since 2014. I mean, people kept saying Meyer didn't trust JT, so he refused to call other plays. Well if that's the case, then either remove the damn qb or adjust your scheme to fit all the players talents. We see this method everywhere in football, but for some reason, Meyer is hell bent on forcing players to fit into his scheme. Go Buckeyes. 

Comment 02 Jan 2018

I was born and raised in Cincy, been a life long bungal fan my whole life. I currently now reside in Dallas. My issue is with those fans who complain about the Brown family owning this team, but continue to show up for home games. Unlike most businesses, the fans can send a clear cut message week after week by not showing up. It amazes me that businesses and people don't support causes that they are against, but when it comes to sports franchises, businesses and people still support those teams, regardless of how bad those teams are. Fans should flat out not go to any home games and businesses shouldn't support the team with buying any club seats, period. Make the Brown family sell the team buy not supporting them, believe me the NFL will get the message. If you chose to support this terrible franchise, but still complain, shut the hell up. 

Comment 31 Dec 2017

It has been a great ride thus far, however, you are judge by your peers. What coach Meyer accomplished/won before Ohio State is of no concern to me. When it comes to his time spent at Ohio State, Meyer has one two less championships than Saban, and has one the same amount of championships as Jimbo and Dabo. Now it's time to win another championship or slowly start to fade behind Dabo and Saban. We have to win championships, just being in the conversation is just that. This is sports, win you keep score of championships, not being in the conversation. People consider Tom Brady better than Peyton Manning because of his 5 championships. Just to be clear, I'm very grateful for what the last six years has been. Just pointing out comparisons with his peers. I do believe it's time for Meyer to adjust his offensive philosophy and maximize our talent versus forcing the talent to fit his system. 

Comment 24 Dec 2017

Just because you've won a lot of games playing a certain still, doesn't mean you don't have to evolve. Florida St under Bobby Bowden won a lot of games as well, playing a certain type of way. Then the game passed him by. Change waits for no man. Either you get ahead of the curve or you become a afterthought. Urban has a great opportunity to become the greatest coach in his generation, only if he evolves. Once again, I'm not saying he hasn't evolved or that he won't, but the opportunity to be the greatest is on his doorstep. 

Comment 24 Dec 2017

Sometimes it seems like our coaching staff seems to fall in love with a prototype of player, versus scheming our game plan to utilize each player strengths given the style of defenses we play. CJ Saunders may be small in stature, but he's a crisp route runner with excellent hands. Usually our athletes are better than anyone else we will play, however, just imagine if our staff schemes to put our usually better athletes, in a better position to succeed on the field? Don't get me started on the failed consist use of our tight ends. It's like our staff has a fascination with only a half dozen plays. Sometimes, I just don't get it. 

Comment 22 Dec 2017

Excellent point. I believe people keep forgetting that some recruits take in consideration how other players are being used on this team. If I was a top wr, why in the heck would I come here? We haven't used our wr's or te's at all. It's like we recruit top flights athletes and turned them into glorified blockers. As talented as the press clippings was of our de's, our defense was getting torched at times throughout the season. As good as our program is right now, we need to makes some changes to our philosophy when it comes to game planning. Way too much meat left on the bone. We have been operating our program over the last 3 seasons as business as usual versus I want and will kick your butt. After we were kicked in the groin against Clemson last year, that alone should've woke the coaching staff. But we follow that up with a lackluster season. I hope that we make a firm statement against USC and we get back to dominating teams and having fun on the field. 

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Excellent point. Even though this is just one recruiting cycle and a few potential top flight recruits. These are still potential trends to remember. Unless your the hot program, recruits notice when only certain freshmen play. Whether or not that freshman is the best player, some top recruits pay attention to that. You may not like that, but players want to play. Whether you love JT or not, people all over the country could see Urban blatant loyalty to Jt regardless of his performance during some games. We've had some very talented freshman not see the field during Urbans time here, simply because they were freshmen. I'm not saying that approach was incorrect, just saying some top flight recruits may not like that approach. We can say all we want about we'll be fine. I'll say this, you can only miss on so many game changing recruits for so many classes. In this playoff system, those big time misses are choosing other playoff teams. Let's just hope this doesn't become a trend for the good guys.

Comment 20 Dec 2017

Look, I want my football coach to be relentless, ruthless, and just plain smarter than everyone else. We can't keep losing top recruits at the end of the cycle, which tells me we're recruiting the wrong guys. Just like someone said earlier, I want the ruthless Urban, not this nice Urban. Say what you want about great innovators(Jobs, Gates, Buffett, Ellison, Popovich, Belichick, Saban, Jordan, Nicklaus, etc) they wanted to win at all costs. I'll say it again, when we lost to Clemson 31-0, that hurt the cache of our program. You can say what you want about Carman, Parsons, Jones, Cox, but you can't win big boy football without big boy talent. 

Comment 06 Dec 2017

Excellent point. I wish the good guys would just schedule all p5 with at least one marquee game, one sec opponent like vandy, Kentucky, ole miss, miss st, aggies, razorbacks, or south Carolina. And then schedule another p5 like Oregon st, virgina, Kansas, Cincinnati, Louisville, Memphis, ucf, usf, or similar programs. This way we have one ooc marquee game, one sec opponent, and another softer p5 school. Let's admit it, there will always be at least 2-3 easy B1G victories on our schedule. Let's get it done! Also, I wouldn't mind scheduling a home and home sec school.  

Comment 05 Dec 2017

Why are we even having this discussion? Sports is so celebrated because the champion/best is determined on the field. Why would you rather see your team play against a MAC or FCS school, versus playing a traditional power? I don't want to see the good guys schedule Kansas St or Arizona as it's big ooc game. Now, I wouldn't mind seeing us schedule one major power along with another power 5 school like Vandy, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Virginia, Texas Tech, Kansas, Arizona State, or other schools in that realm along with a MAC school. Say what you want about Notre Dame, but I have much respect for anyone who's willing to schedule big time games. Isn't that what makes college basketball so great at the beginning of the season? Big time programs playing each other. 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

I'm telling you that I hope that the Oklahoma debacle with recruits didn't hurt us. Come on Urban, we need recruits to sustain this success. Being loyal to Jt is one thing, being too damn stubborn when it comes to recruits is something completely different. We don't need a Mack Brown situation when we start landing the wrong recruits. 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

D1 college football is the only sport where the champion isn't determined on the field. The champion should be determined on the field. Period! Enough of this subjective crap. Have a 6 or 8 team playoff and be done with it. I don't won't to hear about players safety or academics when having a 8 team playoff is just one more game. But all other football divisions can play a common sense playoff, but you never hear anyone say anything about academics or players safety. Determine the champion on the field. How can you have 5 power conferences but only have a 4 team playoff? Momma always said son, common sense ain't so common. However, in this current format, like in 2015, 2016, and this year. The coaching staff crapped the bed and didn't have the team prepared when it mattered most. 

Comment 04 Dec 2017

To me it all goes back to Urban Meyer. Late in the Wisky game, there were a couple of drives that we should've ran the ball, but decided to pass or rely on Jt right/left/middle. Coaching over the last 3 years have absolutely killed us. Playing the wrong players, calling idiotic schemes/game plans, and playing not to lose versus leaving it all on the field. Losses happen, however, it just seems like we play not to lose in big games or coach very conservatively in big games. We have so much talent, but our coaching repeatedly holds the talent back. Why don't we ever utilize the freaking TE in the passing game is completely beyond me. We have two good TE's, but our offensive game plan is to only use them to block. Our passing game is probably so terrible, because the wr's only practice blocking instead of running routes and catching passes. When all those recruits came out against Urban after Oklahoma, that was telling. I don't know what will be the fallout of something like that, however, we better hope is was just emotion, because you can't win on the big stage without that caliber of talent. I just don't want our coaching staff to become stubborn and not adapt to change and catering your scheme to the personnel. F@%& ichigan! O H!

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Elk's, you have to admit that for whatever reason, Meyer is super loyal to Jt. In the Iowa game, Jt threw 4 ints, and he still was allowed to finish the game. I understand mistakes will happen, however, don't allow your qb to throw the game away like that. We gave them 4 extra possessions. 

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Folks, you have to watch the games unbiased to understand his point. I think... When you have a offense that can consistently put points on the board or manipulate what they want the defense to do. Is paramount. Yes we won against Penn St, but lets not forget how we looked in the first 3 quarters of that game. No Jt shouldn't get all the blame and to be quite frank, I put more of the blame on Urban. Our offense is more potent when we are a threat to efficiently move the chains passing the ball. We showed this in the CFP run of 2014. Our offensive and defensive game plans are very frustrating along with our execution. It seemed like we consistently wasn't prepared to play from the start of our biggest games this year. I do believe we were screwed in 2015, there's no way that team should've been left out. It seems like we lose one game every year we shouldn't. The last three seasons have finished with a disappointment. 

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Also, if I hear another talking idiot say well Clemson's qb got injured or no CFP has ever made it losing by more than 14 points, I will lose it. Ohio State won the natty with a 3rd string qb and Alabama was winning convincingly against Florida St before their qb got injured. Didn't Georgia lost by 21 points to Auburn? Auburn got hot at the right time and then came back to earth yesterday. It's that simple. Also, don't get beat by 31 points. We lost to a team in Iowa who Purdue beat in Iowa. Until our head coach starts playing the best players and putting players in a position to succeed, this narrative won't change. We'll always be in the hunt, but find a way to lost to crappy teams or be completely out coached.

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Excellent point. Our coaching staff has been outcoached three consecutive years in a row. I'm sorry but something has to give and until I see otherwise, Urban will continue to be stubborn as hell. 

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Look, don't lose to Iowa by 31 points. Plain and simple. I started to question Urban after the Clemson lost last year. I'm sorry, but when you lose like that, that says something. The team should've had every position open for the taken this off season, but the freaking coaching staff plays favorites. Play the best players. How many passes does the wr's have to drop before another wr get's a shot? How many times do we have to see a linebacker get beat in coverage before we go in a different direction? When I saw our coaching start calling those bs jt keepers, I lost it. That showed me that you refuse to adapt to your personnel. I'll rather dink & donk all the way into the inzone, versus constantly seeing jt overthrows deeps. The last three years having been utter disasters. That's telling. 

Comment 03 Dec 2017

Everybody, have you seen what Jt has done against equal talent. Penn St has Barkley and that's it. I don't care to see Clemson 2.0 this year. Urban at this point is his career, is who he is. Stubborn as hell. How can you have this much talent since he's been here and consistently come out flat or underperform. Unreal.