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Comment 31 Oct 2019
After watching the Cowherd clip, I think he was just serving up some talking points for Klatt. He was so prepared for that, it seems like it was rehearsed ahead of time or at least he knew it was Colin's take. This is a show on Fox and they are pumping up their product (TOSU) the same way ESPN does Bama and the SEC. Colin is just doing his part by being the antagonist so Joel can "school him."
Comment 07 Oct 2019
I don't like Friday night games, but the silver lining is that we have one day less to wait coming off the bye week.
Comment 20 Sep 2019
We'll find out next week when FAU and Charlotte play, not that it matters.
Comment 28 Aug 2019
IMO, knowing "Bama Man" just sat down and sulked after that play is even more satisfying than making fun of Kiffin in that same moment.
Comment 19 Jul 2019
You wonder what kind of coach would allow stupid shit like revenge tours to be talked about openly, having a player go out and kick/dig the turf up over the Spartan logo, talk of little brother(after your 5 yr career is over, 2-3 btw), guaranteeing a win before the big game.... The idiot who does the same shit. He's off to a stellar start this offseason.
Comment 19 Jul 2019
Just listened to him answer questions. He just so flipping awkward. The first reporter asked his thoughts about the B1G being left out of the CFP the last two years and he just bumbled for a few seconds, acted like he didn't understand the question and said you guys should research it. When asked what steps they are taking to finally beat OSU, he basically did not answer the question. He gave some canned responses about his team and left it at that. Just an awful interview.