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Comment 14 Jan 2020

Congratulations are in order for 'old' Joe Burrow.  He made the most of his opportunity to play DI football.  He is on to the 'next level' at the age of 24(?) which makes him older(wiser?) than some of his NFL counter parts at QB. 

BUT will his next team surround him with all the comparative talent as his two recent teams - OSU and KSU?  Doubtful !  But that is what the pros are all about. Do your best to make the best of your current situation. Being a #1 DPick means less talent/experience all around!

I will wait for five years to cast an honest assessment of his NFL career.  

Comment 25 Jan 2019

I'm 'ancient' enough to see a back-to-the-future coach in Holtmann ala Fred R. Taylor. He/his staff taught the game and got the best from the players on hand and eventually recruited on board. It is a different time for sure, but this staff might find its own Lucas/Havlichek/Siegfried/Bradds/Sepic/Hosket/Sorenson/Meadors/Howell/Cleamons/Hornyak/Witte/et.al.  types in the coming years. They are out there across the nation now but finding and developing them is a bigger challenge today.

This staff is up to the challenge and needs the time to prove it.

Comment 21 Dec 2018

In talking with a well-recognized former OSU basketball player, commentator and friend, we concur that Chris Holtmann and staff are the most complete program since the halcyon days of the Fred R. Taylor coaching era, Hall of Fame Coach quality -- coaching, recruiting and community awareness. He is most impressed with the coaching of the talent on hand and eagerly awaits the future recruits this staff will be coaching. 

Great days ahead for Buckeye Basketball fans.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

This entire column is a restatement of the obvious.  Recruiting top talent is EVERY COACH'S goal! Some are better than others because: a) personality personified b) opportunity being presented in an honest way c) extremely well-organized process d) COMPLETE HONESTY with those being recruited

No recruit should expect NOR demand special privileges. If they do, the should not be wanted by the coach doing the recruiting. ONLY present the opportunity to be earned/made.

Comment 28 Oct 2018

As I have been telling lots of folks, this season has been 'off kilter' since July and the PC #MeToo Movement's disruptive forces engulfed the entire program to some extent. This 'bye' week may have helped in three big areas:

a) Urban's 'obvious anger' at the university's leadership may be lessened and he's back to football exclusively.

b) Assistant coaches reclaiming their 'normal' roles and responsibilities.

c) 'The Team' being more reliant on each other than what others are saying about it / them.

Go Bucks! Play well and WIN OUT !

Comment 22 Oct 2018

Part of this team's current status is all the post-season talk from day one.

Two: This season has been off kilter since the #MeToo BS issues and the way the University handled it from day one plus the loss of excwptional player leadership from last season. 

Three: Youth at key positions takes 'seasoning' to be as great as many thought they already were. It was in the Recruiting Stars!

Four: As HoF Coach Fred Taylor used to say: Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you -- see Iowa '17 & PU '18 !

Go Bucks! Play well and win out!