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Comment 29 Jul 2020

"Tight End Pop Pass Off Play-Action" and I just decided to call it TEPPOPA for short.

Watching that - it doesn't look like lay action - it looks very much like an RPO - way ahead of his time JT.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

I filled mine out before looking at his final. Exact same list except for 2 items.

As much as I like Jenkins, Springs was the most lock down corner I have seen at OSU. I move Springs in. Which means I need to replace a Cooper with a Tress player. I make that switch at OLB. I put Carpenter in over Tovar.  

Can we also look at a Rushman Package? Smith, Bosa, Bosa and Young?

Nickel back? - Okudah or Gamble?

Comment 18 Jun 2020


Every time i watch that play I notice that Barrett actual misread the coverage and missed the wide open receiver running a go route at the top. I think its Austin Mack but not sure. Glad he hit Terry in stride for the TD otherwise I would be upset.  

Comment 11 Jun 2020

"Flutie won on the strength of an insurmountable sweetheart bias/QB bias combo." I would add "...and a single pass ..."

Byers was the choice till that pass. 

Comment 03 Jun 2020

Luke Fickell* DL
Matt Finkes* DL
Winfield Garnett* DL
Mike Vrabel* DL

Greg Bellisari* LB
Andy Katzenmoyer* LB
Ryan Miller* LB

Ty Howard* DB
Rob Kelly* DB
Damon Moore* DB
Shawn Springs* DB

With Winfield and Plummer as the next DBs in the room - Would have love to see this team, Defense,  play "Nat Champion" 1 loss Florida. Spurrier would have had a stroke.

Comment 01 Jun 2020

A.J. Hawk, joined by Anthony Schlegel and Bobby Carpenter

That group dominated more than any other of the other groups on the list. Watching the games, those 3 were always there, at the ball, no matter what. They get my vote.

On a side, if Troy Smith isnt suspended at the beginning of the year, the offense gels earlier, OSU beats Texas and PSU and play USC for the Natty. Those 3 would get that opportunity.

Comment 14 May 2020

If they finish this class with 

J.T. Tuimoloau, Emeka Egbuka, JC Latham, Damon Payne or Tywone Malone, Derrick Davis Jr., Jager Burton, Jaylin Davies

Based on current rankings, the class would end up with a composite number of about 450 - take out a couple misses like Davis etc, still a class at 400 + . what does that mean? The highest classes over the last 20 years (since tracking like this has been done,

2010 UF 324.62
2017 Bama 323.87
2018 Georgia 323.31
2014 Bama 319.71
2013 Bama 319.5

OSU right now is headed to the highest rated class of all time, by quite a bit

Comment 07 May 2020

I still love watching him in the Nebraska game towards the end when Martinez breaks the longer scramble. Harrison is tracking him down with long strides and speed you dont see from a DE. While that doesnt necessarily translate into DE play, its part of that freakish athleticism that makes his ceiling so high. I could be wrong, but I wouldnt be surprised to see him outperform Young's Soph season and go for it during his Junior year as well.

Comment 21 Apr 2020

Texas Averaged (not including the OSU game) 52.2 pts per game. No other team held them under 40. I dont blame Hamby, I dont blame the mismanagement of the QBS. While he goes down as a heisman winner and one of the great OSU QBs, I blame Troy Smith. Not because he played poorly, but because of his actions that caused his suspension for the bowl game and the first game of the season. If he isnt suspended and plays and PRACTICES as the starter in both those games, I think the Texas game and the PSU game end differently. That was one of the best defenses we have had and was wasted that year. And yes, I think that means we would have played USC and yes I think we win. 3 seasons in my life (I am 52 now) haunt me. 1998 (Damn Saban and MSU), 2005 and last year due to Clemson.

Comment 15 Apr 2020

We see this across the country where they are setting up these facilities, just a thought, how many empty hotels are there in downtown Columbus right now? Would think a Hotel chain would get some great publicity for turning it into a make shift hospital, with private rooms for isolation, kitchens for food service, etc, Didn't understand this in NY either. 

Comment 13 Apr 2020

“We try to go fast,” Meyer said. “We're going tempo. Right now, I know we're going. I'm saying, 'Go jet, jet, jet jet,' which means go fast. And we're going to run just an inside zone to Mike Weber. We're trying to get him going.”

Except Weber isn't on the field, Samuel was in the backfield on the zone read?

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Dayton loss you reference was to Kansas in the Maui Classic. Dayton's other loss was to Colorado on a neutral floor also in overtime (Colorado hit a long buzzer beater to win)

While people might think Dayton is still overrated, the worst they are in any of the computer ratings is 8th in the BPI (which has Arizona and Michigan State above them), in the Net ratings they were 3rd and in the RPI they were 2. They compare favorably to Ohio State except their big man is more talented (Obi versus Kaleb), Yong versus Mikesell (Young more a pounder, Mikesell does everything including shooting outside) Landers (yes related to the Buckeye FB player) and Andre Wesson similar, And the guards - Jalen Crutcher is better than either guard on Ohio State, The other guard is comparable to both Ohio state guards. Best part of this team though is how they play together and with joy. from their best player to the bench guys coming in, they all seem to be having so much fun they pull you into rooting for them.

This year anyone can beat anyone on a given night, that being said Dayton keeps winning, The A-10 is rated in the RPI as the 8th conference (Big East, the 5 power conferences, American) then A-10 and ahead of the West Coast (Gonzaga's conference).

What will be great is that no matter where Dayton gets slotted (Every Bracket still shows them as a 2 not a 1) the fans travel as well as any school, including the blue bloods. Not only will Dayton's fans be there, but as I said above, they pull you into wanting them to win because of their joy of the game, that other teams fans they aren't playing will be cheering for them also.

I am not saying they will win it all, but this year, they truly have a chance, a realistic chance, to do just that.

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Day - want to use QB under center more

TE's - talent but need opportunities and production

Teague - power, straight line runner 

Solution = Old School, power I, Fullback Isolation (use TE's for FB)

Besides matching the running style of Teague (and really the next 3 RBs in the room, you only have to look at the Super Bowl on both sides to see how Ruckert could be used.

Day is smart, the system continues to adjust to the talent he has. All 3 years the Offense has adjusted and it will again, being better than before

Comment 23 Jan 2020

What if TTUN actually gets off the punt - MSU loses and OSU is in the B1G 10 championship game? Loved to see look on the TTUN fans when that happened but that play, coupled with that stupid loss, kept us out of the championship game. I figure we beat the crap out of Michigan again, abuse Iowa, Make the CFP and win back to back Championships beating Alabama in semi's again and then Clemson in the Championship game. That would even potentially change 2017 selection (Alabama non-conf champion in stead of OSU (2 loss conf champion) and maybe even 18 over Oklahoma.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Marotti on Dawand Jones: "I love him. He's a great kid, smiles all the time." On keeping Jones' weight down: "We've got to be creative." He says there's no goal weight right now because "his body fat's not real high." 

He is no gentle giant, he is going to be a man beast. Hoping that off the field attitude becomes mean and nasty on the field.

NPF over 300 lbs also, right tackle position will be fine between those 2 - whoever wins the job

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Day adjusted the offense 3 years in a row based on personnel as the article notes. He will do it again. As much as he likes using multiple TE's, and after watching San Fran do it, wouldn't be shocked if we see QB under center more, TE as a full back, power ISO runs, then watch out for play action, TE out of back field, etc. With the maulers we will have up front and Thayer, I am confident in our run game, especially as a power run game with the ability of Fields to throw. The run will compliment the pass and vice versa. This offense, in my opinion, due to the O line getting better, the QB getting better (watch out) and the TE's and WR's abilities to run routes, catch etc,   will be more productive and stronger next year.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Offensively as Day adjusts to the personnel in this year, with the maulers up front (Davis, Meyer, Miller), the TE experience, would not be shocked to see more QB under center, power I with Fullback(TE) isolation. Fits with the O-line, TE's Teague's style and Day wanting to be multiple with the TE and multiple TE sets. play action with Olave and Wilson, scary.

Defensively I am most concerned with the DT's. Need 4 of them to step up.

Overall, if fields progresses, and I believe he will, and if the D continues to build on last year, this team is right back in the CFP and NC possible.