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Comment 19 Sep 2019

While they are not mentioned in this article other than playing Georgia this weekend, ND is a fly in the ointment if they win. I am a firm believer right now that these are PLAYOFFS, and in order to make the PLAYOFFS you have to win your conference. The committee should be choosing from 5 teams for the PLAYOFFS, the 5 Conference champions. Its up to the conferences as to how they pick their champion, schedule etc. This means no to 2 teams from the same conference (That participant has already been decided). This means no to ND (JOIN A CONFERENCE) and no to the Group of 5 (This means you UCF - you will have to join a Power 5).

Comment 06 Sep 2019

2 OR's on Starting positions: WR(z) Mack - Olave  and LB Borland - Browning

Interesting on that front - thinking that the 2 listed as the OR (Second) might be earning that starting position if a repeat of last week in their play occurs again this week.

Truly like Mack and think he might be better at the (x) than Victor or even in the slot (HB) with his hands

Comment 21 Aug 2019

First, to use a line from movie, The Longest Day - "You can't give the enemy a break. Send him to hell."

Second, a quote from A Bridge to far - we will be saying on Nov 30 - "I'm awfully sorry, but I'm afraid we're going to have to occupy your house."

let's roll

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I will hate to see something like last year, ND with games against Georgia and TTUN. When can they make the change that in order to participate i the CFP you must be in a conference? Why do we give ND a pass on this? 

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Since they brought up a Cooper season for comparison, chew on this. How did we ever get through the off season in Coopers years?

Last 2 Games Cooper Tressel Meyer
Loss to M - Loss Bowl 6 0 0
Loss to M - No Bowl 2 0 0
loss to m - win bowl 2 1 0
tie m - loss bowl 1 0 0
win m - loss bowl 1 4 (2 NC games) 2 (1 CFP game)
win m - win bowl 1 5 4
win m - no bowl 0 0 1 (went 12-0)
Comment 10 Jun 2019

His 1 year as interim coach, not being able to put into place any of his own assistants, schemes etc., losing the players from the crap the year before, having 2 QBs (Bauserman or Miller, a true freshman), they loss 1 game by more than 7 pts (at Miami), is your explanation as to why we shouldnt be worried and why Fickell didnt get looked at for the job instead of Day? His record as an assistant, Assistant coach of the year 2010, turn around at UC in 2 years, ability to recruit at UC, etc., might say otherwise. Not saying OSu should have chosen Fickell over Day, but to discount UC and Fickell becasue during a hugely difficult season he went 6-7 with 6 losses by a touchdown or less is being naive

Comment 10 May 2019

The Interior of this line is going to be the best since Efflein, Price, Boren and I think better because of the Center position. Our strength went from pass blocking last year (maybe not really a strength but a necessity) to run blocking this year. Myer and Davis in the middle are road graders, Jackson is sound, Munford can move and pull, and I think Petit-Frere wins it out and he can move (strength is the concern there). Overall we are athletic and nimble on the outside and string and mean on the inside. My favorite recruiting video was watching Myer block is guy through the field , into his own bench on the sideline. It was like the scene in Blindside. and yes Myers got the flag for unnecessary blocking.

Comment 26 Apr 2019

This O line has the opportunity to be the best over the next 5 years, especially up the middle, but with the tackles also. The middle becomes the strength, running the ball. we have some power there to move people and with an attitude, with Myer, Davis, etc. Add to that talent on the tackles, I think this is the strength of the team. We will see more running than passing, not because fields cant, but because the offensive line is ready to smack some people and drive them down. Don't be surprised to see Teague get more carries than McCall ala Carlos Hyde. Wont use the QB run like Urban, but the power run will be there with play action ready to go.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Our best D lines in recent history are when the interior eats up blocks but can still push the line back into the QB for pressure. Bull rush the interior and  free the ends to make plays, or the LBs to make plays. Our interior over the last few years has lacked that. We have guys that are quick and can make plays, don't get that consistent push that 1) re-establishes the line of scrimmage against the run and 2) leaves not room for the QB to step up and avoid the ends. I love Landers and is a quick guy and makes plays in the backfield, but he also puts himself out of position a lot. Would love to see some of the new guys continue to progress and become "the guys" on this line. Togai, Garrett, Vincent, Jackson might be those type of guys.

Comment 20 Feb 2019

Somehow other conferences are able to sort that out (Saban SEC COY 3 times, Sweeney ACC COY 2 times)

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Obviously the depth would be a huge issue if Fields doesn't get the waiver and Tate transfers, but I have a feeling that Day believes that Baldwin was going to beat out Tate. Baldwin was Days choice (similar to JT being Hermans choice) during recruiting and brining him to Ohio State. Similar with Miller. I think that, not Fields, is what drove Tate to this position. That angle is being talked about much.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

maybe the frank conversation was about Baldwin and not Fields? per EW

Much like Tom Herman sang J.T. Barrett's praises in 2013, Ryan Day got Matthew Baldwin on Meyer's radar midseason and before Baldwin's high school season was over, he had committed to become the latest quarterback to become a Buckeye. 

Maybe Mathew has proved enough to Day that having that pro style guy in this offense works best and Baldwin offers more of that than Tate and if Fields comes in, so be it. Just another idea that may involve the current roster more than the potential of Fields taking it over

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Pet Peeve of mine. Since Bruce won, Every other big 10 school has had a coach of the year. In fact each school has won it at least twice. During this time OSU coaches won the big 10 (with ties) 16 times, finished in the top 10 - 21 times, Top 5 - 13 times, National runner up 3 times and 2 National Championships (rest of Conf 1). Expectations are fueled by recruiting, which according to Urban is the most important part of the job. When do you get credit for that? Other conferences seem to have figured it out, Pete Carroll, Dabo, Saban, Bowden, Spurrier, Stoops and Mack Brown all won their conference coach of the year during their prime runs. It is criminal that Tressel and Meyer never won it (Cooper's TTUN and bowl record might keep him off).  Names of guys that won the award when OSU finished firs in the Big 10 and you can ask huh? Leon Burtnett 1984 (Purdue 7-5), Bill Mallory 1986 (Indiana 6-6), Gary Banett 1996 (NW 9-3), Ron Zook 2007 (Illinois 9-4), Bill O'Brien 2012 (PSU 8-4) and Jerry Kill 214 (Minn 8-5).

Illinois 5
Indiana 2
Iowa 6
Michigan 5
Michigan State 3
Minnesota 2
Northwestern 4
Penn State 5
Purdue 2
Wisconsin 5

Comment 05 Dec 2018

No doubt about that - 39 years since and Ohio state coach won the award Since that time:

 - 25 other coaches have won the award, all 11 other schools have won the award at least twice, Kirk Ferentz won it 4 times, Joe Paterno won it 3 Names that won it twice Dantonio, Alverez, Mallory, Mackovic, Barnett, Moeller, Chryst. Guys I cant believe won it once - Brady Hoke, John Smith, Leon Burtnett (Purdue 1984 because no one know the name) Mike White (Illinois 1983) Ron Zook

What Ohio State coaches did but DID NOT WIN the award:

- 2 National Champion ships, 13 times in the top 5, 3 times ranked 2, 21 times in the top 10 and most importantly to the Big 10 coaches award, 16 time 1st in the Big 10