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Comment 06 Apr 2020

Looks like it was a bonus track on some non-US versions of Lullabies to Paralyze. Gibbons apparently did backing vocals and guitar on 'Burn the Witch' off of that album as well. He and Mark Lanegan shared vocals on 'Precious and Grace'. 

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Saw that as well. Personally, I thought it was pretty great. Basically covers their pre-Top careers and then the band up through Eliminator. Saw these guys in my little 'burg a couple years ago and while they may have lost a step they can still get it done. 

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Been working from home for 5 years so business as usual here. And I have social anxieties so all-in-all it works out well for me. Plus the commute is great. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

We haven't horded anything but did make a big grocery purchase this past weekend. Mostly that was for the kid because she's very picky about what she will eat so in a bad-case scenario her not having enough to eat stresses me out some. But to be honest, there was already enough food in the house for the wife and I to live off of for a month easily. I'm trying to lose some poundage anyway ;)

The only thing I really 'prepped' was I filled a bunch of 4-gallon water cooler bottles so that we at least have a supply of clean water, just in case. 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

Spoon is a band that I really want to like, and I have quite a few songs of theirs but they typically get skipped over when I come to em. But I digress...

Comment 11 Mar 2020

Don't think you are off base at all. And in the case of Hancock, pretty sure he said Clemson was his 'dream' school. Maybe I'm in the minority but his pledge to Clemson does not surprise me at all.