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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Mo C pulling the ball away from sean taylor after he intercepted krenzel in the end zone in the 2002 NC game.
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Comment 01 Jul 2020
Not having a DB coach, even though we all knew who was coming, put us a bit behind. There's a lot of variables involved though. One being Virginia may be pushing their season back until winter. Another is Coombs made an instant connection with Grimes and his dad. But the COVID kept him from being able to visit. So, no visit. Possibility of no HS season. And NCAA extending dead period. No coincidence he changed her s commitment date after announcement of extended dead period. And the possibility that Virginia may not have a HS season. If neither of those things happen, and he stayed with original timeline, Coombs could have closed the deal.
Comment 01 Jul 2020
Never said it was. Just saying, the uncertainty of everything due to the NCAA not allowing visits may be forcing kids to decide based on familiarity with a certain place. And not knowing if they will be able to visit anywhere else. Maybe he chose UNC because it's where he wants to be. Maybe Wolfe wants to stay close to home. If they stick with their commitment once things open up, we have the answer.
Comment 30 Jun 2020
Agreed. Seems like familiarity is driving the bus with recruits this month, meaning schools they were able to get a last visit to or close to home are where they are committing to. The dead period has to end. These kids still have officials to use. I'm willing to bet that where they are now may not be where they end up when the dust settles.
Comment 29 May 2020
My only guess is that Bollman was knitting Tress a whole bunch of sweet sweater vests in the box during games. He had plenty of time, seeing as how his offenses were as predictable the plot of every Hallmark movie ever made.
Comment 28 Apr 2020
Coaching at the youth level is trying to say the least. Every parent thinks their kid is the next superstar. I get it Im a parent as well. Everyone has their opinion on what you should be doing. Or what position their kid should play. The biggest thing they forget is this...we are VOLUNTEERS. We aren't getting paid. Anyone can volunteer. The best interaction I had was a girls soccer parent. The girls were 7 years old. A dad decided he thought we were idiots. And his daughter should be the star player. His daughter was really good at defense. She liked playing defense. But daddy thought she should play forward at all times. She didn't want to play forward. She liked defense because she didn't have to run a lot. Anyway, he approached the head coach, who happened to be my daughter's mom. We are exes, but got along as coparents. He went in on her. I stepped in, grabbed the clipboard and said "Here. You take over from here. Practices are every Wednesday from 6-7." He said "I'm too busy. I don't have the time for that." Funny, everyone's an expert, but no one ever has the time. Last we heard from him.
Comment 26 Apr 2020
Bryant actually received pretty solid grades for his blocking. He was an OT before becoming a TE, so he knows the technical part of blocking. May need a little more bulk, but blocking is a strength for him. Hooper can also block as well. Njoku, however, is not a good blocker. Bryant and Hooper can both catch the ball well. It's a great pick.
Comment 26 Apr 2020
OBJ played through an injury that sidelined DJax for the year. And also took Nick Bosa down for the year in 2018. The offense was a crap show due to Kitchens having no idea what he was doing half the time. If you watch the games, the scripted plays went well. Once Kitchens had to actually scheme and call plays on the fly to counter the D, it went to crap. Also, Baker forced a lot of bad throws in OBJs direction. Into coverage. Overthrown. Underthrown. And also didn't trust him in crucial situations(see Broncos game), and instead tried to force it to Landry, who he was much more comfortable with. All that and still went for 1000 yards.
Comment 25 Apr 2020
The right end had a decent day against us week 1. Mackey Award winner. Was an OT before becoming a TE, so we know he can block. Should fit Stefanskis scheme like a glove.
Comment 24 Apr 2020
Hamilton had 5 tackles, 2 for loss and a sack. Their line was so busy holding Young, they forgot to block the rest of them.
Comment 24 Apr 2020
Larry Johnson has touted the work ethic of all 3 of his prize pupils during their time in Columbus. LJ isn't a guy who cares about your recruiting stars. He cares about the work. Tearing your game down to the foundation and rebuilding it to elite status is what Johnson does. You don't do that if you aren't willing to put in the work. In the weight room. In the film room. On the practice field. Yes, hard work can beat talent when talent fails to work hard. You won't find that here. Mick won't accept it in his weight room. The coaches won't accept it in their room. Or on the field. Period.
Comment 16 Apr 2020
Umm...Haskins himself said he wasn't ready to start in 2017. And credited Barrett with being a great mentor. Lest we forget that Zeke had how many yards and Tds against Wisconsin? And I think our defense had plenty to do with that beatdown as well. They held a Heisman finalist in check all day. And made life miserable for Stave. Not to mention, Cardale was an unknown. So they had no way to really prepare for him. He threw 3 deep balls to Devin Smith. Devin Smith did that to everyone. He did it with JT. With Braxton, too. Devin Smith was about as perfect a vertical threat as it gets. That team was special because they never quit. They were resilient, and played for each other. I won't take away what Cardale did. I also won't discount Barrett's impact on that team. He was right there beside Cardale every step of the way. Coaching him up between series. So yes, he had just a big a part of that as anyone.
Comment 16 Apr 2020
How is it lazy? Look at his numbers...he was great in '14 with Herman. He left. His numbers suffered the next 2 years. Then he puts up the best numbers of his career in 2017 with Day and Wilson. The same guys who were responsible for Haskins record setting year. And were present for Fields huge year as well. So yes, I absolutely will throw the failure on the guys calling the offense. They wasted a juggernaut in 2015 because they got outcoached by Dino. They played to the strength of their D, and tanked a Championship team in the process. But yeah, it was Barrett's fault, right? No. It was the guys calling the plays. Warriner and Beck were responsible for that loss. As they were responsible for the awful output against Clemson in the 2016 playoff. It's not's facts.
Comment 16 Apr 2020
He put up his best numbers with Day and Wilson calling the offense in 2017. He also had a loaded schedule to deal with, including the Iowa trap. Let's not forget it was his 3rd set of coordinators in 4 years. Oklahoma came to play that day. And Mayfield lit up our defense. They avenged the beat down we gave them the year before in their house. You pick one game out of a whole season to judge him on? What about Penn State? He was phenomenal that day. We don't win without him. But no, we talk about the first top 5 matchup he played in that year, but ignore the second. Typical.
Comment 16 Apr 2020
You seem to forget that in 2017, Barrett was playing on one leg. And carrying the offense with that leg. He scored our first 2 tds. Much like when Cardale won the 3 games to secure the CFP title, Barrett's contributions are quickly discounted. Even though he set the table for Cardale to finish the job. Much like he set the table for Haskins to finish that game. That, and the defense played lights out to finish off ttun. Barrett is 4-0 against that team. You can't take that away or change it. Rivalry games aren't always pretty. But wins are wins. You act like he did nothing against them. He did plenty. Throw out the numbers.. he did what leaders do. Led his team to wins 4 times against that team. Did he get by with a little from his friends along the way? Absolutely. He didn't finish the game in 2014. Or '17. But he was the reason Haskins was in position to finish the win in '17. And your revisionist history of what Haskins did in that game is a bit much. He hit short crossing routes that receivers turned into big gainers. He threw one pass downfield. Which Mack made a hell of a play on, while taking a big shot from 2 defenders. And he had a nice run to get into scoring position. Other than that, he played within the constructs of the offense. And had Barrett in his ear between series.