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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Mo C pulling the ball away from sean taylor after he intercepted krenzel in the end zone in the 2002 NC game.
  • NFL TEAM: cleveland browns
  • NBA TEAM: boston celtics
  • MLB TEAM: cincinnati reds

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Comment 11 Jun 2019
Alcohol doesn't help with much at all. Aside from making people feel better looking. Or like they are great dancers. Or that their ex girlfriend is just dying to hear from that at 4 am. I get it...sports in general divide people. And in large groups, it's worse. I've never wanted to fight anyone over sports. Aside from Ed Warriner and Tim Beck in 2015.
Comment 31 May 2019
Mine goes way back to the 2002 National Title Game against the U. And actually, it paints Buckeye fans in a bad light. I was at the local BDubs. Full of Buckeye fans...except for 2 guys who happened to be seated right next to me. We traded the usual in game banter...nothing too careful. And during halftime, I talked to the 2 guys. They were both alums who were relocated to Dayton for work. Good dudes...not the typical, douche U fans. As the game went on, the rest of the crowd started getting real disrespectful to these 2. Because, shock of all shocks, they celebrated a Miami TD. How could they, right? Anyways, as it looked like we may be in trouble, a group of highly intoxicated Buckeye fans tried to get physical with these 2. 2 transplanted alums supporting their team in hostile territory. Respectfully. Not causing any issues. Are being physically threatened by some drunk tards over a game. I stepped up real quick, told them to back off. There wasn't any reason for that. They looked at me sideways, like I was speaking a foreign language. Kept coming towards these 2. I again told them to sit down and shut up. Took a few more times, but they finally backed off. I apologized to these 2 for these idiots, they thanked me for stepping in. I bought them a round, we watched the rest of the game and we won. They congratulated me, I said good game and they left. Just funny to me that people get so amped up over a game.
Comment 25 May 2019
Were you in Park? That's where we all were in my day. And yeah, that sounds like the morons I played with. There were some engineering majors in my class. One pharmacy major...but he was a kicker, so he didn't practice or lift anyway.
Comment 24 May 2019
Didn't they change the penalty to Shugarts? Before the snap, Shugarts on the offense...
Comment 24 May 2019
Bosa was being held on the play he hurt himself on against TCU. Bigger than shit he was. Which is part of why he got hurt to begin with.
Comment 24 May 2019
If you look at it, there's been plenty of DIII guys in the NFL. The OAC boasts several in recent history. Pierre Garcon and London Fletcher. So there is definitely talent there. I know from personal experience, it's not that simple. I played with some guys who had NFL talent at ONU. And we always got straight smacked by the Mount. Every year. But yeah, I got my ass kicked in daily by our first team defense. Only played my freshman year, because it was not easy. I love the game, but getting my ass pounded in by dudes that are 6'5, 280 on a daily basis is hard on the body.
Comment 24 May 2019
You went to Northern? I did too. Played football. I had an academic scholarship...which I earned. I scored a 31 on my ACT. My GPA was a 3.3 in high school, which should have been higher. I was just lazy. So my GPA could have cost me, but my ACT saved me. I had an off from Miami(Oh), but turned it down to go to Northern. Was just a better fit for me. Much smaller, Ada was just like my hometown. And my HS colors were the same as Northerns.
Comment 07 Mar 2019
Tomy Gonzalez became a pretty damn good blocker. He wasn't when he came in, but he learned. And was pretty elite as a blocker by the time he was done.
Comment 05 Mar 2019
Jerry Rice ran a 4.71. Larry Fitzgerald a 4.63. Two legends at the position who are, on paper, slow for a speed position. In contrast, Darius Heyward-Bey ran a 4.3. I don't know about you, but I'll take Rice and Fitz over DHB any day. A 40 isn't the greatest measure of speed. How often do guys run 40 yards in a straight line in a game? Agility drills tell you more. But nothing beats good old fashioned film study. What's the guy do in pads? What's his functional speed look like against defenses? The combine is fun to watch, and for bragging rights among these guys. But end of the day, numbers don't compare to actual real live evaluation in game
Comment 18 Feb 2019
One of my bigger regrets is not taking tennis seriously until I was older. I was obsessed with basketball and football. But the sport I saw the most success with was tennis. I just started way too late to have a viable shot at doing anything with it. I didn't play until HS. Ended up having a pretty good HS career. Was one match short of qualifying for state my senior year. My coach told me I could have been a world class player had I started younger. But noooooooo...I wanted to be Larry Bird. Not Pete Sampras.
Comment 11 Feb 2019
To be fair, LB coaching in the NFL is nothing like college. The guys are already developed. And Arizona has some decent LBs. It's more or less just making sure they know the scheme and gameplanning. Plus, it's all he has to do. There's no recruiting, no limits placed on time available with his guys. And NFL guys don't need motivating...they are getting paid.
Comment 28 Jan 2019
He went inside for no reason on that play. He was solely responsible for holding the edge. Him going inside essentially screwed White, who was playing inside-out. Had Arnette been there and forced the back inside, White was on a perfect angle to bury it for a short gain. But, Arnette went inside. McFarland went outside, and White was caught playing downhill. Arnette gave up that play.
Comment 24 Jan 2019
Robbed? In what sense? Burfict screwed you by taking a cheap shot. Jeremy Hill screwed you by not going down and fighting for a meaningless extra yard. Pacman screwed you by being Pacman. Roethlisberger couldn't even lift his arm to throw the ball. Yet your D gifted him 30 yards. That was an internal fail...had nothing to do with getting robbed.
Comment 16 Jan 2019
I wouldn't think it would be a guy who has potential to play. Most transfers are guys who have been recruited over and understand the chances are slim of cracking the 2 deep. Again, coaches recruit with an idea of what attrition is coming. LB was such a shitshow this year, any of them worth their salt see there's a new staff, with no preference towards anyone. This spring should be wide open on the defense. Competition everywhere across the board.
Comment 16 Jan 2019
The 3 year rule is a good rule for football. I can tell you from personal experience, the difference in size and speed of guys is exponential just going from HS to college. And that was at a Division 3 school. Imagine what it would be for a HS kid going straight to the league. There's a reason Coach Mick is so integral in development of these young men. Everyone in the NFL is elite. No 18 year old is physically ready to play grown man football with the freaks in the league. Look at it this way...when Mo C and Mike Williams challenged the draft rule, they were denied. And when they finally got to the league, neither of them was physically ready. Out of every draft, how many guys stick? How many guys last even 3 years? The NFL is a grown man's league. It's not about talent. It's about being physically and mentally capable. That's why the most important coach on staff isn't your position coach. Or Coordinator. Or the head coach. It's the strength and conditioning coach. The guy who pounds you at 6 am during the off-season. They mold and sculpt these young men into physical freaks. And provide the discipline necessary to succeed in a league filled with other freaks. That's why the 3 year rule is important
Comment 16 Jan 2019
Williams went home. Same with Grimes. Shea was "unaware" of the extent of penalties coming to Oxford. Not sure on Wohlabaugh. 2 were legit, and I'm glad Shea got his.