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Comment 31 Oct 2017

Just a question because to be honest, I'm not quite sure but could Weber's production seem down simply because he's being used in a lot of short yardage situations, such as punching it into the end zone and/or 3rd and 1's or 2's where the opposing defense is stacking the box? I guess my question is, did he really fall off a little or is he being used differently?

Comment 13 Sep 2017

Just being honest, I have felt bad over the last few days watching everyone (including myself) wanting a change at QB. But reading this has brought clarity to this situation. We as fans love this team like no other. Honestly, I have never seen passion for any team like I have Buckeye fans. I know for my family, it's more than just a game on Saturday's. It's a way of life. Imagine the passion JT has for this team... he doesn't take short cuts, he truly gives it his all. He is by all means the definition of a leader... doing so by example, by not giving up or wavering even when the very people who love him are clamoring for his removal. So thank you for this, as it was needed to get my head on straight because if there's one thing I want to be as a fan.... that is loyal, as loyal as JT has been to us. It may not end up being our best season but for everything he's done for us, we owe it to him to support him.