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Comment 28 Jul 2020
If you consider the no football scenario, just playing the games increases revenue substantially by getting the tv money flowing. The problem with the student section, in my opinion, will be behavior and the lack of adherence to the rules. You could set aside all of the south stands for students and the band, but the kids won't stick to the distancing guidelines. But you're right that high money donors will be the ones in attendance most likely.
Comment 22 Jul 2020
I took Nuc 505 in either 98 or 99. That was a surprisingly easy class and it seemed like the professor used it to pad his new memberships for the nuclear magazine he had everyone get. Our trip was to Perry plant up near Mentor OH, but I was in spring quarter so it wasn't a game day. My funny story for that trip was that I had been out partying until 3ish the Friday night beforehand. When I got back to my apartment, it occurred to me that I had no chance at waking up at 7 am to get to the shuttle vans, so I made a pot of coffee and played NHL 97 on my PlayStation thinking I could at least crash in the van. So I wasn't able to sleep on the van, and when the class gets to the plant I'm starting to really feel awful. They split us up into smaller groups and I'm good as long as we're walking and there's neat things to see, like the pool of spent fuel rods that glows blue. When we get to the simulator room, our guide decides he needs to tell us what every button does which puts me out like a light. The tour guide was annoyed and after awhile he called me out and asked me to scram the reactor (code for shut the plant down.) I did my best Homer Simpson impersonation and hit the big red button right in front of me, and amazingly I was right! Lesson learned - take the four hours of sleep when you can and set a really loud alarm.
Comment 07 Jul 2020
The old AstroTurf from the 80s, if it was similar to other turf surfaces I've played on, would have been almost like playing on a parking lot. 100%agree the old turf looked awful. Anytime I watch games from the 1990s and 2000s I pine some more for a return to grass. Another aspect that I believe contributed to putting in artificial turf is the lowering of the playing field and the resultant proximity of groundwater. I believe they have issues with drainage in heavy rain events. The condition of the grass during the high profile 2006 game vs scUM was the death knell for grass in Ohio stadium.
Comment 17 Jun 2020
I've found hitting the red quote box at the bottom of the article skips most of the ads, but yes the recent development of way more ads and links to multiple other 11W stories is pretty annoying. Could they put it back the way it was and we could each pledge to tap on one ad a day and play along for a bit? Plus, if you scroll back up to the top of the comments, there's magically another ten ads that pop up and send the comments even lower on the page.
Comment 03 Jun 2020
This was my third year of college, and first at Ohio State. As a transfer student, I wasn't savvy enough to get a season ticket, but I did sign up for the rose bowl student ticket lottery. Which I won. Being a broke college kid, I got a ground package designed for kids that won the ticket lottery. This was a 40 hour bus ride from Columbus to LA with a whole bunch of folks I didn't know. After losing to Michigan that year, the demand for this package wanted significantly, so they allowed non-students to buy in as well. It was a strange and unique trip I'll never forget, and this game is my most watched Ohio State game of all. I had two different versions on VHS and both have been watched extensively. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Ramzy!
Comment 28 Apr 2020
In honor of this series, what about Eddie's 1992 (1993?) game vs Illinois? He was a freshman and had earned the redzone running back assignment. He had two fumbles that were picked up by the defense and at least one of those was a scoop and score. One of several losses to the illini in the 90s that were inexplicable. I wore 27 in HS in honor of Eddie, one of my all time favorite buckeyes.
Comment 25 Apr 2020
Still feel like he was robbed in the big ten title match, but he needs to find his attack earlier than the last ten seconds of the match. Nevertheless, this honor is well deserved, way to go Sammy! I just hope there's sports again this fall, but I'm not so sure at this point.
Comment 23 Dec 2019
I don't see how Clemson can get away with stopping our rushing attack in that 3-2-6 alignment. Once the safeties realize they have to crash the line to prevent us from getting 7 yards a pop up the middle, that's when we go over the top. I suspect we will run to set up the pass, and our passes will be long routes. Saturday can't get here soon enough!!
Comment 07 Dec 2019

 I haven’t forgotten, actually picked up a pair of tickets last night. I’ll be taking my daughter to her first ever game, she’s 7 and has been bugging me to go to a game for awhile now. I figure it’s a way to pass the time before our game tonight, and hopefully they keep the winning streak going.