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Comment 07 Jul 2019

Thad was a great coach who made us all proud.  If it weren't for his back, he would still be stalking the sidelines.  Just a fine man who ran a clean and successful program.  Life just isn't fair.   

Comment 11 May 2019

Add me to the list of those who love what Holtmann is doing.  Roster management is so critical to long term success.  Holtmann has a plan and is following it.  This season we add an experienced pg who has been with the team for a year and will be plug and play.  Next year it will be an experienced wing that is plug and play.  Really excited about where the program is going.    

Comment 10 May 2019

Day said something to the effect that he was born to be a HC.  Most of his life has been dedicated to getting where he is.  Of course he will make some mistakes but lets not act like Urban didn't make mistakes.  A football game moves fast with countless judgement calls being made.  No one gets them all right. Just because Day will get some wrong doesn't mean it will cost us a game.  It might, but it might not. 

I really appreciate the paragraph on how things could be better.  I refuse to gloss over that.  A very strong argument can be made that we underachieved after the NC.  We have recruited with Bama and Clemson without the results.  Maybe Day can correct that and maybe he can't but I choose to be optimistic that he can.  He inherited a great infrastructure, culture, and talent.  He made some very good coaching changes.  He has a great offensive mind and has other coaches who have great offensive minds with him.  He brought in terrific defensive coaches who will get us back to being a dominant D.  No reason we shouldn't be in the playoffs this season.  I look forward to seeing how it plays out.        

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Since the pg position is so critical to a team's success and we will go from not having a real pg to having 2 pgs. That alone will make us a better team.  The other additions just further improve a team that seems to be shaping up into the kind of team this staff wants them to be.  This season will be fun to watch.  

Comment 06 Apr 2019

This is probably his first decision with major implications for his life and he wants to do it right.  I applaud that.  He is taking the process very seriously as he should.  Sounds like hard working, intelligent young man trying to maximize his future.    

Comment 29 Mar 2019

After Scum shredded us in 95, Bill Young left for Oklahoma and Fred Pagac became DC.  He also simplified things allowing players to play fast.  The Silver Bullets were born.  OSU does not lack talent, last season the talent was not put in the best position to succeed.  This year will be different.  Very excited about it.    

Comment 15 Mar 2019

Holtmann is a great coach and has OSU going in the right direction.  He has tried to squeeze every ounce out of a team of role players with one bell cow.  This has been the up and down season most people expected.  Admittedly I didn't expect the level of difficulty they would have in the B1G but the conference is loaded.  Next season will be very different.  Returning players should all be better.  Transfer pg along with a 5 star pg should bolster that position and more talent for the front court as well.  Should be a very solid team that could take off and be a serious threat by March.     

Comment 25 Feb 2019

I know coaches say the best player plays.  I know we fans sometimes doubt that is true.  Others remind us coaches professional lives depend on it so they must play the best players.  The problem I have is I don't believe that always happens.  White at safety, Bell riding the pine several years ago while Pitt Brown started.  I just want the best players to play, regardless of who they are.  I really hope this staff does that.  If they do, we have plenty of talent to compete for the NC.