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Comment 29 Sep 2019

I have a similar opinion, except I think MSU hits a field goal on their first drive and nothing thereafter.  38-3.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

Not necessarily the times we live in.  While in junior high school, I umpired Little League games (early 1970s).  A parent came after me after one game.  Fortunately, my uncle was there to defend me.

Comment 29 Dec 2018

Coach brought the second team in too early.  He had the Wessons, Lu, and CJ on the bench when OSU went into the scoring drought.  

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Nine of 16 from the line.  Four of those misses were front ends of 1-and-1s.  Potential 11 points.  Nobody is perfect, but making 16 or 17 of the 20 opportunities would definitely changed how this game played out.  SMH.

Also, 12 turnovers (not real bad), but Tate had 6 of them.  Fouling, fighting with teammates for rebounds, forcing things.  He had a horrible game tonight.

Comment 13 Mar 2016

Agree with Polarbuck, GTF, and Niblick.  Think about joining one of the military services.  I joined the Air Force in 1981, and never looked back.  Served my country, got my degree, and built a career.  Whatever you do, just remember that hard work pays off. 

Comment 12 Mar 2016

JR, you are revising history.  Sibert was given every chance to beat out Smith on that team.  He shot 30% from the field, 26% from 3, and couldn't/wouldn't play defense.  Meanwhile, Smith shot 47% from the field, 38% from 3, and played very good defense.  Smith was also the better rebounder.  Matta simply chose to play the better performing player.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

The above graphic is incorrect.  On Thursday, Iowa will play the winner of the Illinois-Minnesota game 25 minutes after the end of the Northwestern-Michigan game (about 2:30pm Eastern).

Comment 07 Mar 2016

That should tell you that it is not as easy as you think.  If the stat is correct, only 6 out of the 350 or so D1 schools have done it.  For those of you that are deficient in math skills, that's about 1.7%.  This indicates that winning 21+ games over the ten year period is a rare feat.

You may argue that a cupcake OOC schedule allows for the success, but there are many other teams that have similar schedules over the same period and do not reach 21+ wins.

Comment 13 Feb 2016

I thought Harris played pretty well.  On defense, he generally kept Sanders from driving.  On offense, although he had 3 TOs and missed both of his shots, he did have 7 assists.

I am now firmly on the side of those who feel Loving needs benched.  IMO, the team plays much better without him.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

I agree with shaking up the staff, but the one assistant I would keep is Boals.  He is the so-called "defensive coordinator", and defense is the one area in which I've seen the most improvement.  Paulus runs the offense which seems to have very few sets and a lot of one-on-one basketball.  Whether this is Matta's offensive strategy, Paulus' offensive strategy, or lack of player execution, I believe there has only been small improvement on the offensive side of the ball.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Game starts at 7pm Eastern.  It's hard to win at the Kohl any start time.