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Comment 21 Oct 2018

August. Called this loss back then. We play like crap at their place. 

I doubled down down when I watched how our defense played the last 3 weeks. All week I was telling Buckeye fans Moore was going to have a field day on our secondary.

Comment 25 Jul 2018

First, when he arrived at her home in May 12th there was no protection order. The protection order was issued on 7/20/18. Second, I agree with your assessment of Meyer giving the guy a second chance. By the sounds of the 2009 situation it was handled wrong by Zach/Courtney and they moved on. I feel everyone deserves a 2nd chance. That we know of there were no other situations after the charges were dropped in 2009 till his hiring in 2012. It’s clear they didn’t know about the 2015 findings. I think when those became clear OSU wanted no more bad PR because they are getting enough with the sex scandal.

Now, with Smith the trespassing charge won’t stick. She has to prove there was forcible entry. There was no restraining order or protection order in place so he did not violate the law. Once that is dropped the protection order filed on 7/20, will also be dropped because all they have legally on him is a 2009 charge she dropped, a 2015 menace charge that is in an ongoing investigation that probably will be dropped, and a stalking charge she did not corporate and was dropped. 

Comment 25 Jul 2018

Am I missing something here??? The protection order didn’t go in effect till Friday 7/20, The incident of the trespassing happened on May 12th. Where people keep saying he broke the law for dropping his kids off?? As for the trespassing charge sounds like that will be dropped because there was no forcible entry.

But back to square one. He had to be fired for the 2015 incident or not disclosing it. 

Comment 24 Jul 2018


he was dropping his kid off. He stated it, his lawyer stated it. The protection order wasn’t filed till last Friday.


maybe before you start name calling you should know what the hell you are talking about.

Comment 24 Jul 2018


Interesting take by his lawyer. I kinda feel bad for Smith in this situation. The more that comes out about this, it just looks like he was married to a crazy lady. They said in the 2009 situation, it was based on her accusing him of cheating. She went nuts and went after him. He defended himself and restrained her from hitting him. She calls the cops and he gets arrested. The police investigate it and find there are no signs of abuse. No charges. 

The incident in May, he tries to drop his kid off and she asks him to come to her apartment. When he arrives she comes out and takes a picture. He leaves and shortly after that she calls the cops. I question if she is in fear of him hitting her or hurting her why ask him to your place or apartment. 

Personally, after watching Urban in today's press conference you can tell he did not agree with this. His hand was forced in the situation and this came from higher up the chain. Unfortunately for Smith, he's out of a job and his kids are smack in middle of an ugly situation. 

Comment 12 Jan 2018

I like the 4/3. This happens every offseason. The defense was the strength for this team the last 4 years. Why fix what’s not broken?? Not only that all these players have been being developed under the current system for 2-3 years. It’s not an easy change like just switching your playbook in Madden18. I would hate to miss an opportunity of playing in the playoff or even the National title to just get cute with the defensive scheme.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

The same front that OSU offensive coaches don’t know how to adjust from.

Comment 14 Nov 2017

Yes, I think a 2 loss OSU/Clemson discussion would put Clemson ahead of OSU. 

2 Reasons

1) they are the defending champs.

2) we will get punished for losing by 30+ points to Iowa. Both teams would have bad losses, but the Syracuse loss for Clemson is nowhere near as bad as OSU’s loss. As for a one loss Wisconsin team I did not say anything about them losing a game, unless it was to Ohio State.i think of Wisconsin loses in any of the games in the next 3 weeks they are done.

Comment 13 Nov 2017

Calling these upsets in the upcoming weeks.

-Miami loses at Pitt. Weather is going to be brutal for those south FLA boys. Pitt wins a slug fest.

-ND loses at Stanford. Tough to go on the road to the west coast and win. Officially ends the ND hype!

With those 2 losses the final spot comes down to 2 things. If Bama wins out, which I think they will. Auburn and UGA are done. So the committee will have to decide between the winner of the Big10 title game and the loser of the ACC title game. If it’s Wisconsin they are in. If it’s the Buckeyes I think Clemson gets the nod if they lose the ACC title game.  If Miami loses, then we are in.

Comment 12 Nov 2017

I got...

1 Bama

2 Miami

3 Oklahoma

4 Clemson

5 Wisconsin 

6 Auburn 



9 ND

10 USC

I think the commitee will launch Miami in the top 2. I put Auburn ahead of UGA for obvious reasons. When it comes to OSU and ND they only have one comparable opponent and that was MSU. OSU’s win was more impressive. So that’s why I would drop them to 9 but keep them ahead of USC because beat them earlier. 

The way I see it is the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 champs will get the nod. The 4th seed will be interesting. Wisconsin wins the Big 10 they are in. But if OSU finishes the season with 3 wins with one over Wisconsin the committee will be in a jam. They will have to decide between a 2 loss conference champ, Or teams that did not play or win in their title games.