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Comment 21 Mar 2020

Why is 11,000 positive tests a bad thing though? That just means that 10,975 people got the virus and are sneezing a little bit. 

10,000 positive tests in a state where there are only 50 deaths seems like a good thing to me. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

You may very well be the only person on the entire planet who cares about Grand Canyon university firing their basketball coach right now. 

Comment 10 Mar 2020

I love watching wrestling, bud sadly, I don't have the degree in rocket surgery required to understand it, it's scoring process, or whatever the hell you wrote about how bids are decided.

Regardless, keep up the good work Andy.

Comment 05 Mar 2020

The clickbait title doesn't explain that It was actually methanol, which has a much much lower normal concentration (basically drinking any puts you over the limit). When the liver breaks methanol down it releases a toxic byproduct (methanol itself is actually ok if it goes into your body and gets peed out without getting broken down). In order to keep your liver's enzymes from breaking methanol down you treat by giving ethanol, which utilizes the same enzymes for breakdown as methanol. Basically, flood the system with ethanol, so that methanol won't be broken down. 

You give the same treatment for kids who drink antifreeze or ink toner actually.

Comment 29 Feb 2020

Only 1.2% so far do not demonstrate any symptoms 

That is a ludicrous statement. How in the hell can you claim a statement like that? In order to make that statement you would have to believe that:

A) Every person who has contracted the virus (including those who have literally zero idea they even have the virus) have reported themselves to a hospital/clinic.

B) Every person who has reported themselves as being sick has been accurately diagnosed with the virus.

C) People who have been in high risk zones who have been diagnosed with the virus are not falsely reporting symptoms based out of fear.

None of the above are possible, as you went on to state (and refute in your own comments):

Much is still unknown and there are questions on the accuracy on many of the estimates. But it is clearly more contagious than the flu and with no vaccine at this point that means it is more serious.

The fact that we haven't had time to make a functional vaccine for it yet does not mean it is more serious, it simply means we have not had time to make a vaccine for it yet. Our Flu vaccines are a wild guess in terms of which strains to include each year, and sometimes they don't provide much in the way of a protective immunity for that year's strains (you should still get vaccinated btw). And yet, we don't have wild overblown media reactions (just semi-overblown reactions when there's a lull in the daily news and nothing else to talk about). 

Viruses exist now, they will exist tomorrow, and they all will continue to mutate and create new versions of themselves that are varying degrees of more/less dangerous than their former selves. This is a new strain of an old virus. It is NOT any more dangerous than the old version of itself, quite the opposite actually. It should be studied and a vaccine should be established for it. Fear and media-based hysteria are neither warranted nor supported by current epidemiological studies of this outbreak. 

Comment 29 Feb 2020

The WHO (world health organization) currently has death rates at 0.7% (cited in JAMA [journal of the American medical association]), 72,314 coronavirus cases in mainland China (this study only refers to cases in China, it should be assumed all mortality rates would be drastically lower in the US as better healthcare is available. 

No deaths occurred in those aged 9 years and younger, but cases in those aged 70 to 79 years had an 8% fatality rate (your immune system depletes as you age) and those aged 80 years and older had a fatality rate of 14.8%. No deaths were reported among mild and sever cases. The fatality rate was 49% among critical cases (elevated among those with preexisting conditions: 10.5% for people with cardiovascular disease, 7.3% for diabetes, 6.3% for chronic respiratory disease, 6% for hypertension, and 5.6% for cancer).

The fatality rate of the new coronavirus is less than 1/4 of that of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; 9.6%) and 1/15th of MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome; 34.4%). Where is the outrage from those viruses (they are still in the population btw).

Referring to age:

Comment 29 Feb 2020

I agree with your statistics MPB, however we have no clue About it’s transmission rates as only people who are sick enough to go to the hospital are actually reported In those statistics, and as I’ve already stated, the average 15–55 year old won’t go to the hospital for a runny nose and cough, which is all a healthy middle aged person will get from this virus. 

Comment 29 Feb 2020

Downvote all you want, but I’m an immunologist and study viruses for a living. Sorry for stating facts that are easily verifiable. The absurd notions going around this site are laughable at best and worrisome at worst. People thinking that “the virus was man made because it’s a NEW Corona virus” is absurd. Viruses mutate, nearly every single time they replicate inside you, they change a little bit (so do humans btw, it’s called evolution), when an animal virus mutates in a specific way that allows it to infect human cells we call it a zoonotic transfer. It happens. It’s actually happened before with Corona viruses (I.e. SARS).  Educate yourself before freaking out and spreading ignorance.