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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the 96th Rose Bowl game; Stanley Cup games in Pittsburgh (several times)
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • MLB TEAM: Pittsburgh Pirates

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Comment 10 Aug 2020

Do you ever use bittorrent?  Buckdubbs007 has pulled most of the games over the years and I believe has torrents on buckeyeplanet.  He has had several youtube channels shut down, but maybe email him and see if he can provide a link.  



Comment 28 Jul 2020

A 3-4 DE rarely gets any notice in their old scheme, but when he was drafted, they had Keisel and first round bust Ziggy Hood playing DE.  He didn't start a game in those first 2 seasons, and some were calling him a bust since he didn't break through.  I think it was more learning to trust him over being ineffective.

However, once he got in his third year, he has gotten better every year.  Since Lebeau left, the defense has changed a bit and is more of a hybrid, using the NT only 1/3 of the time, and the DEs are allowed to attack more. 

The funny thing is they have never seen him and Stephon Tuitt both playing at a super high level together...Heyward always elevates when Tuitt is injured and vice versa.   

Comment 24 Jul 2020

Cooper called himself the coach of coaches.  He more or less let his assistants do the gameday preparation.  He was a great recruiter but not necessarily a great X & O coach.  

Comment 24 Jul 2020

Paul Posluszny won the Butkus and Bednarik award winner in 2005 and AJ won the Lambert and Lombardi awards, along with the B1G DPOY.  Both were exceptional college LBs.  AJ was the only unanimous 1st team AA selection on defense.  

National media votes for the Butkus, so its not that big of a slight to him.  They seemed to split the awards up between the 2 of them.     

Comment 07 May 2020

A lot of recency bias for sure.  But that team also gave you a heart attack every week.  

Comment 07 May 2020

1)  1995 - I know they lost their last 2 games, but Eddie, Orlando, Terry and crew were just my favorite team ever.

2)  2002 - the definition of team and never giving up on each other.

3) 1998 - 1 bad half amid season of absolute dominance.

4)  2014 - The last official game I have attended was the loss to VT.  

5)  2005 - Another fun team to watch that fell just short.    

Comment 05 May 2020

How was Springs slipping a 'play call' issue?  He was the best cover corner we have ever had and slipped.  They relied on him to take away half of the field the entire season without giving up a TD.  That play made the game 9-7.    The other side of the ball is the issue....they had the ball in 1st and goal situations 3 times and kicked 3 Fgs and got shut out in the second half.  

Comment 27 Apr 2020

Fuller killed himself at the combine with that 40 time.  That and he never showed any ability to play the ball in the air his last 2 years here.  He actually went earlier than projected.  

Landers not having a pro-day really hurt his chances.