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Comment 11 hours ago

Throwing the ball downfield and letting your receiver make a play you say...I recall OSU had someone like that once (and was really good at it for 3 games at least)...

I think McSorley will be fine personally.  JTB is much more of a question mark to me, since 1) his arm isn't good and 2) the WR core is unproven with his best weapon off to the NFL.  Kevin Wilson might save the day with the passing game, but that is yet to be determined.     

Comment 11 hours ago

Maybe, just maybe, its Prince that has the issue between the ears?  Moving someone who isn't 'intelligent enough' to play guard to the position that calls the protections wouldn't be wise, would it? 

I think holding a college guard responsible for a tackle's inability to adequately block in pass pro is reaching a ton. 

The big dropoff IMO has been Warriner to Studwara.  They had zero depth on that line last year and showed no development.  Hopefully he can show us something this year. 

Comment 11 hours ago

Flipside to that coin is that Moorehead was in his first season as Penn State OC.  Who knows what he might do this season?  Could go either way.  They have talent on that offense.

Another dynamic that shall change this year is that PSU will now be the hunted, not the surprise that they were last year. 

Comment 12 hours ago

I expect Worley to have a great year in the middle for the Buckeyes.  If there is one guy on the defense who gets no love, its him. 

Barkley might be the best player in college.  He's their Zeke. 

Comment 20 Jul 2017

My good friend chose "Miracle" for his wedding song, which was a pretty cool choice.  Then Dave Letterman made the song a little more popular with this story.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

The biggest surprise to me is how Archie is involved and in full support.  I think that's huge. 

And for those who missed it in the skully yesterday, here is a good breakdown on the complaint/background:


Comment 18 Jul 2017

Included in the lawsuit is the "Legends of the Scarlet and Gray" jersey series that Nike put out, without any involvement/approval of the players.  That is a direct use of a likeness without consent. 

While the University backed away from 'profiting' on current players by only issuing current year jersey numbers, I'm not sure how in the world the university and Nike thought they could sell these without including the player. 

Comment 17 Jul 2017

On a recent trip to NY, my good friend did prime rib exactly as you describe - cooked in the sous vide then seared on the grille.  It was outstanding. 

Not sure of the answer to your question though. 

Comment 06 Jul 2017

Based on talent, give me this guy.  Shame he couldn't find the happy medium between being strong and being Hercules (aided by vitamin "S").  Another tale of 'what could have been'. 

Comment 23 Jun 2017

I disagree to an extent.  He was hyped up for quite a while (he was going to be 'the man' in 2015 with MT on the other side), and an unfortunate broken leg the prior year allowed for it to grow without him playing.  This was supposedly the game where the production was going to start matching the hype on a weekly basis...which never happened.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

That isn't going to happen.  They have the guy who knows the system (Landry Jones) and just drafted their own project (Joshua Dobbs). 

Maybe head to Az and learn under Palmer and Arians.  That could be a good fit. 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Yeah, if LeCharles can make it on a shortened 4 year career, Korey should certainly be eligible (not even HM?).  He made the pro bowl his last season and was entering his prime.