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Comment 13 Sep 2018


Comment 12 Sep 2018

Probably Cincinnati style chili. If it rains as much as they think it will, it will be a good day to stay inside and not grill.

Caveat: A good friend is having his 50th birthday party Saturday night. Likely just to have snacks and not have the game on tv. His wife planned the surprise party for him, so I can't blame Bob. Plus they live overseas, so we rarely get to see them.  Husband wants to use the hurricane as an excuse to cancel, otherwise, he wants to get there early and leave early. We don't know a lot of the other people in any event.

Comment 10 Sep 2018

The OSU Alumni Association is having a Buckeye Bash. This site also has a list of events that the DFW club is hosting:


Join us at the Buckeye Bash before Ohio State takes on TCU at AT&T Stadium!  Enjoy this pep rally style event with fellow Buckeyes prior to the Ohio State vs. TCU football game.

  • Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • Bash: 4:30 – 6 p.m. CST
  • Kickoff: 7:00 p.m. CST

Globe Life Park in Arlington Rangers Stadium

Tent at corner of E. Road to Six Flags St. and Ballpark Way
1000 Ballpark Way
Arlington, TX 76011
(Approximately 0.5 miles from stadium)
Parking Details and directions for parking will be communicated this summer.
Registration Options

Buckeye Bash only: $25
BBQ buffet, non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment and giveaways included. Seating will be limited.

Comment 06 Sep 2018

He has a Big Steel Keg. Works wonderfully for the two of us. Even when we have a few people over. Does high heat as well, so his steaks are also delicious.

Comment 06 Sep 2018

Mr. LBG is smoking ribs this weekend. I'm assuming he'll be able to pull it off despite the rain in the forecast. The smoker I bought for Christmas a few years back is the best gift I ever got for him. 

Comment 04 Sep 2018

Who knew I was such a brown-noser?

Comment 30 Aug 2018

Don't know about pricing - at least it isn't a night game - it is brutal trying to get a cab/uber/bus after night games. We once walked to the short north because we couldn't get a ride (before uber/lyft). Now we usually drive/park.

Comment 30 Aug 2018

NOTE: some of this is not appropriate for kids.

It is a noon kickoff, so if you want to take it all in, get to campus early.  I like to park at the Ohio Union Garage ($20). The Union has nice bathrooms, and you should see it if you haven't been to campus in a while.

I then like to walk across campus, cutting across the Oval. It might be worthwhile taking a trip past Mirror Lake to see it now that they have restored it.  Again, depends on how much walking you want to do.  There may be other sights you want to see from your days on campus.  Since it is a noon kickoff, you can probably visit some after the game while traffic clears out. I like to get a drink at the Out-R-Inn sometimes.

We usually walk past the stadium on our way to a tailgate over by the Ag Lot (Woody Hayes Drive). I'm not certain what tailgating options there are over on Lane Avenue any more, so maybe someone can help with that. 

Before the Skull Session, the sidewalk between the Blackwell Hotel and St. John Arena fills up with people waiting to watch the team walk by on their way to the Skull Session. You'd miss part of the Skull Session to see it, but that may be interesting to you.  After the Skull Session, the band will walk from St. John over to the Stadium, right into the Rotunda area. You may want to do the before/after Skull Session rather than the Skull Session itself. http://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/the-tradition-skull-sessions/

As others have said, best to get to your seats early (at least 20-30 minutes) to see the TBDBITL take the field.  I still get goosebumps.

Finally, I'm going to be grateful I'm at the game and not listening to the knuckleheads on TV.  :)  Enjoy the game!

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I've been known to buy from ebay for The Game. By then, the seller usually has a track record of selling the same tickets for earlier games (usually faculty/staff tickets). The fees/prices are a little lower, but you have to have the patience for sniping (bidding at the last second).  Lately, I'm more Stubhub because they are guaranteed (may not get you in the game, but full refund). Once, using Stubhub for a Nats game, the seller didn't deliver, but Stubhub got us better seats at no extra charge day of game.  I'm confident, but the prices on Stubhub (and Ticketmaster resale) are fairly high. 

Comment 30 Aug 2018

Easiest way to check a view: enter the section, or use the pull down to find the section/row - you can also click the section on the big map.


Comment 29 Aug 2018

And speaking of Haskins, Jim Tressel used to describe Ohio State's QB as the Most Important Person in Ohio, with apologies to the governor.

I left Ohio 28 years ago. I generally don’t know who the Governor of Ohio is, but I always know who the QB is, so no apologies needed  

Comment 28 Aug 2018

Won't cure a cold, but it helps clear you out - sinus rinsing. It also keeps my colds from becoming a sinus infection.  By the kit (available at your pharmacy most likely), use only distilled or purified water (no brain eating amoebas, please), warm the water up in the microwave for 25-30 seconds (your mileage may vary), add the saline and 10-15 ml of Alkalol (really breaks up the mucus), and rinse away. I do it twice a day every day (because i have prescription steroids for my very dysfunctional sinuses). 

Rinse kit: http://shop.neilmed.com/Products/Sinus-Rinse/Sinus-Rinse-Regular-Kit

Alkalol: https://www.amazon.com/Alkalol-Natural-Soothing-Solvent-Cleaner/dp/B003YFG0M0?th=1

Also, i take meds to disguise the symptoms, even if it won't cure anything. Sudafed 12 hour during the day, ibuprofen for pain, Nyquil at night, and occasionally, Afrin at night to really shrink the sinus congestion.  Mucinex may or may not help. 

Comment 27 Aug 2018

Here is hoping Out-R-Inn and the Stube survive.  I will need to hit up Mama’s this weekend.  Used to get 95 cent longnecks there.   Was a semi-regular Friday lunch spot in the late 80’s. Never did make it back to class after lunch, but the bright sunlight was brutal around 3 pm.  

Comment 24 Aug 2018

I'll be at a tailgate known for its scarlet pancakes for breakfast. They will also be serving their traditional burgers & brats lunch.  Along with Bloody Marys from Mr. Steve's magic bar