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Comment 10 hours ago

Also, if you just say they are on the naughty list and don’t follow through, no lesson learned except that Santa brings gifts no matter what.  Best to play with their little minds, thinking they have a chance at redemption. My mom was excellent at that and guilt. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Have him ask if they are naughty or nice.  Then have follow up that the elves have heard reports of them not getting along, and he is concerned that they might be headed to the naughty list.  Then that they have time to fix the problem, but they must really mean it. 

One of my favorite memories.  Dad always threatened us with lumps of coal when we were acting up. Plus always threatened to drop us off at the children’s home when we were fighting in the car. That worked until my sister found out they had ponies there, and she wanted to be dropped off. Same guy that used to tell us to go play in traffic.  

You know your kids best. Are they sensitive souls that would be crushed, or tougher?  

Comment 21 Nov 2017

And yet, I have a friend whose son was tazed at UC his freshman year. Her only regret was that there wasn’t a video to share.  

Comment 04 Nov 2017

If you want a tasty dinner after the game, I recommend Peter’s Inn.  Love everything but the cheese grits, oh my.  Order some even if they don’t come with your meal. http://www.petersinn.com/

Comment 04 Nov 2017

OSU Alumni club gets together at the Green Turtle, but not in the Inner Harbor. Fells Point isn’t far from the Inner Harbor, and Max’s Taphouse will likely have the game. http://www.maxs.com/

Greene Turtle McHenry Road
1606 Whetstone Way
Baltimore, MD, 21230 USA
Alumni Club of Baltimore Maryland

Comment 30 Oct 2017

I come from out of state (flight, hotel, etc), so I plan my 2-3 games/year well in advance. If I can by tickets at face, that’s a bonus.  So, my alumni tickets were OK, and I got 2 in 23A to MSU in the public sale...back in June/July. For me, I saved $ over the previous system where I was buying the tickets I wanted off the secondary market for a lot more. I think I am the person OSU designed the new system for.  Instead of my extra cash going to stubhub, it goes to the University.  Granted, I might have paid more for better seats to the OK game, but wasn’t feeling it this year.  I seriously miss the Labor Day weekend game where we get to go to a cheap game and spend an extra day in Ohio visiting friends and relatives.  I think this is 2 years in a row (Blacksburg and Indiana) where we didn’t open at home on Labor Day. Meh. 

Comment 29 Oct 2017

Perhaps they heard the crowd roar and tried to get back in, only to have the red coat turn them away. 

Comment 20 Oct 2017

Since I put it over pasta, I actually like it more the consistency of coney sauce.  I use my mashed potato smasher to break up the ground beef even finer. Personal preference though. 

Comment 20 Oct 2017

I've used eBay in the past successfully. Just look for tickets sold by someone who has sold the same pair before with a positive review.  Usually a faculty member. Also, watch out for student tickets that may require an ID. Sometimes there are tickets released by the university the week of the game, but all of the above requires diligence. Stubhub is my go to when I don't have the time to deal with sniping on eBay or watching Ticketmaster for new releases.  Since I fly in to games, I prefer to have tickets in hand rather than scalp. 

Comment 18 Oct 2017

If you have an old coffee grinder, you can pulverize bay leaves in that. I had to make old bay seasoning without paprika for crab cakes once (guest was allergic to paprika).  Not sure the grinder will ever be the same, but I’ve had it since 1984 or so.  

Comment 18 Oct 2017

2 lbs ground beef

4 cups water

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

3 Tsp garlic

2 onions, chopped

3 Tbsp chili powder 

1 Tbsp salt

1/2 Tbsp black pepper

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp cinnamon 

1 1/2 Tbsp white vinegar

1 6oz can tomato paste 

1/2 tsp allspice

2 tsp crushed red peppers

3 Bay leaves  

I usually up the spicy hot level, but this is the starter version. 

Crumble beef into boiling water.  Add remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, then simmer 3 hours. Remove bay leaves,  serve over pasta with your choice of grated cheddar, onions, beans.  

Comment 13 Oct 2017

Does anyone remember the fried dough sandwiches at Street Scene? Dough wrapped around filling and deep fried. I loved the roast beef w/ grilled onion version. Came with Au Jus.  Then they changed it to baked. It was still delicious, but fried was so much better.

Comment 06 Oct 2017

I used to be that way. My husband used to do that to me, just to watch me move it back to the proper place when I walked in the door. Now, he's more OCD than I am.