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Comment 04 Apr 2020

Not much help I can offer, but your post reminded me of this.  

Comment 02 Apr 2020

Around here, some gyms were loaning out their equipment to members since they were closed and not using it.  May be worth calling.  

Comment 02 Apr 2020

My father just turned 90 and has dementia as well. He is still living at home and functions ok under normal circumstances but not now.  His GF helps him a lot, and he’d be in a home but for her.  His main issue is the short term memory. He can’t understand that he can’t leave the house.  We should have taken his car away a few months ago, but didn’t get to that point. Yesterday he snuck out when his GF was in the bathroom and we don’t know where he went. She actually had to block him at the door earlier this week. He gets angry, due to the dementia.  I live 400 miles away, so it is hard to help.  I’m going to suggest that my niece, who works as a nurses aid, “borrow” his car and then hope he forgets about it.  We’ve called the doctor because he is definitely taking a turn for the worse in the past few weeks. Not the time to move him into a home, though. Nothing seems right, but we do need to get him off the road.  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

The Mr. and I are both working from home for now. He'll be cleared to go in (assuming no symptoms) after next week. The Pentagon posted a policy the day we returned from our vacation from the British Virgin Islands that no employees can enter the building for 14 days post travel.  So he's here and it is driving him nuts. He brought his laptop home and has had VPN issues.  My boss had told me that I was cleared for 100% telework even before we got back from vacation b/c I have some medical issues. I have a MobiKey, which means my laptop is still in my office and hooked up to the network. No VPN issues for me. The Monday we started teleworking, my office instituted it's COOP. 100% telework for all employees until they say we can come back in. I think we're a week or two ahead of the curve for most Gov't agencies, and I'm glad we've had that time to work out some of the kinks. 

I ordered a small computer desk. Working at the dining room table is not great. I have my laptop and external monitor set up on boxes to get the right height. My neck was killing my by day 4 before I figured it out.  My husband is at the other table. We really don't have a proper home office, just a antique desk and desk chair w/ a home pc sitting in a corner.  He has a lot of conference calls, while my work has always been more self-directed and emails/written documents.  I find him to be a very noisy office mate, even if he is in the other room and takes calls from the guest room when he needs privacy.  It will be strange when he heads back to work - we'll be in separate houses at that point and I'll only see him on weekends (unless things change at his job). 

All in all, it hasn't been bad, I don't miss the commute, my work is much the same. It's only been a week, so we'll see how crazy I get after doing this a bit more long term. 

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Dang.. need to call my dad. He’s 90 with a bit of dementia. Forgets that he can’t drive up to the Elks and have a beer.  His significant other tries to remind him, but he’s never been good at sitting at home.  

Comment 21 Mar 2020

My friend moved to Naples in late January. She has already been quarantined for 14 days because she had a meeting with someone who later tested positive.  She’s back at work with letters permitting her to go back and forth to the office, the grocery, and medical.  She hasn’t been stopped yet, but she doesn’t speak Italian yet, so she is hoping the letters work.  

Best of luck to you and yours! Stay safe over there. 

Comment 03 Mar 2020

I remember hearing the Victory Bell ring as I walked across the field after getting my diploma handed to me.  It was magical. 

This is crap. 

Comment 01 Mar 2020

I generally stock up using Amazon.  Except Sudafed of course.  I wonder if they track the shipping locations as well. This is very interesting to know. Thanks.  

May go get a flu shot tomorrow in any event.  

Comment 27 Feb 2020

So overplayed on the 4th floor of Bradley Hall 1980-81.  Hated them. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

I hate drum solos. Almost all solos make me turn the channel.  Drum solos always feel like an excuse for the rest of the band to go take a pee break. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

ABBA. I don’t seek it, but I always laugh when it comes on the radio. A fun diversion, not annoying.  Of course, I do have a slight thing for random disco songs. Mostly b/c they bring back some fun memories from my youth. 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Journey and all the power ballad bands of the early ‘80’s.  Anything Bruce or Billy Joel.  All the bro-country crap.  Pink Floyd (May be an adverse reaction the the stoned neighbor in college who played it like he was stoned). 

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Interesting article - Why you are likely to get the Coronavirus. Just hoping it holds off until after my vacation.  


The Harvard epidemiology professor Marc Lipsitch is exacting in his diction, even for an epidemiologist. Twice in our conversation he started to say something, then paused and said, “Actually, let me start again.” So it’s striking when one of the points he wanted to get exactly right was this: “I think the likely outcome is that it will ultimately not be containable.”

Comment 26 Feb 2020

With regard to travel insurance, you may want to ensure whatever policy you buy covers epidemics/pandemics, ect. There was a story on tv today about a marathon in Japan being canceled (except for elite runners), and one of the non-elite runners couldn't get the airline tickets refunded and/or covered by his travel insurance. Perhaps the thinking is that he could still travel to Japan, just not run in the race.  In any event, for more $, you can get "cancel for any reason" trip insurance, but you usually have to buy it within a few days of booking rather than later, from my experience. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

I've booked the hotel so I just need tickets. I'm seeing if some of my friends who buy OSU season tickets can get a pair of tickets added to their package for me.  Otherwise, I'll likely scalp.  I've been known to do that a time or two in the past.  Go Bucks!