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Comment 08 Feb 2018

My first real memories of the Winter Olympics was 1984. Used to head up to Papa Joes to sit at the bar, eat pizza, drink low beer, and watch. Have loved them ever since. 

Comment 05 Feb 2018

Same company did a local commercial last year with a different (retired, iirc) Redskin (Joe Jacoby, perhaps?)

Comment 20 Jan 2018

English is my native language.  I took Russian 101 at OSU but had to switch to Spanish to finish my language requirement.  The 2nd Russian course always conflicted with my labs.  Took an Italian course later in life when we were hoping for a job transfer to Naples. I tend to mix on Spanish when I’m trying to speak Italian.  No worries, the Italians are kind people and just appreciate that I am trying.  

Comment 20 Jan 2018

My coworker speaks Ukrainian to his parents on the phone. At least I hope it is his parents.  He hates the Russians. Used to go with his parents to protest at the Russian Embassy.  

Comment 15 Jan 2018

I’m going to see LuLu’s Fate on Friday.  http://lulusfate.blogspot.com/

Between the Birchmere, Blues Alley, and the Calvert Marine Museum, I’m getting to more shows than ever. 

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Good god, I saw U2 in 1987 in Cleveland. I wasn’t feeling well, was diagnosed 2 days later with walking pneumonia... didn’t help being outdoors in the rain that day.  Can’t say I remember much about the show.  

Comment 15 Jan 2018

First - Seals & Crofts, Blossom, circa 1979, Recent: Shemekia Copeland, Blues Alley DC, Favorite: Little Feat, House of Blues, NOLA

I've seen some big shows (Stones, Who, etc), but really prefer smaller venues for the experience. Saw BB King at the Agora in the early 80s. That was quite the show as well.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Road pop = beer where I was from.  This was a long time ago when drinking in your car was a major social activity (high school).  

Comment 04 Jan 2018
At my first bowl game. Last row. Little  did I realize that I really should have gone to the little Buckeyes room in the 3rd quarter. I was dying during the 2nd OT!
Comment 26 Dec 2017

I also hate mandatory fun. My husband excels at it. He thinks everyone should go and have fun, because it is only a few times a year (we have a party at our annual conference as well).  Being government workers means we always pay out of our pockets for the parties. (Anywhere from $35 - $50 per party plus whatever you buy to drink). We started driving to the party separately. I have one drink, a few apps, just enough to be seen, then head out. He stays to the end.

Comment 22 Dec 2017

Show was awesome. She is the daughter of Blues HOF member Johnnie “Clyde” Copeland.  http://www.houstonchronicle.com/local/gray-matters/article/Johnny-Copeland-legendary-Houston-player-10962566.php

She did a Christmas song from her 2015 album that was fun. https://g.co/kgs/221PRu

Finished up with her first big hit, afaik, It’s 2 am https://youtu.be/fpYZF1az_gs

Comment 17 Dec 2017

My friend lived there. Started a brewery that tuned into a distribution business when they couldn’t get their beer on any of the trucks.  He moved west to PA later (better tax environment). They owned a house on a country corner that was driven into twice while they lived there, so he installed a giant boulder on the corner where people were going off the road. 

Comment 16 Dec 2017

Ditto. In a 1978 Delta 88.  First test was parallel parking, then they switched over to the new maneuverability test, and I hadn’t practiced that, then finally, victory. I now parallel park almost every day of my life. City living with no off street parking.  

Comment 09 Dec 2017

Grateful that I was able to see one in person a few years ago. Amazing experience if you ever get a chance. 

Comment 02 Dec 2017

The stadium will stand long enough for my husband to sneak in and spread my ashes there.  Nothing like 100K+ fans visiting me on a fine fall Saturday.