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Comment 28 Feb 2015

I am excited to see the new design for the 15th Avenue renovation project.  That said, as someone who spent some of the best years of my life living on 15th and Indianola, I sure hope this place doesn't turn into a new "Gateway".  Sure places like the Distillery (Bernie's) and Mama's Pasta and Brew are dumps, but they ooze un-replaceable character.  I am hopeful that these two little gems are retained with some new (affordable) digs.  It is good to hear that this area will be developed and owned by multiple real estate companies.  This should give the area 'character' that The Gateway District just does not have.  I just hope the redevelopment does not price out the smaller independent shops, restaurants and bars that make this area classic. 

Comment 19 Oct 2014

This team has to be one of the most 'fun to watch' Buckeye groups ever.   In the past, I was always nervous watching the Bucks play every Saturday.  It was more of chore, than it was fun.  With this team, I just sit back and enjoy.  Very well coached and very entertaining.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I think your takes on cut blocking is spot on.  There are rule changes this year to more aggressively protect the QB from hits below the knee.  What about the D-line?  An injury is what worries me most.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

You know, I have seen this happen before in some companies. Nameless, faceless investigators go into a situation with the end goal in mind - truth be damned.  The RIGHT thing to do in this situation would be to do a true unbiased, thorough investigation.  

Not simply talking to nine people and hastily putting together a report to justify a predetermined outcome.  I do agree with the other posters that it will be unlikely for Drake to reverse his decision.  I am guess this goes to litigation or more likely a settlement for Mr. Waters.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Art Schlicter came through the drive through of a bank that I was working at while in college...and yes, sadly, I cashed his bad check.

I also, have to jump onto the 'anti OH chant' bandwagon.

Comment 25 Sep 2013

Call me the eternal optimist, but I firmly believe that if the Bucks take care of business soundly every single weekend, things will work out for them at the end of the season in the polls.  Enjoy the run!

Comment 24 Sep 2013

It seems like Gardner is thinking too much to me.  When he is on, he gets into the flow and let's his athletic ability take over - then he is a real threat.  Seems to me that he is trying to force things.