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Comment 10 Jul 2020

MD and Rutgers voluntarily drop football for the year, slide Purdue to the East, play home and away with the 5 teams in your division, and then have a 4 team playoff to determine B1G Champ.

Comment 12 May 2020

I did 5 shots of Maker's after the TX game because I wanted to pass out ASAP and not have to dwell on the loss all night. I paid $100 to go to the SC game in 2008 after not paying more that $20 (except for $50 to see Nebraska the year before) to see USC play at home the 10 years previous. Luckily, I was taking a pee during the INT return. But, absolutely, the 2009 USC game was worse. My USC buddy flew back to Columbus for that game and I still have to hear about the abuse he got from OSU fans after the game.

Comment 04 May 2020

My SC friends were giving me a hard time about the 1985 Rose Bowl today so I had to remind them of our overall dominance the last 50+ years. Right now I feel like we owe Clemson, Iowa, Purdue, and SC. We have a chance to get back at two, maybe three, of them this year.