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Comment 01 Aug 2019

College football coaches around the country predict that Ohio State will be one of the nation's best teams once again this season – but not quite one of the four best.

Ummm, no they didn't. They are just saying who they think the top four teams are right now. It's a poll, not a prediction.

Comment 07 Jul 2019

 Not this trade idea. All of the expiring contracts (Smith, Henson, Delly, Knight, and Clarkson) except for Tristan for Westbrook and Adams. No Sexton. Don’t have to throw in any draft picks, Cavs are doing them enough of a favor taking on those contracts. There won’t be any free agents as good as Russ or Adams next summer. Thompson’s contract comes off next summer and Adams’s the summer after that. Go for it. 3 guard rotation of Russ, Garland, and Sexton. 3 3’s with Cedi, Windler, and Porter Jr. A bunch of big guys led by Love and Nance. Russ becomes a sixth man in two years. 

Comment 30 Jun 2019

Whatever is not named after Mike Conley or Evan Turner will be named after him.

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Well, personally, I feel like that if you play a team in the Regional at their home field (Vanderbilt) instead of at a neutral site (Omaha), that gives a team a huge advantage. Plus, when you tell Vanderbilt that they're playing Ohio State, OMG!!!, or itch again, LOL!!!, they prepare differently. 

Comment 26 Jun 2019

Ohio Sate won the B1G Tournament beating itch again head to head and overall. OSU's reward was to face the eventual National Champions in the 1st round. If Michigan had played Vanderbilt in the 1st round and lost like they obviously would have, then they would've bombed out of the tournament when OSU did. UCLA is probably mad that they didn't get to face OSU in the 1st round.

Comment 18 May 2019

The extra year Matta had as coach at Ohio St was on probation so they couldn’t go to the Tourney. So they really both made it 9/12 years. Matta’s 5 and 4 in the B1G way outweighs anything Beilein (2 and 2) did. A 2-2 record vs 1-2 in the Final Four is not better than 5 more B1G Titles. 

Comment 15 May 2019

NBC only shows what are considered to be Home games for ND. As far as my interest goes, it could be a "Noon Banger" local time in Tbilisi shown only on the CBS Sports Network.

Comment 10 May 2019

Troy Smith going to In-and-Out Burger morning, noon, and night didn't help. Just got beat by the more motivated team. Alabama is starting to know that feeling. Clemson will too.

Comment 26 Apr 2019

RIP. Great Ohioan. Great Buckeye. Bill Fitch said he would've traded 10 #1 draft picks for Kareem and 5 #1's for Pete Maravich. I wish he would've traded for Havlicek in 1970.