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Comment 02 Mar 2019

The speed was a given. I think if they do a 60 yard dash it's not even close. The biggest thing was though, the dude was catching EVERYTHING and catching them smoothly. Add in that his breaks were clean and he showed body control, he may be a lock as a late first round now. Great to see him destroy that combine. Odds A.Rodgers is throwing to him next year?

Comment 12 Jan 2019

I like Tuf...as long as he doesn't have to cover someone in space. The guy can lead, diagnose plays, and tackle. If he truly can get quicker/faster, I look forward to having him man the middle again. What I REALLY hope for is that Browning can get coached up and put his athleticism on full display. In the end though, now that I think we have unbiased and knowledgeable coaches in place, I think we'll see the best 3 out there one way or the other. Get em' ready Al!

Comment 07 Jan 2019

No downvotes here Brohio. I reserve those for people with completely out of line comments, not ones that simply differ from mine...and mine differs from yours. I personally love the hire. I thought he was a stud for Hoke, holding that team up for a relatively incompetent coach.  He was the DC then, he is not the DC now. For us he will be the DC, not a position coach, which I think makes a bigger difference when it comes to recruits. At the same time, I think parents of players will love knowing this man will be working with their kids and he is known for being a stellar recruiter on top of that. Why wouldn't you want his knowledge paired with that of a younger, less experienced coach? Leave LJ to work with the line, Hafley to work with the defensive backfield, and hire a younger LB coach, and let Mattison lead when it comes to the scheme. Also, to answer your Draft Kings question, I would have to see who else I could "buy" (who is actually realistically available) but I can tell you this, Mattison would be towards the top of my list. 

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Curious to know what our ranks with Schiano have been with arguably (but not really if you believe in recruiting rankings) greater talent. Also would like to know what DC's are out there today that have a better average ranking (let's say 3 years minimum) than Mattison did when he was calling the shots. I still think this an excellent hire, especially after seeing who will be the co-DC. With that said, would still love to know the data from the above points if you have quick/easy access to where you found your data Netbuck. 

Comment 07 Jan 2019

It would seem, per the responses, I am going to be in the minority in that I am a big fan of the hire. I think between he and LJ, the amount of knowledge that is being brought to the table will be unmatched. I think the guy knows his stuff and will put our guys in the best possible position to succeed. I get that he is no spring chicken, but between his time with the Ravens and his time with Michigan, you can't tell me that he hasn't been running some great defenses. Now bring in Washington or Freeman with him and I will be stoked to see what that collection of guys can do. If this is indeed true, I just have that much more confidence in what Day is doing. 

Comment 31 Dec 2018

Seeing how expertly Meyer is handling the media now makes how he handled the BIG presser before the season so puzzling. You read this article and all you can feel is confidence that this team is going to be prepared and as focused as possible. I am just hoping Schiano has this D ready to roll and justifies that confidence. If so, this could be a great send off for Urban and the seniors, as well as a message sent to the Playoff Committee. 

Comment 31 Dec 2018

I never understood the Fire Fickell mantra. I was certainly not one of "those people." When it comes to Davis, I think there are just too many pieces of evidence that work against him. When you look at the regression of Jerome Baker from last year, the inability to get a 5 star like Browning on the field this year, and your job history consists of mostly 2 year stints, it's not hard to hope for an upgrade. 

Comment 31 Dec 2018

While I am by no means an expert on corner play, learning how NOT to rely on those athletic gifts to make up for technical deficiencies and learning when to turn your head to look for the ball (!!!), could be areas of improvement. Boy do I miss the Red Bull!

Comment 24 Dec 2018
How about I just root for every SEC team to lose...except for Florida? I have gone into multiple games with the notion I am going to root for those clowns up north, but then the opening kick off happens and that notion goes to shit. I don't pretend anymore. Like posters above have said, the BIG results haven't made a dent in national perception. An SEC shit show across the board is probably more influential if anything. Fuck *ichigan.
Comment 04 Dec 2018

Urban will always be a legend in the eyes of Buckeye fans. At the same time, I am excited for what Day brings to the table. He has been able to experience the culture, recruiting approach, and Real Life Wednesdays that seem to separate us from other programs in the eyes of both parents and recruits so he can continue to build on those pieces.  Here's to hoping LJ sticks at a minimum for the foreseeable future as he, just like Mickey, is an integral part of this program. Would love to see Hartline retained as well while the jury is still out on several of the others.