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Comment 02 Jan 2018

If a game is removed from regular season in order to expand the playoffs, the power 5 should look at revenue for the entire conference for a) conference champ game, b) conference games and c) non conference home games. My guess is c) generates the most revenue given the number of home games during the non conference week, but does the champ game generate 6x or 7x the revenue as a week of conference games? 

Comment 21 Dec 2017

Agree! IMO, if someone is upset about yesterday or feels angst toward a teen, then they are simply following recruiting too closely. And they should take a step back and enjoy what we have on the field and what we might have on the field down the road. 

I like reading about the kids interested in Ohio State, I read the Hurry-up every night at 7:20 (or there abouts), but at the end of the day, the staff is paid millions of dollars more than me to do thier job. They know how to handle each situation better than I do and the results are there, both in recruiting and in Ws.