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Comment 26 Jan 2020

At one point when these Buckeyes were 11-1, I was thinking 25-6 record and 2 seed in the Big Dance. I guess that was a wee bit premature. Now I’m projecting a 6-6 finish in the last 12 games (at best), and that’s winning games they are supposed to win, like tonight at Northwestern.

This team is eerily similar to last year’s team. Guard play in the toilet right now and forcing so much on offense. This team is too finesse to truly compete in the B1G. The only really true B1G players are Kyle Young and Andre Wesson. They seem to be the only 110% effort guys on this team, and that’s the kind of effort that the entire team needs night in, night out to consistently win in this league.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I admit that I was on the bandwagon of this team having a 25-6 regular season and a #2 NCAA tourney seed. Thought the OOC schedule would prepare them well for the physicality of the B1G, but now I realize they don’t really know how to play half court offense. Passing around the perimeter and making lazy passes into the paint seems to be the norm now.

I love what Coach Holtmann has done for this program so far, but I think he needs to have more shooting drills and come up with something better for the half court. Players also need to have a players-only meeting to re-evaluate the leadership on this team. If nothing gets fixed, I now see this team at best being 8-12 in the B1G, 18-13 overall, just like last year, squeaking into the tournament as a #11 seed again.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

Get rid of replay being initiated from the booth at any time. Only allow booth-initiated replay under 2 min left in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Also bring back coach’s challenges to college football. 2 challenges per game to be used at any time. Lose a challenge, lose a timeout, etc.

This would allow the game to maintain a flow, allow momentum to not be affected by external sources, and shorten the game. This would also allow the on-field referees to become better officials and make better calls, and even if bad calls were made, we could all live with it since the calls are made at real speed. Human error has been a part of the game since the dawn of its existence. This is a game we all love and enjoy watching at real speed, not slowed down to analyze every touchdown and every questionable play.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Chris Olave is a champion and a role model. Proud of every one of these players on this team and proud of the coaching staff for the job they did this season. When is the last time we could truly say we wish we could keep every player and every member of this coaching staff?

Last night I saw a team with a champion’s mentality, facing tremendous adversity in multiple ways, that had a chance to win the game at the end despite the missed opportunities, bad breaks, and questionable replay booth officiating.

Proud to be a Buckeye right now, and after finally recovering from last night’s loss, I’ll be drinking a cold one and taking in some Basket Bucks.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I went through the schedule and I’m predicting a 26-5 or 25-6 regular season which would mean top ten all year long. I respectfully disagree that this will be the highest they’ll be ranked all season, as I think if they beat North Carolina and/or Kentucky, they’ll jump into the top 4. The Buckeyes are legitimately good this year and balanced. They’ll float around or in the top ten all year. 2 or 3 seed in the Big Dance.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

What a time to be a Buckeye and Gopher fan. My dad is from a small town in Minnesota near the SD border, and I’m born and raised in Columbus, at the OSU hospital no-less. Talking to my relatives in Minnesota, they’re as shocked as anyone that the Gophers are playing this well. Also stoked that the Vikings are having a great year too. Not a huge fan of Captain Kirk Cousins, but when he’s good, the Vikings look fantastic. Looking forward to go to the B1G Championship Game in a few weeks (if Minnesota and Ohio State make it).

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Already mentioned this in another thread. Ohio State 38, Sparty 3. I say 24-3 at the half then adding a couple TDs in the 3rd quarter with the game already well in hand. This team will not be tested until Wisky. MSU has absolutely zero weapons and a poor man’s Connor Cook at QB.