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Comment 17 Apr 2019

The thing I found most concerning about Fields is his release. Seems really low to me...he got a few batted down in the spring game and it could be a problem moving forward if not corrected. Some of those tipped balls are bound to be intercepted. True it was just a spring game but mechanics are mechanics.

On the positive side, he should really help the redzone offense having the zone-read back.

Comment 20 Mar 2019

There is a fine and each is required to do so many hours of community service as well. What did you expect? Did you really think any of those men were going to prison for going to a massage parlor? The only people that really should be facing jail time are the ones that were involved in human trafficking. 

Judging from what he received it doesn't appear that he received any special treatment at all...yet. I'm not saying that money can't get you out of a lot of can, but I don't see it here.

Comment 13 Mar 2019

I can certainly see where some of these would get you in hot water. I know that we are not supposed to argue with posters opinions but some of these have me quivering.

Comment 11 Mar 2019

My Unpopular opinions...

I like John Cooper! He took over when the program was at its lowest point in my life and turned it around to be relevant again. He had a lousy record against our biggest rival, and I totally get why they let him go, but otherwise did a remarkable job recruiting against some tough odds.

I think Herbie is a fair commentator and a true Buckeye. He made one statement years ago that I wished he wouldn't have but for the most part, is just trying to do a good job and not be a homer.

I don't believe that there is such a thing as a meaningless bowl game. I don't care if they are a 6 and 6 team any game that OSU plays has meaning.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Haskins is going to be drafted high and should have a good career but Mayfield is special. It's Mayfield for me.

Comment 16 Feb 2019
There is nothing wrong with optimism. If you took the time to do it you could probably find posts like this on many message boards around the country. I'm not saying it isn't possible to win a NC in the first year of a new coach, pretty much whole D- staff, QB, and you could name a few more but it's much more unlikely than likely. There are so many unknowns here it's not realistic to be talking NC's yet in my opinion. I guess there is no harm though and it is the off season.
Comment 07 Feb 2019

Really, the only time I watch ESPN is when OSU is playing and there is no other choice.

Comment 03 Feb 2019
I agree. It will hurt the higher profile teams the most. 4 and 5* recruits don't want to wait their turn. They want to start when they get here. Myself, I don't see too much good coming of this. It will really hurt a teams depth.
Comment 30 Jan 2019

Anything is possible but let's hope not. Considering that they just finished the worst (statistically) year in the program history I think it's a pretty safe bet they get better.