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Comment 7 hours ago

LOL, if I didn't know better (which I don't) I'd think you were talking from experience. Your point is taken like Gene said he was going to sit some time, better now than later. Myself, I don't think things could have worked out better. Like the rules or not there was a violation and there had to be a penalty. Missing Maryland and Rutgers is the best course for sure. If they would have appealed it and lost then he would have had to sit another game who knows when they would have made their decision? 

Comment 13 Nov 2019
Thought Gene done a great job and cleared up a few things that he could talk about. For one thing OSU did self report the incident. Asked for one game and accepted two, would have appealed more. Herbie said on Twitter that the suspension had been reduced to two games. That's not what happened at all. It was never four games. The reporters kept asking, more or less the same questions but he really represented well IMO. My favorite was when one asked if he ever just considered covering it up and forget about it. Gene laughed out loud at that one.
Comment 09 Nov 2019

Exactly, but there are reporters reporting that it was an agent and some that are reporting that it was not. I guess we'll find out but if it wasn't an agent why would the ncaa have anything to do with it? Is it illegal to borrow money and pay it back? Some of this stuff just doesn't make sense. I just hope to hell he gets reinstated pisses me off to miss him play one game.

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Another rumor that is floating around is that he accepted money to fly his parents out to watch the Rose Bowl. Don't know if any of it's true or not and I don't know why they can't make it public knowledge exactly what he was supposed to do. 

I mean if he took money from an agent it's pretty much cut and dried he's gone. If his parents accepted money (IF I SAID) I have no idea what the rules would be.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

"Yeah last season was a little too close for comfort"

Yeah, I'd say! Schiano had the very worst defensive scheme in the history of Ohio State football. Why the hell Urban didn't fire him in the middle of the season is beyond me. Bucks win big Saturday!!

Comment 03 Nov 2019

I haven't played spreadsheets for several years. I can't remember a spot being quite that high. What I do remember is every time there was a large spread it seemed that the team covered. I soon referred to them as sucker bets. If I was still playing I'd probably just leave that one alone.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Have a look for yourself. Screen passes and passes behind the line are mostly what Haskins completed in the PSU game. You could even make a point that a high pass that got tipped and intercepted led to a PSU score in the 2nd.

All scoring highlights of the PSU game last year.

A side still makes me sick to watch that defense. Schiano should have to return every dime that OSU paid him.

Comment 30 Oct 2019
I think we would have still win those games and I don't think they would have been that close. What people don't take into account is Burrow was a very good read option QB as well as a accurate passer. What he done last year in that horrible offense with an equally horrible line has nothing to do with his talent. LSU brought in a passing game coordinator to take advantage of his talents. I think the offense that we are running now is what you would have seen last year with Burrow. Does anyone think it's just a coincidence that JK is having a great year (similar to his freshman year with JT at QB) running the ball? The threat of the QB running has helped tremendously. Haskins done a great job but with Burrow I don't think they would have had to rely on the passing game as much. If you can think of any one pass that Haskins made in the Maryland or PSU game that Burrow was incapable of making I'd like to know. It's crazy to say your sure we lose those games with Burrow.
Comment 30 Oct 2019
According to Urban he told Joe they were going to go with Haskins so he could make a decision on staying or leaving. Urban said he owed Joe and his family that much. He also said Joe was leading before the injury and would have been JT 's backup. When Haskins got some game experience ( mainly at ichigan) it gave him the edge. I'm a huge Burrow fan but when you think about it things really couldn't have worked out better. We get Fields for 2 years and we would only have had Joe for 1.
Comment 27 Oct 2019

You never take your rival for granted. That being said, I watched ND three times this year and the first thing I noticed is they have no running game (against a team with a pulse). I knew they were in trouble when I seen how hard it was raining. So I wouldn't put too much stock in their game last night. I'll give TTUN credit they took care of the ball and really surprised me at how well they were able to run it. I just don't see them having much success against the Buckeyes running it. 

I too remember the 69 game but this isn't three yards and a cloud of dust anymore. I really like this Day guy, I think he'll have em ready. Without some bad weather or turnovers or both, I think the Bucks win.