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Comment 05 Jul 2017

My wife and I are moving our family to Upper Arlington on Friday. Cardiff Road to be exact. (Not Woody's old house though.) Due to that serendipitous timing this might be my favorite article I've ever read on 11W. Thank you, Ramzy.

I'll need a new username.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

My thoughts and prayers go out to Craig's family, all of you that have lost someone to cancer, and all of you who have had a rough 2016. Peace be with you.

Comment 08 Nov 2016

I appreciate and commend Hayes for having the courage to include a specific and verified act of intolerance in his first paragraph.  That kind of testimony is powerful.  However, his conclusion falls just a little short in this sense - not only is someone dressed up as Obama with a noose around his neck offensive to individuals of color, but to individuals of ALL colors.  Who's to say that any given African American identifies MORE with our president just based on the color of his/her skin than any other citizen who may not share the same color of skin.  Identity goes far beyond skin color alone.

Secondly, I'm disappointed that Hayes didn't include more specifics about the assumptions that he lists in the second, third and fourth paragraphs.  Without the specifics, many people will ask themselves (maybe with some skepticism), "Why are you assuming that?  What evidence can you share?  Who is making the assumptions you allege?"

In general, bravo to Hayes for expressing his views on injustices happening on his campus.  

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Thank you for the post, Jason.  I appreciate you taking the time to wade through this now exceptionally long and murky comment section to respond to my comment and the comments of others.

Comment 27 Oct 2015

11W Staff,

As an avid and frequent reader of this site, I really appreciate the forum focus on sports and the Buckeyes and the generally great adherence to the no-politics rule.  I MOST appreciate this site for being my primary source of Buckeye news.  I visit the site multiple times a day – like many others do – to consume the articles, interviews, anecdotes, and videos that exist not just in the forum, but are included as news content by the staff on the front page.

It seems that the “Urban on O’Reilly” video has been deemed as non-political.  At least, the original post was deemed so in that it has not been deleted or edited.  If that’s the case – if the video is just another piece of content very similar to the CBS Morning Show video or the Dan Patrick video or the Scott Van Pelt video, then why has it not been included as news content, like the others, on the front page?

I hope you find this to be a reasonable question.  Thank you.

Comment 02 Jun 2015

Some interesting facts to add to this thread...

- Secretariat and Sham were half-cousins.
- Both horses shared a genetic abnormality that resulted in them having enlarged hearts that were about two-times that of the average thoroughbred.  This contributed greatly to their success.
- Although the official time for a race is only recorded for the winner, estimates based on margin of victory have shown that Sham probably has the second-fastest Kentucky Derby time in history.
- American Pharoah is a great, great grandson of Secretariat.

Comment 29 May 2015

Thanks for asking! Below is a list of a few things I really liked about the fourth season without spoilers for those who have not seen it and may be reading this:

1) Although I enjoyed seasons one through three, the story line for season four was a little more believable.  I'm not saying it was completely realistic, but it reflected modern anti-terrorism - or at least what I associate with modern anti-terrorism.  It reminded me of Zero Dark Thirty (a movie that I really love), which is obviously different in that Homeland is completely fictional, but it had that kind of feel. 
2) The production quality was better.  The set locations were more interesting to me.  Most of the first few seasons were shot in Charlotte, NC.  The fourth season was shot in Cape Town, South Africa which really added to the believability and production quality.  Interestingly, the fifth season is being filmed in Germany.
3) Character development.  The characters that I like were very integral to the story line in season 4 and some of the things I didn't like about them were downplayed.  That's about as generic as I can say it.
4) Cliff-hangers.  A lot of dramas develop cliff-hangers that are completely contrived and they come across that way to the viewer.  The cliff-hangers in season four were much less deliberate and, for me, very effective.

I wasn't crazy about the last episode of season four.  I'll absolutely admit that.  It was slow at times and I'm not sure how they're going to tie up the loose ends - especially given the next season is being filmed in Germany.  Still, I'll give them a pass given the previous episodes were high quality.  My theory on the last episode is that it was written to be somber intentionally in memory of James Rebhorn, who actually died during that season.

I'm interested to know What you didn't like about it...

Comment 28 May 2015

The last season of Homeland was the single greatest season of television I have ever seen.  And that includes all of Mad Men, most of Dexter, some of Breaking Bad, and some of Walking Dead to a name a few that have been mentioned in this thread.

Different strokes...  (Hey, that show wasn't too bad either)

Comment 28 May 2015

It's PANHANDLES - without the "R".  The team was named for railroad workers who built rail from Pennsylvania to Ohio across the West Virginia panhandle.  Those same men made up the football team members.

More people need to know about them.  They played in the first NFL game for gosh sakes!  There's a great book about them that I highly recommend...

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Tony Bennett should be at the top of the list.  He gets the BEST out of his players and his teams have been competitive for the ACC title for a few years in a row now.  That's not easy to do at Virginia when there are many other programs in that conference with much bigger brand identity and with more accomplished coaches.

I'm not a Matta hater, but I am firmly in the camp that believes it's time to move on - for the same reasons that have been laid out on this board over and over again.  I stopped buying season tickets four seasons ago and won't go back until I see a marked change in the program.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

That one and the Bennett OR Schutt were both shocking.  Assuming that the first person listed is the one who will start, then Bennett being listed first is a little less of a shock, but I would've never guessed Burrows would start over Bell.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

This is a really great article.  Not saying he should be in the top 10, but JOHN Harbaugh deserves to be honorable mention over his brother, Jim.  He, at least, played college football in Ohio (Miami) and has won a NFL title.

Comment 11 Oct 2013

Right on, GABUCKEYE.  For this sport and this rivalry, I cannot root against my beloved Redhawks.  Go Miami!  Love and honor.

Great article, Aubrey!  I'm happy to see the quality hockey coverage.  Should be a good game tonight.