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Comment 22 Apr 2014

I hardly ever post but I enjoy reading everyones comments. first off you cant judge a kid from a minute long video. As a inner city teacher these kids live a tougher life in todays world then we fail to realize. No one knows the back story, no one knows what caused the incident. He is a kid, lets not pretend that we were all perfect little angles growing up in high school. We all make mistakes and some of us many mistakes. Imagine when you were high school if they had this kind of technology following you around.  Its the change that makes the man in you. Maybe a change of scenery (OSU) or wherever he goes will be good for him. We are adults and instead of passing judgment on a kid we need to be the mature ones. Talking about this incident like i see above is no better than what 16 year olds do to each other. We all make mistakes and hopefully their is enough of a man in that school or town to show and give him support that he needs in a time like this. They are kids guys, children. Its a tough world for these kids lets not pretend and this online gossip is disgusting. Cheers and enjoy this april day.