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Comment 24 Aug 2019

Number 198 on the list is Marquell Parks from Orrville.  Scored 63 touchdowns last year as the Riders won the state title.  Check out the highlights.  This kid is small but I have watched him play in person three times and am of the opinion he can help Ohio State.  Like to know what everyone else thinks.

Comment 14 Apr 2019

I could be wrong but I doubt Tate ever starts a game at the U.  I see him as more of a MAC quarterback, his size is not great, arm strength not great, speed not great at the high d1 level.  I hope he improves but I am doubtful, you also have to remember he basically played at a prep school in Nevada, not exactly the hotbed of high school football.  It looks like Danny Clark all over to me but at least he was smart enough to never enroll at OSU.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

i would put that at 100 percent coming back unless one guy just lies to him.  Kaleb Wesson does not fit the NBA as it is played right now very well.  There are simply limited true low post players on most teams which limits how many teams could actually draft him.  Its good to get information but in no way should he be thinking about going to the NBA, would be lucky to be drafted in the second round.  I can tell him what he needs to work on....get in better shape, move your feet better, don't bring ur arms down on defense, etc.  It should not take an NBA executive to tell these guys the truth.  Unless ur going to be a lottery pick or first round pick, there is no sense in going out unless u look forward to the g league or Europe or Asia because the NBA is not for college players who aren't dominant or have one or two specific skills, which Wesson has neither.

Comment 09 Apr 2019

These guys, especially Brazekis, must have lost their minds.  He will not be drafted at all, which means its either g league or back to school.  I watched him play and for a pro player, he is very very limited.   6 7 , limited athletism, limited quickness, struggles to create his own shot in college, in fact if i was to bet, he will end up playing in Europe next year, This is the exact mistake that numerous osu players made in the past, ross, thomas, etc.  simply thinking u are way better than you actually are.  All three are getting terrible advice or just dont want to go to class anymore.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

i agree 100 percent with the sentiments about Mitchell and her dad and it went to the whole team.  The whole team the last two years was me me me.  Watching the game tonight and this team with far less talent is right with the number 11 team because they play with more effort than the team gave in the last two years.  As a result of Mitchell...??? the coaching staff missed out on the two best players in Ohio last year...Hillman and Miksell who play at Michigan and Maryland and he missed out on two of the best players in Ohio this year, to me this is unacceptable just as it was when Matta missed out consistently on players who went out of state.  Need to see vast improvement in McGuff, which I don't think we will see.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

For all these reporters that continue to put essentially gossip out there it proves many things.  First there are way too many people writing about sports so that its hard to separate the quality, which is out there, from the garbage.  Its the exact same way with news, music, entertainment, etc.   If there were only 25 cable channels and about 10 major websites, all these people that really have no talent and get paid for most of the time making up stuff would have to actually get a real job:  I for one will not read one of these fools stories and give any credit to them for writing fictional stories.  Just give it a few days and it will be on to something else.  These reporters would do best to remember not to throw stones when you live in a glass house.

Comment 01 Jan 2019

If this could end up about 55-3, it would bring me much satisfaction.  If your complaining about making the playoff, get your team prepared to play.

Comment 24 Dec 2018

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Just a little information to show how idiotic and uninformed Dabo sounds

Comment 13 Oct 2018

This team needs improvement in so many areas.  First is some passion and pride on the whole defensive side and the o-line.  Prince in particular was terrible.  Second in order to help the running game, let's go with some two back sets so there is an option as to who will get the ball because Haskins is not running nor should he be very often.  The defensive backs and linebackers take the wrong angle seemingly every play and how many times can a team run the same play, a slant pattern, and no one on defense catches on, some on the coaches, but the players need to adjust as well and see what is going on and not play like they have no idea going on.  All in all, a bad win is better than a loss, but I expect tight games the rest of the year unless this D improves alot and the offensive line begins to play like d1 players and not d3 players.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

This commentary is exactly right.  There are many media members who are just plain full of it when it comes to this situation and have no idea about what happens in their organization if the same thing happened to one of them or one of their co workers if they didn't report the situation but knew about it.  Most likely they would stay quiet because they would say its none of my business what occurred and its not my job to investigate.  Exactly but these clowns think Urban should have hired private investigators to look into this situation.  You can't have both ways and still sit there like your opinion means anything or can be taken seriously.

Comment 01 Sep 2018

gotta say i enjoyed this just as much as the osu victory.  karma always bites u in the ass.   Needs to call Zach to meet at the strip club.

Comment 29 Aug 2018

Exactly, this nonsense has gone way too far on the personal side.  All ESPN does is create a story, such as Finebaum on Urban yesterday and then they can have him on first take, they can talk about it on pti and Sportscenter and interview him during the OSU game to to get his idiotic opinion. It is simply necessary to perpetuate the unneeded 24 hours sports cycle, I mean do we really need four or five ESPNs, two Fox Sports in addition to NBC, CBS, etc.  What these networks do is continue to hire individuals who could not have gotten a job in the media 20 years ago.  Most members of the media have a much higher opinion of themself when really most are completely unintelligent in their outlook on any story (as stated by Will Cain on ESPN yesterday) and couldn't do research that real journalists used to do.  I agree that Zach would be better off quiet but for the fools on TV it makes no difference, they just want a story or non story to talk about.

Comment 25 Aug 2018

After taking a couple days to reflect on the whole fiasco, it becomes real clear, especially in reading the report that Zach Smith should have been fired a long time ago and Urban had at least 7-9 opportunities to do so and did not do it.  This said, I have to ask, if Zach was fired would the marriage have been any different, would Zach have been a better husband because he was not coaching or would it have been the same.  I have to imagine if Zach was not working at Ohio State, he still would have found a woman to cheat with and the marriage would have been terrible.

What gets me is that Urban did not fire Zach when he should have to avoid this whole fiasco and that the media made a private matter very public all to get at Urban and Ohio State when the only people they should have been worried about is the two kids.  I have sympathy for Courtney in this was all made public, but that was her doing for the most part starting with talking with that idiot McMurphy.  As soon as that happened, it opened up a giant can of worms and the media was just going to dig and dig and dig and very few have any intelligent reasoning on these topics.  I do find it troubling that Urban erased all of his text and emails, but I have to ask what was he to do to fix the marriage, it was not fixable and i think both Zach and Courtney are crazy and need much counseling and assistance to get to a better place in thier lives.

I think in the case of Zach Smith Urban should have allowed someone else to make decisions regarding his employment if he was not comfortable doing this, which he wasn't because of his loyalty to Earle and this is probably what made him hire an under qualified assistant coach to begin with and continue to give him chance after chance.  In my mind what Urban is guilty of is terrible judgment regarding Zach and that judgment has cost him because in no way would I give Zach all those chances that he was given.  Last, as many have said, no more talking about it by Ohio State, STFU and let the story die.  Only one week til the season starts and this will all be forgotten, until Urban comes back on Sept. 22.

Comment 18 Aug 2018

Its not relevant at all, but the simple fact is these people nationally love a story like this and just attempting to shame whoever they can.  Fox news sure as hell shouldn't run this story with all the nonsense trump has done and now he's president.  To fire Urban for this garbage the whole affair would be to say every boss is responsible for every action of their workers, including marriage and relationships, text messages, who they talk to on the phone, all the stupid photos they take, etc.  espn is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this stuff and mcmurphy is the bottom of the toilet.  He claims that Ohio St. knew but can offer no proof at all, but this all goes back to Urban not choosing his words correctly at media day, although judging by mcmurphy's national enquirer writing, i don't think what Urban said would have mattered.  He has a vindictive attitude toward Meyer and honestly reminds of a miserable person who isn't happy unless ur miserable too.  I've worked with those people and there is no winning with them, just as their is no winning with McMurphy, he won't be happy unless everyone else is unhappy.  Its a sad day in this country when your private life becomes public news and the ones that are hurt the most are their kids, who I feel terrible for, watching all this play out in the media.  Hey, thanks Brett and Courtney for starting this garbage and keeping it going.  

Comment 21 Jun 2017

The reason this is news is because this country has never dealt with its past and figured out how events that happened over 400 years ago still affect what goes on today and who is given a leg up in society.  White people in particular can only look at issues from a white perspective and can never imagine what it is to go through life as a black person.  Do you know why most black people live in the inner city of most major cities.  Its because when the great migration occurred in the 1910s, in which the white land owners attempted to keep the sharecroppers from leaving for a better paying job in the north, they weren't allowed to live anywhere else and were herded into one section of the city.  The myths that this country has attempted to sell people in history books is sad if you as an individual start to read and do some research, you will see that we have been lied to for years and that this alone has changed the nation's perspective on how we view race and racism and all that that word defines.  To hear history tell it, Columbus discovered America when in fact he sailed the opposite direction of where he went, the native americans had no right to their own land which the Europeans came and took from them and had them marching out to where the reservations are today, and now the government wants to take over the land again and that the capital, d.c., was built by the people who founded this country, when in fact it was built mostly by free slave labor.  This is not something I'm making up, just facts and if you go back and read Soul on Ice (from the 60s) and Makes Me Wanna Holler (from the 90s), and Mass Incarceration, the new Jim Crow (2014) the exact same issues are at work

 today in this county and the best example of this is the point the one person made about the "patriots" being armed and protecting the building, if that were black folks, odds are the police and)government would have went in there shooting in about one day, it wouldn't have taken 40 to negotiate with these clowns.  So if Tyreke Smith wants to make a statement with a tshirt and it starts a discussion like this, its a good thing and the first way to a solution is to admit a problem exists and of course it does.  There are folks who think white privledge and racism don't exist and until people, not the government, acknowledge this issue, it will never get solved.  If you really open your eyes, you can see this stuff all over, but most people today would rather bury their head in the sand and not deal with the real issues of the world and if we do this, are we ever gonna make it better for the future generations or will they be facing the same issues that we deal with today.