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Comment 10 Nov 2019

Not sure where to rank any Big Ten team other than the Buckeyes who have dominated everyone. Yes Minnesota is undefeated, but the West teams all seem to have many flaws. PSU has  looked good but they now have a loss and could have two other ones if they had lost close games against Pitt and Mich. Seems to me that they have some issues. Mich has a couple of losses. Their DC has stated that Mich is just now hitting their stride. My response to that is that Buckeyes are also just hitting their stride. Scary. 

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Sorry but what the heck did these players and coaches do during the preseason practices? This is about as ugly of 20 minutes of basket ball  as I have seen from a Buckeye team. No chemistry on this team at all. 

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Weekly rankings were only important prior to 1998 and the BCS era as it was the pollsters who were the ones who determined who the national champion was going to be. Since then, the only poll that matters is the last one. The rest during the season is only to give a 7 day bragging right to certain fans. I will get excited only after the last league championship game is played and the only poll that matters will be the last one two days later. Win and the Bucks are in, lose and let the arguments begin.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

I am not a proponent of a team "peaking too early" I believe that players and coaches can become complacent. As Woody use to say: "If you are not improving, you are getting worse".

Comment 14 Sep 2019

Did not Day say in an earlier interview that he was going to work with the offense and let the defensive coaches do their thing? With all the new defensive coaches, I think they have taken pride in the trust that Day has put in them and they have run with it. Looks like there are no egos in that group and they have really made the players jell as one heck of a cohesive unit. (good lord can those players fly.)

Comment 14 Aug 2019

A guy by the name of Kyle once said "There will be blood on the field" How did that turn out for him. Another guy named Hart once referred to his instate rival as "our little sister". How did that turn out? Talk smack on the field, but not to reporters. Did not a guy by the name of Dave once guaranteed a win over TTUN. That did not work out also. Respect

Comment 06 Aug 2019

With JH emphasis on the final regular game as defining the season, maybe he meant to say that it will define his college coaching career. Do ya think that in AA's athletic department that he has been given notice that this HAS to be the year: against a first year coach (with two traitor assistants), with a first year QB, with an untested offensive line, and playing at the Big House no less. Oh the pressure has to be immense!

Comment 17 Jul 2019

Has any one on the staff heard how the demand for the  mini-season ticket sale to both alumni and the public went? I believe that two three-game packages were being offered.  If that sold well, I could see at least three or four games  to be sold out already.

Comment 25 Jun 2019

I guess I am around an 8. I follow them all year only because I find the talk interesting escapism. I am joyous when they win, and when they lose...well time to go mow the lawn or rake the leaves. I don't follow pro sports at all. I got jaded with all the strikes, the cheating, and it's just a business,'show me the money" attitudes. I could lose interest in the Buckeyes if all these transfers become a norm. If players are not loyal, than there is no reason for me to be loyal.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

 This the college landscape now: A coach has 85 scholarships of which 25 will be named starters (including the punter,kicker, and long snapper). As the transfer portal stands now with so much immediate eligibility being granted, the head coach has to realize first,  he has 60 free agents on his team, who can now say 'I want out' at any given time, and second, he not only has to recruit high school players, but now has to recruit current college players. And here I thought the transfer rate of college basketball players was out of hand.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I don't believe the 'closer to home' bit either. Simple logic: if Day had named him the starter last Sunday, would he be in the portal today?

Comment 18 Apr 2019

So he wants to transfer. But this is where Gene Smith should step in and say "I am fine with you transferring but you will sit out a year". If Gene does not fight immediate eligibility this time, the transfer portal with immediate eligibility is going to be a continual problem for the Buckeyes with any player who is not named a starter.

Comment 04 Apr 2019

What Stuart Mandel is describing is nothing more than a minor league for the NFL. There would be 32 teams and the college football playoffs would be run exactly as what the NFL runs. Put all the elite players in 32 teams instead of spreading them out in 120 teams. No thanks. Just my humble take on what Stuart is thinking.

Comment 23 Feb 2019

Woody Hayes IS Ohio State Football, good and bad. Think of it this way: 25 years from now, if someone is asked "what is the first thing you think of when the history of OSU football is mentioned?"  the answer will still be Woody Hayes and not Urban Meyer.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

People keep saying that if coaches are free to leave, so should the players. How free are coaches? Don't they have buy out clauses that sometimes are in the thousands to millions of dollars? If it is going to be the "same", should not the student athlete then have a buy out clause, say, like one/fourth of the tuition, room, book fees, lab fees etc? I do not see the equation here of a "student" athlete to a "professional" Coach and the contracts that they are under. Under UM, the assistant coaches were under a two year commitment. Was this stipulated in the contract or was it a gentlemen's agreement? If it was in the contract, was there a penalty/restriction clause?  I might be missing something in the debate but I do not see an equal comparison.