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Comment 12 Oct 2019

I’m sensing 2007 all over again for Illinois. Like, beat the buckeyes 2007. But this is 2019 and it’s gonna be scUM. Illinois is scUMming for them. Mwaahhahahaha. Illini by 1

Comment 30 Sep 2019

He looked like he has some legs against Indiana...

Comment 27 Sep 2019


Fields accounts for 569 yards of offense. Yeah you read that right. 

Martinez is out in the third quarter after chase goes full predator on his ass

Chris Ash eats scUM alive and is offered the position of scUM HC right there on the field as Harbaugh runs into the wall behind the home bleachers, concusses himself, and then later that night locker room footage leaks of him bonging SKIM milk up his ass with a clown mask on. Shit gets weird in AA. The team valiantly rallies around Ash until that day in late November. The game day signs read “Ash is Ass my dude” and the buckeyes score 69 points. The end 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

On Omaha...

if you happen to find yourself in Omaha on a game day when the buckeyes have a bye, go out around town. Sams. Walmart. Anywhere. If the cornhuskers are on at that moment you will find exactly 3 dudes, including yourself, in public. They take that shit seriously.

 HOWEVER!! I 100% have to admit the women in Omaha are very utterly surprisingly attractive. There must be something in that air in Omaha because Hot Damn those women were fine!

that it all

54-17 the good guys

Comment 27 Sep 2019



martinez has 200. Fields has 569

then the backups come in and each get 75 but those stats don’t count 

Comment 25 Sep 2019

I’m in agreement. They really have been hyping this game for months so I don’t expect a let down like some west div games in the recent past. I’m expecting to see a fired up buckeye team ready to show the conference and the world that they are contenders. I’m sticking with my prediction 54-17. One punt return for a td and running backs combine for 300+ yards on the ground 

Comment 25 Sep 2019

Just got word that my former coworker is in fact starting at my new place in 2 weeks. Would it be inappropriate for me to put in my 2 week notice a week and a half into a new job?

Comment 25 Sep 2019

Well this coworker heard through the grapevine the amount this new company was paying and decided she wanted to jump ship. It’s gonna be interesting. So if I have any more childish outbursts in the future y’all know why lol

Comment 25 Sep 2019

My bad with the first comment. Was having a hell of a day. Imagine this scenario if you may....

you leave your college because you hate your coach, coach Harbaugh, and you start at a fresh college with a fresh team. One week into the season you get a surprise introduction from a new coach..... coach Harbaugh!

Swap college for work place and Harbaugh for awful coworker/lead and that was my Monday. Thought I was getting away from this person. Nope. Threw my whole day off

Again, sorry about that first comment. Go Bucks and screw blue