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Comment 22 hours ago

If the idiots at the drive through are any indication it must be good. That crap was backed up around the building and out into the street. All for a sammich lol

Comment 19 Aug 2019

You can’t be serious? Who cares if he says white guy, or black dude. Nobody should care. It’s not offensive. It’s not mean. It is accurate. “In this day and age” is only this way because of people feigning outrage over stupid ish. I found it funny. And as a white dude with a Hispanic last name I can appreciate it. I’m also an adult and don’t take offense to the slightest of slights while someone is entertaining us. This wasn’t medical literature, it is literally a morning article full of funny stuff with some facts mixed in. Comedy. Entertainment. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us please

I got no sleep last night and have an interview today, so if this reply comes off as “offensive”, my bad. 

Comment 16 Aug 2019

UC blows. As a crohns sufferer myself I’ve seen what it can do and I know full well what it is capable of. Dude probably had, or is having part of his colon removed. He’ll have a bag for a while and then be switched back. He’ll then recover and live a somewhat normal life. That’s not something you do in the spring and then play in the fall. It could also be any other sort of issue with the illness. That’s just my speculation. 

Comment 27 Jun 2019

2002. Watched every game with my dad and brothers. Sometimes through the window because I couldn’t bare watching in the living room from the stress. Went to the Kent state game. My first time at the shoe. We as a family watched the fiesta bowl more than 50 times on vhs. That year was the year that cemented my love for the buckeyes like no other. I think it also ruined me from all the stress the senators coaching style inflicted!!! I can remember where I was for holy buckeye. I remember my dad talking all about Maurice. I remember so much. I remember yelling and running in circles outside our house on base when Dorsey’s pass fell incomplete. That year was the year. Nothing like it for me ever since but 2014 came close. If not for going through a nasty nasty split up I think 2014 would have been closer. Being at the shoe for the scUM game and tailgating with the coaches families is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. My dad raised his sons right

i love the buckeyes

Comment 16 Jun 2019

I loath people who throw trash out the window. At a stoplight in St. Louis I gave a “woman” a very expletive laced piece of my mind about her dumping handfuls of trash out her car window. She just stared at me dumbfounded. 

Another pet peeve is people who leave their carts in the parking lot. I asked a woman one time why she was leaving her cart in the spot next to her and she said because everyone does it. My reply “don’t be a lazy a-hole”. Her husband didn’t appreciate that lol

Comment 16 Jun 2019

Happy Father’s Day Buckeye fans! 

Comment 31 May 2019

Bama fans I might say something if they say anything first. It’s usually casual ribbing. scUM fans I seek out, but no, not to torment, because we each usually have a mutual respect for the game and the rivalry. Some of my best friends have been, I shudder, scUM fans. Same for my father. 

Saw a guy last summer wearing scUM stuff at Sams and it happened to feel like a warm fall day. I yelled to him, is it football season yet!? He sees my buckeye stuff and we strike up a convo. Usually ends with “have a good day, go Bucks!” and we part amicably. I don’t say shitty things to other teams fans unless I know them or it’s been given to me first. My scUM friends though... they get it baaaaaad lol

Comment 27 May 2019

All gave some. Some gave all. 

A very solemn day that I wish every single person in this country understood. It’s not just a day off to barbecue. Some just don’t get it and I fear a lot simply don’t care. There are still good people in this country though. Most of them. 

Take some time today to thank those who made that ultimate sacrifice. At 3 o’clock local time is the national minute of silence. A good time for it.