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Comment 19 Oct 2019
Last night as I was watching Arnette hurt on the sideline I had the thought that Arnette has become one of my favorite players on the team. I wasn't one to bash him this off-season but I wasn't defending him either. Hats off to the growth, development and maturity of Arnette!!
Comment 06 Oct 2019

The coaches see way more than I do. Just going by what I've seen with my eyes (not questioning them) Teague, Proctor, Brown, Williams... (couldn't help it) ((ive got more))

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Last year Werner and White were on the field at the same time. This year Wade (and Werner) is playing and White is not. I would argue Wade is more of the reason White isn't on the field as much this year. I'm a White fan but I cant argue with not taking Wade or Werner off of the field. And the option really gives us good depth if Wade or White were to find themselves unhealthy (God forbidden). As long as White can keep his head up..

Comment 29 Sep 2019
Yessss!!!! I've been hyping Alabi since last year's Rose Bowl game. I thought he was beastly in THAT game!! If it's stars vs results I'll choose results every time. And Alabi is way better than people give him credit for. Hearing others finally praise Alabi feels like water in a desert. Finally...