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Comment 15 Jul 2019

I think the expectations for Victor coming into college were way to high based on what i've seen from him over his career. I almost wonder if it wasnt fair to him to have such high expectations placed on him. Hes not going to be a great receiver at any point in his career. If he can just be better than he was last year id be happy. We dont need him to be a star, just be a consistent receiver who gets open and catches the ball when thrown to..

No disrespect towards Victor at all but him getting playing time has always made me wonder about Jaylen Harris. Victor has been that much better than Harris that he couldnt even get a shot? 

Comment 10 Jul 2019
I hope no one transfers however there will be guys who undoubtedly have to wait their turn. This will be a very deep group next year. Olave, Wilson, Williams, Gill, Harris, Babb, Gardener, Fleming, Scott, JSN and Cooper will all be fighting for reps. Even with a rotation there will be a group who won't get on the field. As a fan I'd much rather have it this way than not enough talent tho..
Comment 04 Jul 2019

Glad to add this young man to the class. He looks like a pure baller who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. With KJ Hill and Saunders both leaving, I dont see why we cant have him and Cooper in the class. We lose 2 we add 2.. We rotate receivers so shouldnt be an issue.

Comment 04 Jul 2019

I was very excited to see Werner start last year. Like many of the above posters, i was extremely disappointed with his play. He looked to small and seemed to get pushed around most games. I realize every year is a new year so im optimistic that Werner will be a better, more physical player than he was and will use tape to learn from his mistakes. I think/hope he'll be much improved this year.

Comment 02 Jul 2019
Love this comment, Buckeye Phi. We have more talent in the wings than most have starting. The majority of the big would love to have our inexperienced db's. I think most position groups in college are inexperienced. Ours may be more experienced than most as they've at least practiced against legit nfl receivers for a year or two. I'd take that experience any day...
Comment 30 Jun 2019
Knighton looks very, very fast and he runs with an attitude. I think he's going to surprise some people. I look for him to be a Curtis Samuel type. Once he's on the field, I predict he doesn't come off.
Comment 28 Jun 2019
I didn't watch the spring game until about 2 weeks ago. Based on the numbers and how down Buckeye nation was about his performance, I was afraid we might be in for a long year. After finally watching I felt much better about Fields and my buckeyes this year. He def didn't have his best day but it wasn't just him. But you can see the talent is there. With more time to prepare, an actual game plan, playing with all 1's and others playing better around him, we're gonna be just fine.