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Comment 19 Apr 2019
I can't tell you how shocked and disappointed I am at the recent qb transfers. Tates transfer made a little more sense but I just cant understand the Baldwin transfer. Who was he upset with when he left the facility early afternoon the spring game?? Did he think his performance was somebody else's fault?? So many questions.. Fans are saying we need to start recruiting Ohio kids at qb to solve the qb transfer issue. I don't think that'll help. My advice would be take the best 2 qbs we can find in every recruiting cycle regardless of where they're from. We have to start planning on guys leaving. We can no longer not take a 2nd qb in a class in fear of scarring of the more recruited qb. If that's all it takes for him to decommit, he was gonna leave at some point anyway..
Comment 17 Apr 2019

i've been scratching my head for the last couple of years trying to figure out why Riep doesnt play and why no one is questioning it. He's played well every time i've seen him on the field. Its almost like he's invisible. 

Tyreke Smith is going to be a monster for us for the next few years. I'm predicting he'll be a first round draft pick in next years draft.

Also, just from watching tape.. its always looked like Potter was slightly ahead of Harrison in skill. I understand why Harrison gets all of the articles but never understood why Potter doesnt get the same love. Kid can play! Defensive ends will be loaded for a long time to come!

Comment 16 Apr 2019
I've been on here screaming since Fields got here that the job should and would have to be earned and not gift wrapped. This isn't xbox and college football at a big time program just doesn't work that way.. at least not at ones that last. Fans/writers laughed when Day said it was a competition and all I could think was what else would it be?? My only hope is one of these competitors (I don't even care which one) improves greatly and takes the job! Go Bucks!
Comment 08 Apr 2019

Awesome to see some positive news on Jaylen Harris! I think youre going to see the production from him that most fans think theyll be seeing from Wilson (not a shot just not his time). I'm always more interested in the players that we havent seen for a few years who will be making an impact this year over the newbies who are a year or two or three away from contributing.. 

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Very good day of updates.. I've read several times that Garrett Wilson has had a little trouble getting off the line of scrimmage so far. That tells me he may be a year away from being physically ready to make a major impact. I know the offseason is the time to brag about the new toys but dont be surprised if Jaylen Harris is the receiver to win that spot this year over Wilson. 

Comment 03 Apr 2019
I've been very pleased with what I've heard from coach Day regarding this battle. All I've asked for from the beginning was a competition to see who would start and not a position gifted. When I hear coach Day talk about reviewing the completion percentages, that tells me Baldwin is being given a fair chance. I don't believe this is coach speak at all. Please just go with the qb who gives us the best chance to win right now whoever that may be. Your stars are irrelevant when you walk through that door. May the best man win!
Comment 01 Apr 2019

Listening to the players speak gives more of a perspective on where guys appear to be as far as development and confidence that they can get the job done. Myers, Davis and Bowen sound ready to roll. Alabi sounds confident on the left side but it doesnt sound as if he's all that interested in moving to the right. I'm not sure he'll truly compete for the open right tackle spot. NPF sounds as though he's getting close but not quite there yet. I now believe Bowen wins that spot quite easily if he can stay healthy however NPF will be a very good player for us in years to come. Cupp seems as though he has the furthest to go however I believe he has the right mindset. Keep your nose down and keep working to improve one day at a time..

Just my take from listening to the big men up front...

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Not concerned at all.. Olave is a beast. We have a couple of receivers who have been itching to show the nation what they can do. Every other article is about Wilson. I personally believe Williams is the best recruit thats not being written about. He's going to be a stud. Ruckert can be moved to the slot if need be (hes been itching to show his skills). Add the talent Hartline is bringing in next year and we have a very very good receiver core. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019
They absolutely proved me wrong. I agree with everything Woods said. I wanted him benched so many times. But he proved me wrong and we wouldn't have made it this far without him. This team should be very proud of their fight and resilience! When things got tough they fought! As a huge Buckeye fan I'm very very proud of these guys..
Comment 24 Feb 2019
I would rather my girlfriend have did whatever bosa did to his growing than bosa. I would have wished that injury on anyone but the grandmas! I say you're good but that also could be why I'm single...
Comment 13 Feb 2019

Very good article! I'm excited to see Vimahi suit up for the S&G as he seems like a very good football player and an even better young man. I am concerned about his body/conditioning as he's away on his 2 year mission trip (depending on where its at). It could be a real challenge for him to get college football ready being away that long. However I also understand some things are more important than football. Glad to have him playing for my favorite team!

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I love Wilson's upside and confidence. I think he's going to be a really good receiver down the road. I struggle with the "shiny new toy" articles but its the off season so.. i get it. This article reminds me of the hundreds of articles we read about Jeremy Ruckert last off season. Or NPf, or Okudah or Chase Young, or Trevon Grimes, or Hilliard or Gibson, or Lattimore when they all were coming into their freshman year. 

I just want Wilson to work his butt off, continue to improve and when his time comes, be the best version of Wilson that he can be. Go Buckeyes!

Comment 12 Feb 2019

I wouldnt think to much of Murray's comment. He's just playing the game within the game. The "sooner" he's drafted the more money he makes... 

There isnt a surgery that can fix Mike Mitchell. The word around town was he didnt have work ethic. Surgery doesnt fix that. I remember half of buckeye nation had already penciled him in as our starting LB as a freshman because of his physical ability. It doesnt work that way folks...