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As a life long Buckeye fan I can say that I savor every win. Each season seems to be sailing by faster and faster. So regardless if we beat Illinois or if we beat *ichigan, I enjoy them all. That being said beating *ichigan will never get boring, I submit the 90's for that. I delight in their misery, and only hope that the flames Tressel and Meyer have started don't burn out anytime soon.


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Comment 20 Jan 2018

Welcome to Buckeye Nation!

Now for a quick lesson. Despite the dominance our local team has had over ttun since the turn of the century, there is a reason it remains THE GAME.

The end of each regular season sees our beloved Buckeyes take on a team that we hate. That hate runs deep. Most young people not living in the battle ground don't know the full magnitude of this rivalry and by looking at the Win/Loss column lately it's easy to understand why. Let me take you on a journey back in time to help explain why a victory of *ichigan will never get old, and why I will never look past them.

That picture coincides with the first time I ever heard my father say the phrase "Fuck You." He was speaking through the tv to a person no older than 22.

Still makes me sick.

Having to see magazine covers like this, while my friends who were fans of ttun, got to have bragging rights seemingly every year.

So young fella, these instances don't even begin to scratch the surface of why we hate that team and why we demand that they are pounded into submission year in and year out. No amount of victories will ease the pain of the 90s. The Buckeyes missed out on at least 2 National Championships because we could not beat them when we had superior teams in terms of talent. 

We are relying on you to help carry the legacy forged by on Jim Tressel and carried on by Urban Meyer. 

Comment 13 Jan 2018

I know taste is subjective, but I think many of today's broadcasters could take a lesson from this man's style. He added a dimension to every game that I just couldn't put my finger on. His voice, his style, his phrases all exuded a knowledge and love of the game that was infectious. He could entertain the rabid fan while keeping casual fans interested. I enjoyed every game I ever watched that he was broadcasting regardless of who was playing.