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Comment 28 Nov 2018

You're fine with them hanging up a banner!? I am way more than fine with it. That may be the only thing that can rival my joy in the Buckeyes destroying them 62-39. I am praying they are dumb enough to listen to Jack and hang that baby up. That is the height of embarrassment and it will give us something to laugh at until they take it down.

Comment 13 Nov 2018

I think he makes the move to Louisville. My question is what kind of position does that put Rondale Moore in? The only reason he ended up at Purdue was because of Brohm and his connection to him because they are both from Louisville. If Brohm had already been at Louisville as the head coach, this kid wouldn't have even had a recruiting cycle. Would he transfer to Louisville and follow Brohm and sit out next year?

Comment 25 Sep 2018

I agree that we'll be wearing something stupid for The Game. I wish they would just do it to add some interest to what should be bad games against Minnesota or Nebraska. I hate that we are forced to wear something other than our traditional uniforms for The Game. I want to look back at photos of that drubbing years down the road and not see alternate jerseys that don't represent the time period. 

Call me a "get off my lawn" type if you wish. I'll gladly take it even though I am in my 20's still. 

Comment 22 Aug 2018


Once I got sick of listening to those morons on ESPN, I flipped over to B1G Network and they were just as bad.

Tomorrow morning Bruce Hooley is going to be horrible too. Guaranteed.

Comment 22 Aug 2018

It honestly disgusts me that the media has decided to double down on this after the press conference even before seeing the full report. These people are absolutely certain that Zach Smith is entirely guilty and that Urban knew everything about it despite the fact that Zach was never charged or even arrested.

I keep hearing them say guilty in the court of law is not the level this should go before reporting, which I totally agree with. The problem is that standard of proof is entirely different for actually making an arrest in the state of Ohio for DV. If the police see any evidence DV has taken place, they have to make an arrest. They are not allowed to just walk away if the wife (or husband) doesn't want to press charges. This simply didn't happen at any point during the time Zach Smith was employed by OSU despite the fact that the police were called many times. Why are the media so certain that the police were wrong every single time?

Comment 22 Aug 2018

I think she specifically said both of them continued to track the investigation that was being handled by the police department and were in contact with them for months...so what you are saying is entirely false. They did not report it to compliance within the university, but to say neither of them did anything is simply incorrect.

Edit: Beat me to it Bd

Comment 15 Aug 2018

The crazy part is if Josh Gordon comes back and they somehow get Dez Bryant too, they will have arguably the best (but potentially the most volatile) WR room in the entire NFL. Callaway is going to be what Coleman should've been if he can stay out of trouble, Landry looks to be a top target in the league, Higgins looks solid, and you could add two more potential superstars. 

I'm not a Browns fan by any means, but this team is starting to amass talent to the point where they can't possibly continue to be this terrible. It was already nearly statistically impossible for these morons to lose 31 out of 32. With these guys they have brought in, if they can't win 4 games this year, the fans should honestly encourage Haslam to move them out of Cleveland....again.

Comment 08 Aug 2018

I would assume if Landers does get subbed out for a rushmen package, you'd probably see Bosa kicked inside and Cooper would be outside. I think from a technique and body type standpoint, Bosa is probably a lot more suited to go inside in those situations.

Admittedly, I don't know enough about Cooper at this point. However, I have a feeling we are going to learn a lot more about him as the season progresses even if he isn't starting.

Comment 08 Aug 2018

I've just vomited all over myself simply thinking about losing to TTUN, so yeah a title would be tainted in my eyes.

My in-laws are all fans of TTUN though, so my views may be slightly different. Nothing in this world gives me more joy than to see the look of disappointment and shame on their faces every November. No chance I would trade a title for that.