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Comment 02 Feb 2020

Before there were ratings, my parents took us to the drive in theater for a double bill. The first move was kid friendly but I cannot remember what it was, and the second was The Prime of Miss Jean Brody. The idea was that my sister and I would watch the first and then fall asleep for the second.

Either I woke up or never went to sleep but there was a nude scene, and I was super quiet, peering over the backs of the front seats, enjoying my first look at naked woman. 

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Old dorky guy question: I've been hearing the term boat race a lot lately, and while in context I can kind of puzzle it out vaguely, can anyone give me a definition of the term and where it comes from? Or at least compare it to something I may already know so I can enjoy the poster and the term in general more thoroughly. Thanks

Comment 01 Dec 2019

The overarching themes at MGoBlog, which seem to be in the very dna of scUM fans, is that (1) we pay our players and (2) since UM is so elite they would never admit most of our players to the university. 

The $$ thing bothers me, not because I think they're right, but I know we can never disabuse them of it. It's a lie that will never corrected. The whole academic thing is BS. If the guys who pick us had picked them, they'd find a way to admit them.