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Comment 05 Aug 2019

If I remember correctly jalon’s legs were thick. Very strong and help with a lower center of gravity which is one reason he was so effective as a punt returner

Comment 18 Jul 2019
Exactly. I can name another big ten coach that sheathed in contraversy. Harbaugh. A lot of this trying to cover up his failures. A.lot of this is worded in a favorable way for homself. Did he mention his poor record against top 10 teams? Or his 2-2 record against msu? Or how his team plays poorly at the end of each season? Was his situation getting to michogan anywhere as tough as franklins?
Comment 04 Jul 2019
Nope. Three stars fall into several catagories. Kids with physical characturistics but need development. kids that will play a different position when they get to college, players that may not have the exposure thus underated and desparate grabs to fill the class. Last time i checked it aint January so the last is out.
Comment 29 Jun 2019
If 25 is a hard number then schools like miami and michigan are almost locked in. Also i would think kids would be quicker to commit so ss not to get left out. If a kid commits to a school but a better player wants in can a school still withdraw their offer as some have done in the past?