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Comment 16 Jul 2019

Like the story. But I'd like to throw out one event I think your father may have briefly forgotten.......Woody's 1968 National Championship season?  That season was priceless!  s/  Maybe, if they had only gone back to back..........

Comment 12 Jul 2019

Just a thought. Sourthern Germany is to die for.  And they like us.  Don't speak German.  No problem.  They will help you.  Berchtesgaden, Oberammergau, Black Forest, dachau. Can't go wrong.  Maybe next trip!

Comment 05 Jul 2019

BB, I wrote this to my nephew a few months ago.  After 7 years, living together for 5, planning a wedding, she gave him no notice and left him.  He was immensely depressed. .  And now, the rest of the story. This is the email I sent him.

So I heard the news, and offered to your mom to put something together to you.  I can probably say nothing that will help.  I hope that's not the case.  ie: Plan for the worst, hope for the best.    So if something clicks for you, great.  If not, sorry.  I did have something similar happen to me.  So hence, the reason I offered to write to you. And now....what do I say?  Oh Shit, maybe I should have thought of that before I offered.  You're supposed to laugh at that.

I thought about a few angles.  I've decided I'm just going to mention what happened to me, and then lay out my road to......recovery, stabilization.....whatever you want to call it.

So I was almost 30 years old, working many hours in the restaurant business, trying to get ahead in life, and my wife of 2 years surprises me by telling me she's leaving me, not for anybody else.  She's unhappy and wants out.  I was blown away.  Totally blown away.  At first I believed her, about there's no one else, and then I didn't.  So I tracked her, found out she's was spending time with a Muslim, who wanted to convert her to Islam, and she was sleeping with him.  Ouch, that really hurt.  So I kicked her out of the apartment, and that's when we really started fighting.  She moved in with Mr. Muslim, and dividing the assets was a nightmare.  She thought she would get half of everything, even though she brought nothing into the marriage.  I was right, and she was pissed, and we fought.  Through some good detective work, I found out she was planning on picking up her stuff on a day I was working, just before the date she had told me she was picking up her stuff, a day that I had off.  So there I was on the day she was picking up her stuff, and she was with her new boyfriend.  Boy was she annoyed.  And she started taking things that we had not agreed would go with her.  It got really ugly.  Her family was on my side.  So effectively, she was kind of alone as well.  She was pissed at them too, for backing me, and probably took that out on me as well. Let's just say it was really ugly.

The physical divorce occurred shortly thereafter.  So here I was, in a new city, without any friends, almost 30, and single, in a job i didn't like, with virtually no friends around.  Boy did I feel like a total failure.  How did this happen to me?  I thought she was the one, to spend the rest of my life with.  I thought I was better than this.  I thought we had a plan, etc.  What now?  Seriously, what now?  I'm a failure. This wasn't supposed to happen to me.  I was depressed.  Like a deep depression that is really bad, really bad.  Eventually, I ended up in a really, really bad place.  In person, I'll tell you what that bad place was.  I won't put it in writing.  

Going forward from that point, what I experienced was a series of highs and lows.  I was like.....I need to get over this.  One day, or for a few days, I would be super happy, and think....I'm over this.  Only to be followed by deep depression.  And then the cycle would happen again.....and again......and again.  The good news is, the next high wasn't as high as the last. And more importantly, the next low wasn't as low as the last, with one exception.  During this time, I started doing things that I liked, which for me was athletics.  I moved back to Columbus, where I knew people.  And I joined a triathlon club, did the ironman, joined a bike a bike club, the softball team, joined a basketball league, and a volleyball league, played ultimate frisbee in OSU stadium, began playing golf again, and focused on investments....doing things that brought me joy.   All this time.....lower highs and higher lows....to the point that I became stable again.  

One thing I will caution you on, and I didn't even know I was doing it.  I drank a lot...a lot, and I treated women like shit.  I'd show some interest in someone, and next thing I'd know they'd be gone.  My friends would tell me....you did it again.  What do you mean?  You were rude....again.  I was so disrespectful that the women got up and left.  And it happened a lot.  Again, I didn't even know I was doing it.  Deep down, I was probably blaming all women for my failed marriage.  I'd get drunk, treat women like shit, and out they would go.  That's when I went to a really dark place.

When I finally got to my happy place.......come on, this isn't Happy Gilmore.....you know what I mean, a stable person, hard working, respectful of others, including women.  Then the women came out of the woodworks and sought me out.  I don't know how they knew, but they knew, and they came calling.  And I ended up with someone 15 yrs younger than me (please don't go there, you're 29...dating a 14 yr old is not a good look). Now we have 2 kids, a decent size house, retired early, a nice retirement balance......all is good.  If you have the right attitude and outlook......things really do get better.

____, you are a good guy.  Life does get better.  Sometimes, shit happens to good people.  Life can get better.  I suspect it will for you.  

Its amazing how many people end up being depressed, for whatever reason.  BB, hope you find your happy place.

Comment 15 Jun 2019

No, just no. I like it as it is. It should never die.  Ive been to games.  I've played football there.  I've played ultimate frisbee there.  I've run the stadium steps there.  All with fond memories.  Figure out how to keep it.  So it has been said. So it shall be done.  This is my command.  

FWIT - if only that worked at home.

Comment 30 May 2019

Wow.  I'm a MC grad. Just looked up their records over the last few years.  Can't believe what I just saw.  MC used to be the gold standard in Div III.  Wow, not no more.  We used to be in the final 4 often.  Go Heidelberg.

Comment 21 May 2019

Hate to say it. But I heard they were in second place with that all college sport trophy thing, the one that factors in all sports, and the one that Stanford always wins.  I think they call it the Presidents Cup.   Oh, wait.....that report was after the first month of the year.  Never mind.  Lmao ........

Comment 08 May 2019

Turd Bucket - way to nail it.  I logged in to say....and then he hit the first shot.  The crowd was electric, and the Knicks played inspired.  Awesome game.  Reed, Bradley, Debushre, Frazier, Barnett and the stork coming off the bench.

Comment 02 May 2019

After I read the title, I thought I had the golden answer.....the number of people that attended your funeral.  

But now that I've read the article, I see the error of my ways.  Don't jump to contusions. Read all instructions first.

Comment 27 Apr 2019

Reminiscing about 2014.....although not ideal....better than reminiscing about a half title 20 years ago, and wins from 100-125 years ago....against high school teams.

Sorry, got off on a tangent.  Yes, time to get shit done.

Comment 17 Feb 2019

Looking for some BOOM !!!   Also looking for some boom boom, but that's for another thread, and probably later in the evening, or maybe early morning.  Sorry, back to my original thought.  Looking for some BOOM !!!

Comment 14 Feb 2019

I'm going to throw my 2 cents in.  I've been to Oberammergau, Berchtesgaden and Wolfach in the Bavaria.  I like German Village. But it can't compare to the real thing.  Hoping to go back before the wife and I kick the bucket.  Loved Bavaria, clean, safe, history out the ying yang, and the views are spectacular.

Comment 13 Feb 2019

This might be a little out there, but my kids always enjoyed the Drury Inn.  They have an indoor/outdoor pool, and a hot tub.  Pets are welcome. Kids would walk up to a pet owner and can I pet your dog.  I always got the two room suite.  One for sleeping, one for moving around, and it wasn't that much more.  And with the happy hour, kids got the free buffet, and dad got a couple drinks on the house.  It worked for us when we had younger kids.  There's one in Grove City and one between Upper Arlington and Hilliard, which is the one we went too.