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Buckeye since 1969 (first game I saw - OSU/Mich 1969).


  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Cavaliers
  • SOCCER TEAM: Any team my kids are on.

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Comment 15 Jan 2020

It’s coming to me, it’s coming to me.....not the hill filmed for sound of music (which I’ve been too).....what is it, it’s a wonderful life for $600.  Alex, I’ll take greatest movies of all time for $800......

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Navy for the win!!!  Only the third quarter, but it appears to be the case! Love it. My dad served many moons ago. I still have his uniform from 1954! 

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Hate to bring it up, but I like a little pussy in the morning!

That being said..... with my wife!

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Fun fact - I’m going to a local brewery tomorrow, with a former OSU undefeated lacrosse team alum (mid 1960s) to celebrate what is to come in a few weeks.  Last year, his OSU team was  brought in either pre game or at half time of one of the football games to celebrate their undefeated season. Nicest guy in the world. Teacher after college. He loved it and lives for OSU football. Yes, it’s a little off topic.  But the title is fun facts. And I’ve been looking for a place to throw OSU alum a shout out for his undefeated season.  7nfort7nately, they didn’t have playoffs back then for lacrosse. Or maybe I’d be asking for his autograph!

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Can’t be....Chrisman is a much better thrower than Garo Yopremium (sorry about the spelling)