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Comment 10 May 2014
Playing a tougher OOC only makes you better and gives you a better sense of what kinda team you have. Some of the teams they played last year I didnt even know was a real college their enough D1 teams to choose from you dont have to play all top ten but you can sprinkle in some teams like st marys or st johns to go all with the big boy teams you play. It works for the major programs they play all the best and see different styles and arent suprised come tournament time. Good games in OOC is good for the fans and means more national tv games which is good for recruiting.
Comment 31 Mar 2014
By calling TSUN fans who didnt go to school there not real fans, then their cutting out alot of their fanbase. I mean the so called real fans the students don't even sell out the student section on saturdays. Even though their promised free donuts!