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Comment 31 May 2011

Ramzy, you are a helluva fine writer. I enjoyed this piece more than anything I've read in quite a while. Thanks.

Comment 04 May 2011

Let me bottom line this thing...


Herbie is a prick and so are you if you harrass him or his family.

Comment 27 Apr 2011

Thank you Frank Epitropoulos. BTW your new nickname is Alphabet.

Comment 10 Mar 2011

I'm not sure either but my initial impression was acknowledgement of the question.

Comment 04 Feb 2011

As the Grand Poobah of the local chapter of the French Freedom Fighters (we fight all french who want freedom) I can tell you that is more than enough French references for one day.

Comment 19 Jan 2011

"Herbie the Impaled" would be a better title. And rightfully so.