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Comment 26 Jan 2013

I just got home from Bryce Jordan, and wow did OSU fans represent today. I'd guess that maybe an eighth of the crowd, which only filled maybe two-thirds of the arena (there's a math question) was wearing scarlet and gray. My whole section was OSU fans, mostly from New Jersey and (like me) Pennsylvania. The "(clap clap) O H (clap clap) I O" cheer after each Buckeye free throw was loud and clear. If Pat Chambers doesn't turn things around, we got potential for a Columbus East here.

It was quiet enough in the second half that my young son fell asleep until PSU hit a three pointer and the crowd woke him up. I could occasionally hear Chambers and Matta from the second deck. North Korea probably has louder arenas.

Comment 16 May 2012

Living at a distance with small kids, I wind up watching most Buckeye games in TV. That 2000 Penn State game was the last I saw in the Shoe. I still have the rain poncho I bought that day from concessions -- I'll occassionally wear it to irk the local PSU fans when its raining. I still have the plastic soda cup from that day here in my office. I was way up in C Deck, but I distinctly remember three things: the crowd cheering the rain, the PSU fans complaining about Coop running up the score afterwards, and the dead silence while Taliaferro laid there. C Deck was silent, except for the occasional shouted question to the guys who had field glasses if they had seen any movement yet. There were no jerks in my section. Just fans worrying for a kid.

Yeah, I'll get back to a game soon... 

Comment 18 Nov 2011

+1, from someone who lives in the middle of them.

Comment 31 Oct 2011

Being isolated from most of the Buckeye family, I'm not aware of what the reaction was to the Pro Combat unis other than what Scott just said. But I freakin' loved them. Ohio State looked spectacular in them. Can we bring them back again this year yet?

Now pardon me while I go back to reading the local papers annointment of Penn State as the inevitable, unavoidable Leaders Division Champion.

Comment 21 Jun 2011

When I was a student in the mid-1990s, I used to bring cases of Yuengling Lager and Black & Tan back to Columbus with me each time I went home. All my Ohio friends who tried it loved it. But let's be clear, this was before the microbrewery revolution. I would suspect that Columbus has better beer selection now than it did in the first Clinton Administration.

Yuengling is a great beer. But Pennsylvania has better microbrews now, like Troegs, Appalachian, Erie, Blue Canoe, Victory, etc... I suspect Ohio does too.

Comment 07 May 2011

It's a great night to be a Buckeye... in Central Pennsylvania.

I needed the good news. You know, volleyball isn't an entirely bad television sport. I'm surprised that it's never gotten more popular in the US. But whatever. We won. California loses. I'm going to bed.

Comment 01 Apr 2011

Copying Bleacher Report = funny. Well done. Now pardon me while I go protect my son from other Big Ten coaching staffs who may live nearby.

Comment 19 Mar 2011

As an alum of both Pitt and Ohio State, I'm just crushed. Again. Every year, a mid-major team gets hot against Pitt. Still, that was the worst loss ever. And some of it had to be Dixon's fault. How do you not get a shot off on the last possession? How does a player foul with no time left? That's coaching.

Thad had better do better than that.

And Butler is classless too, BTW. They're no Cinderella.

Take down George Mason, boys.

Comment 11 Mar 2011

"We interupt the local and national Jim Tressel bashing to focus on what we should have been all week."


This team is too good and these kids have worked too hard to take a back seat to any other Ohio State team right now. I'll be disappointed in Tressel after the damned tourney is over. Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Feb 2011

Vegas narrowly favored Wisconsin to win. Apparently nobody in Wisconsin reads the back page of the sports section... or maybe reads at all. And spitting? Wow. Wisky apparently wants to be the WVU of the Big Ten. Next year they'll throw bottles. Whatever. See you at the Schott. And we'll still be Big Ten Champions.

Win a bowl game next year.

Comment 05 Feb 2011

I just lucked into OSU by getting a scholarship there for grad school. Growing up in PA, I never paid much attention to it since PSU wasn't in the Big Ten then. But the first day I was in Columbus, I loved it and wished I had done my undergraduate work there. Great campus, great atmosphere, and great town. I don't get back nearly enough.