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Comment 23 Aug 2019

Lostbuckfan...and Matt,

Yes you are correct...2000 was the only play-off state championship but Upper Arlington won 3 AP straight State Championships 1967,1968,1969. So Matt the correct stat is 4 State Championships for the Golden Bears.


Go Bears!

Comment 04 Jul 2018

"We're living through the most divisive era in our history."

That is real....welcome to tribe media. Find what feeds the tribe and make money. Feed the tribe what they want to hear and believe...the media has weaponized our differences. Time to launch consensus media....each side is heard and they have to reach consensus on the real news issues of the day. But for CFB?

We can take a flyer on CFB....where tribe media is right and just and the American Way! 

Comment 04 May 2018

Living in Anderson since 2001 and I have a bit of insight on this...fwiw. ND....faith based big family and can easily see fit but South Bend is South Bend and not worth the drive. Clemson..who doesn't want to date the new hot girl in school but she also lives on the other side of town. Stanford...say the name again Stanford. If it were a car I think it would be an Aston Martin and few things say you have arrived like that life time ride. But you have really high maintenance costs so reality says you need to sell it. Which leaves one school left and we will see how the story ends..it worked okay for Andrew:)!   Nice to see paint being traded Anderson v Turpin..let me say..

1--Like Cincinnati not really being part of Ohio...Turpin is not really part of Anderson at least in their own            minds..even though a DNA test will reveal Anderson is the parent and Turpin the spawn

2--Turpin is not over the 2007 State Play Off game it's like dog sh*t stuck in a pair of like year Nike Shox

3--Think James Fitzgerald moving on to profile a typical tsun fan (beyond alum Ted K) hello mirror Spartan fan

Comment 05 Apr 2018

Three thoughts...

Tiger: This course is all about fairway position to have the right shot into the green. Jones built this course after St Andrews. People think driving accuracy doesn't matter...it is critical. Rank 202 Driving accuracy. Rank 151 strokes gained off the tee. He will be in contention the rest of his game is buffed..but no way no how he gets a coat. Phil btw has the same issue.

Jack: Okay my hometown hero...you don't believe in the Master's Golf Gods? 78 years old and hobbling and cards a -4 to finish in 3rd place behind Tom Watson? Amazing stuff.

JT Nicklaus: Just 15 and strips with the form and function of his Grandpop.Cool mature demeanor...Did I mention Golf Gods? Could he have given a better ever gift to Jack? Unreal...only at the Masters.. 

Comment 13 Mar 2018

So awesome to see...and frankly flat out crazy. Rewind to 2007-09 and Andrew was often at our house...my son played with Andrew for during the Anderson State Championship and Runner-Up seasons and later stopping over his senior year with friends my daughter's junior year in 2009. Texts have been flying today...my favorite from my wife... "I think Andrew has always been my bff...lols". Even then he could certainly fill a door frame and at 6'5" few people make me fill small like Andrew. What a journey...so deserved!

Comment 15 Feb 2018

The day we don't fear the devil is the day we are lost. My biggest fear is that we lose our fear. We wrap ourselves in our success and we forget or don't believe the devil is for real and that is when we are taken. When we believe who we are is better then who they are and indifference sets in. It comes with our experience and how impressed we are with what we have done. It comes with star ratings that say we are so much better. Arrogance and pride pleased to meet you as I lay your souls to waste...

Comment 03 Feb 2018

This so brings back memories of trolling Bryan Knoll's GrassyKnoll Forum now CaneTime.com. Somehow I managed to avoid being ban by constantly cut and pasting U member comments together to troll and Bryan thought it was funny and let me stay...

And yes they are still whacked today..the River of Denial can carry you forever!

Comment 03 Feb 2018

Just a burned memory in my mind and have to laugh my profile quote was Ufer's closing comments on the game

"He could have put his toe into the Shrine of Minerva he could have been the greatest thing since sliced bread...the kick was long enough it was high enough but just not straight enough" ...here is the full call and by an incomparable broadcast legend who framed the game like no other...

Comment 06 Jul 2017

Born at Ohio State Hospital and grew up across the street from Scioto Country Club, two stone walls and Lane Avenue have forever separated me from a golf club I was meant to join but never did. My Grandfather and Father were OSU Alums. My father in his love for the University donated 37 years teaching students all that he knew about Radiology while earning his living at Children's Hospital. He was a great and giving man. He built our home in 1954 and I was born 4 years later. I knew nothing. I assumed everyone had a maids quarters in the basement with full shower and toilets which we could never enter. Those facilities were only to be used by Elizabeth and then Irene.

Our friends and neighbors had last names that sounded just like those on TV shows in the 60s like Stevens, Cartwright, Reed,or Martin.Oh and a golfer named Nicklaus. I remember seeing his new home built and later helped my brother deliver newspapers to his door. I was the last of 5 kids. I walked home from Kindergarten at 5 yrs old and was almost never home until the dinner bell rang. My parents had bought a second lot adjacent to our house and that was the center of our play world when were not sneaking on to the golf course at night. I always wondered why we never joined Scioto it seemed all my friends were going there. My Dad would always say Golf is a rich man's game so we don't belong. I wondered a bit about that as I spent my summers at our cottage in Northern Michigan.

As the years flipped a new TV Family arrived with the last name of Bunker. A new restaurant came to Columbus called the Place Upstairs in German Village that my father loved and became a Saturday night ritual after the famous 30 mass at St. Patricks. Through Archie blatant hate, I asked my father and mother about our heritage, It seems I was half breed of German and English on both sides. I remember my father greeting Earl Bradley the owner of the Place Upstairs warmly each Saturday evening. The thought that he happened to be black seemed cool to me. I wondered why our school was all white for the first time.

It was not until my parents decided to sell our home in 1974 that I saw the inconvenient truth. My father showed me the deed restriction he signed twice and forever regretted. Before placing the home on the market he had the restriction removed which said clearly no sale to those of color until 1999. I also remember 1974 as our last big Memorial Day Party my parents held every year. It was the last time Woody Hayes ever visited our home. Like all things to unknowing me it was just the way it was.