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Comment 08 Jul 2013

I think the highest point in Ohio should have been Millenium Force at Cedar point. I know it doesn't fall in with the theme but it's super tall and a helluva lot more exciting than Campbell Hill. Sorry, Bellefontaine. Your hill is boring.

Comment 08 Jul 2013

What I don't understand is when the media pundits talk about Florida recruits being thugs and murders, it's the fault of Urban Meyer. Yet when it comes to recruits winning national championships they were all Ron Zook's recruits and Meyer had nothing to do with the talent. Someone please give these hacks a lifetime supply of suppositories because they're obviously still butthurt.

Comment 19 Mar 2013

I think Delany's awful hairdo is affecting his brain. Stop hanging on to your hair, Jim. It's quit on you just like every B1G AD will if you don't stop the foolishness.

Comment 17 Feb 2013

I was upset I couldn't watch this game, but now I'm glad I didn't. This team will get knocked out in the first round if they can't figure out how to ball in the hole.

Comment 01 Dec 2012

With the SEC at 14 you have to wonder if their plan is to merge with the Big XII to make a 24 team behemoth with their Champions Bowl being part of the playoff. With the B1G expanding southward they could consume the ACC and force ND's hand -- creating four, six team divisions. Two divisions could be the Legends/Leaders and the other two a combination of the best schools from the Atlantic/Coastal mixing in Rutgers and ND.

Comment 28 Jun 2012
Everytime I see a mitten I throw up a little in my mouth.
Comment 26 Jun 2012
I just think by letting the NCAA in on this you're making a mockery of the situation. People involved need to be judged in a court of law, not by an athletic institution. Justice will not be served by slapping on post-season bans and scholarship reductions on Penn State. It will be served when all involved are brought to light, judged and punished for their actions.
Comment 26 Jun 2012
Current players and staff should not be punished for the sins of men who have been fired, are now dead, are currently in prison or are headed to prison in the near future. NCAA by-laws were not broken. This is a federal issue and should be treated as such. If the NCAA thinks they need to intervene, they really just need to consider pulling their heads out of their collective asses and let due process run it's course.
Comment 25 Jun 2012
Someone needs to tell Terry Bowden to never put his hand on his hip for a picture again. Total amateur pose and little gay.
Comment 23 Apr 2012
Sucks that Courtney Love won't be suiting up for the Scarlet and Gray, but I'll live through this.
Comment 12 Mar 2012
I'm going to NOLA the weekend after the Final Four. I've been entering contests to win the Final Four prize package so I can turn it into a 10 day debauchery fest. How sick would that be?
Comment 19 Feb 2012
Plain and simple, Buford needs to suck less. Buckeyes win if he can pull out a mediocre performance.
Comment 30 Jan 2012
I totally agree with your comment about the "O-H" shit during the game. He did it like 10 times and it was as if he was having a conversation with someone and would casually mutter it into the microphone every few seconds. Just badly done. My friend even said he thought it was dumb and he was embarrassed for me. In general I don't mind the cheer but leave it to the fans in the crowd and cheerleaders. I went to Pensacola Beach a few years ago and some scary butch lesbian yelled "O-H mother fucker" at me and I said "I-O bitch." She gave me a chicken leg and beer too. Good times.