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Comment 1 hour ago
This is the kind of post the Mods should be all over. Personal attack (ur stoopid lol) against another poster for expressing a legitimate opinion that lots of Buckeyes fans hold? Be better, homeboy.
Comment 2 hours ago
Here's a small-scale sweetheart deal for The Little Guy (or Gal):
Comment 7 hours ago
We fans always want what we don't have. For example, this time last year I was ready for the Barrett era to be over. Now I think we're missing his toughness & leadership. I think a lot of the "pro Tate" folks see the possibility of a better run offense for Urban's clear preference for a Tate-style QB over a Haskins-style QB. Me, I wish Urban would change things up to reflect Haskins' megatalent, but......that ain't happ'nin'.
Comment 9 hours ago
I can't even remember. It's been going on for a few years now. I started my account at Riverside Hospital two days after my son was born. He's T, girls are L & C.
Comment 10 hours ago
Georgia at 5 is a head scratcher for me. Likewise LSU ahead of Washington St & West Virginia. I'm good with where we are as if we beat Maryland & Michigan we're right in the hunt & if we don't we shouldn't be anyway.
Comment 10 hours ago
College Football is big business and the powers that be are exclusively partnered with a for-profit megacorporation (that also owns the SEC network to your point) for broadcast rights to The Playoff. Ignore that conflict of interest if you want to but here in the real world it's not insane to think there's some level of bias there as a result. EDIT: I don't think ESPN "tells" the committee to put teams in spots. I do think financial considerations are part of the mix & that The Committee will make $$$ decisions at season's end to the extent they're credibly able to. This actually helps us, it's how we got in for that 0-31 debacle a few years back.
Comment 11 hours ago
Why is it stupid? Agree or disagree, but it's not "stupid." There's a clear conflict of interest here, surely you don't disagree with that. The extent to which it affects outcomes is the heart of the matter.
Comment 13 hours ago
No, I get your point and it's not necessarily a bad one. What I'm saying is that you can't make a convincing free market case for ticket prices because the rest of college football's economics are decidedly un-free. How about a statutory cap on ticket prices with future increases limited by a formula that takes state funding for higher education year over year into consideration coupled with a ban on resales? This would better reflect economic realities related to college athletics.
Comment 13 hours ago
Nothing against corporate types, they make lots of wheels turn, but you don't have to look much further than here for why the in-stadium atmosphere isn't what it could be. Go Bucks, Michigan Sucks
Comment 13 Nov 2018
Greed Career validation Fame Influence Insanity
Comment 13 Nov 2018
Then we should just pay players too, according to market value. Haskins: $9 million a year. What's Martell worth? Right now I mean, not when he's a transfer free agent. In fact, all of football should just be pro.
Comment 13 Nov 2018
This right here is illustrative of where the administration's gone off the rails. They're replacing fans like you with corporate types and we wonder why the Shoe isn't more intimidating for visitors.