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Comment 1 hour ago
Maybe premature & prejudicial....we'll see. There are definitely parallels. Ryan & Shannon Smith have nothing to offer investigators unless their (investigators') scope is far greater than any of us have conceived of.
Comment 1 hour ago
I don't think you're in the Chicken Little realm. I agree w/ you, if the committee met with these fools it suggests they're examining the culture around the football team......kind of like they did with the marching band a few years ago........
Comment 10 hours ago
"only thing that would surprise him is no punishment." I'd say that's a pretty safe call. Ohio State couldn't possibly do what it's done only to come back and say "Guess what, nothing to see here & there was really no reason for any of this. Our bad. Let's play some football."
Comment 19 Aug 2018
McMurphy is a crappy dude no doubt, but this is a good opportunity to examine what we'd all have to say about the situation if it was taking place at Clemson, Alabama, UM, etc.
Comment 17 Aug 2018
This is in no way an attack on Ramzy but his "everyone knew" comment was a real eye opener & events since are what lead me to believe things aren't so rosy looking for Urban behind the scenes & people in the know know it. (I know Courtney's crazy as hell & her Mom's all #TeamZach but these things have nothing to do with the other.)
Comment 17 Aug 2018
You know.....that is an interesting take. Maybe this kind of dysfunction is the norm in the ambitious assistant CFB coach game (though probably not to this degree).
Comment 17 Aug 2018
^yep. The obvious call was "get rid of this guy yesterday, he's a cancer & a threat." Why was the obvious call not made? "Protocol" is a flimsy defense from this perspective.
Comment 17 Aug 2018
You did some serious sleuthing here, JD. Good job. You are a better journalist than most actual journalists (assuming you're not one).
Comment 16 Aug 2018
The one about whether Zach Smith should be fired that was taken down. Then Smith actually got fired. I think our Internet benefactors are fairly well connected and you can read Buckeye football tea leaves by what makes it to print here & what doesn't. EDIT: Also Jason's steadfast defense of "arrest" in the initial story when everyone was fired up about how Zach wasn't *technically* arrested.