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Comment 5 hours ago
She referred to the tailgate scene as reminiscent of "absolute drunken orgies." She literally used that phrase.
Comment 6 hours ago
That's insane, whoever said that should be excommunicated.
Comment 8 hours ago

Excommunicated, no doubt about it.

Obviously not Cooper's "fault" but a good reminder of how bad things had gotten toward the end of his tenure.  Andrew Lee is decidedly Not A Buckeye.

Comment 8 hours ago

Two nominations for Casey Anthony....Buckeye or not she should be Excommunicated from People Who Aren't Behind Bars Forever so that's a yes.

Comment 9 hours ago

Too harsh.  He wasn't great but it takes more than that to be Excommunicated.  Like some kind of disgrace or outrage.

Comment 9 hours ago

Yes on Buck-I-Guy.  That stunt at Earle Bruce's funeral was the last straw.

Comment 10 hours ago

Maybe I'm wrong about this but didn't Ray Small go to prison for being a drug dealer?  That's pretty bad.

You make fair points re Schlichter & Obie.

Comment 10 hours ago

No doubt about it.  To our great regret, our worst is worse than UM's worst (The Unabomber).

Comment 10 hours ago

Yep.  But.....he did make that INT in the end zone against Michigan.  Buckeye Sainthood forever.

Comment 11 hours ago
OK, he just beat him the one time and then ate his lunch the second time. My bad.