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Comment 16 hours ago
I cannot believe someone who makes however much an NFL GM makes thinks Kyler Murray is a safer pro bet than Nick Bosa.
Comment 24 Apr 2019
And misery. Communists/-ism are good at making misery. Look, this is how it is: On any given matter we move closer to or further away from Communism by our actions. Why the fuck anyone ever thinks moving *toward* Communism in 2019 is beyond me, especially when to my earlier point, everybody rejects (ostensibly) Communism unequivocally.
Comment 24 Apr 2019
I was right there with you. And yes, there was some predictable heat.
Comment 23 Apr 2019
Regarding Communists/-ism, it's the damnedest thing to me that they/it are universally regarded as Bad in the zeitgeist but lots of stuff resembling them/it are acceptable in practice for how they're marketed/propped up as legitimate. "Communism? Fuck no. 'Merica, y'all -- Red White & Blue. Now let's get on with single payer & free college & speech/thought policing & gun control & & & &"
Comment 23 Apr 2019
Dad seems a little tightly wound but maybe (probably) there's a good reason. This isn't even in the same universe as Annie Apple's shenanigans over the years. Final point, most important: to hell with The Media