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Dayton born and current resident. Nurse. Workout addict. Loving my life and the people in it.. That's about all the time I'm willing to invest writing about myself on a sports website lol.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2014 National Championship
  • NFL TEAM: Colts
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Honestly my least favorite professional sport.
  • MLB TEAM: Meh. Boring.
  • SOCCER TEAM: Meh. Boring.

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Comment 19 Sep 2019
I think this team is better in just about every conceivable way. Our best WR that year was Noah Brown.. Mike Weber was our RB.. JT was the QB.. i love the guy but his skill set is extremely limited, especially when you're comparing him to Fields. Curtis Samuel was the only stud on that offense. I mean it was literally the Curtis Samuel offense. Tim Beck was our OC lol. Defensivley we were really good. But i think the defensive line this year is better because we have a guy that can wreck anybody's gameplan in Chase Young, even though we had 4 or 5 guys off that D-line get drafted, no one was as good as Young is this year. Our secondary is almost every bit as good this year as it was in '16 and the Lb's i think are just as good if not better. Just go down the list position by position and its not really that hard to tell. Lastly but most importantly this coaching staff is significantly better.. its not even remotely close.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Is there any doubt at all about him already being the best QB in the conference? Even as an extremley raw talent and new starter 3 games into his career, with plenty of things to work on. It's pretty obvious that he doesnt have a ceiling. This kid is going to be as good as he wants to be. This team is going to be scary good by november.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
Alot can change. If we have a great season and make the playoff i think there might be a couple new names that pop up that we arent expecting right now.
Comment 03 Sep 2019
Lvilles QB had 5 completions and 3 fumbles the first 3 quarters of the game and they were only losing by 11 in the 4th quarter. Im not sure if you watched that game, but ND looked like the very definition of an average at best football team. If Lville had a half decent QB they might have won.
Comment 03 Sep 2019
Both Day and Urban said Fields ran a laser timed 4.43 / 40 over the summer.. that would indeed be faster than TP. We never really got a chance to see Fields make some moves in the open field because they've obviously drilled in his head to avoid getting hit at all costs.
Comment 01 Sep 2019
You could make a really good argument that FAU has a better offense than Cinci. Im not sure if you watched that UCLA game, but they're not very good on that side of the ball. Let's keep in mind UCLA is 3 - 10 with Kelly in the second worst P5 conference, so yeah lets keep some perspective.