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Comment 14 Nov 2019
Clemson, bama then LSU. Clemson is surging and the most balanced. Last thing we want is a Clemson as an underdog. As great as we have been, I'm worried about how this team will react if they can't make adjustments after the first quarter as has been so easy all season. Imagine venebles coming up with elaborate blitzes all game with a still relatively young Fields who hasn't had to really try beyond a quarter and a half. I'm most worried about any team that can make a game well into the third quarter and I think any of the above teams can do so.
Comment 08 Nov 2019

It's more like, how in the f*** does Clemson get three first round draft picks to play together for 3 years! Kept them through their friggin senior years!. Not even discussing howOSU would never have a star not leave early, but we can't even have one star defensive stud play for a full season! 

Obviously this is all self-pity but it seriously does seem like Clemson/Bama never have these things happen. And why now, when OSU comes out as #1 in the CFP and the heisman hype train gets rolling for Chase. 

Comment 16 Oct 2019
I made a comment in a other thread about this. Plenty of teams have come into the shoe 330 plus games and either won or have OSU a run for their money. I'm not at all convinced of an advantage despite the greater crowd noise, etc. Perhaps the atmosphere gets the opponent just as if not more pumped up that OSU.
Comment 16 Oct 2019
I watched both. Wisky msu was as much of a "grinder game" as you can get. Nothing special, no flashiness from wisky, just a very slow methodical beatdown by them. If you watched it play by play it looked even from talent standpoint. It's just that MSU got grinded and worn out over time. That being said, MSUs offense might have looked worse than us vs. Clemson 2016. I won't be surprised if we have trouble moving the ball for a half but I think our talent will win out. And I believe we can contain Taylor no problem.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
OSU always gets the best shot from underdog teams playing in prime time at the shoe. Almost to the point where it's not even an advantage for OSU. Going back to 2014, vatech, then 2015 MSU, 2017 Oklahoma, 2017 Penn State, 2019 MSU for the first quarter. You look at other big time programs like LSU, bama, Clemson. it seems impossible for them to lose at home in primetime. I get more nervous when OSU plays home primetime games now. I'm actually glad Wisconsin is a noon banger. When's the last time OSU lost a noon home game?
Comment 06 Oct 2019
2015 was the last year the bucks didn't majority go white cleats/white socks. Some of the players wear black cleats during the spring game. I've always preferred black cleats. Feel like they make you look tougher. Bama is another great example of never deviating from black shoes. I've always loved their look of black cleats/high white socks.
Comment 15 Apr 2019
This. I didn't read any polls just going if of general comments in the threads. While I haven't quantified it, general consensus from the comments is that Baldwin is hands down the better option. I certainly didn't see that. People are acting like Fields was a Joe bauserman out there. So what if he didn't complete a bunch of passes in the first couple drives of a spring game. He looks to be a dangerous runner with a cannon arm. I'm very optimistic.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
Baldwin showed me nothing that places him above fields. Again, I saw a lot of 5050 jump balls coming from him. Read through any comment threads and majaority of people think Baldwin is better. General opinion is Fields will start but he's not better than Baldwin. My question is what have you seen from Baldwin that makes him clear cut better? I'll trust Ryan Day's ability to judge a QB over most on this site.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
How are people saying Baldwin is the clear front runner? The only thing I saw from him was McSorley style wing and prayer throws. Good arm, but looked like he just wanted the deep ball every throw. Fields has an absolute cannon. Didn't see enough yesterday to truly evaluate him. I just don't understand why so many people on this site praise Baldwin and hate on Fields, based essentially on one spring games worth of playing time.
Comment 11 Mar 2019

1. OSU's alternate uniforms have been mostly "get out of my face with those". Throw in a an alt. jersey--fine. But the grey/white/black with camo socks that bare no resemblance to OSU's actual colors - hard pass from me. 

2. Tressel's program was trending downwards from about 2007 and beyond. Seemed like he wasn't recruiting out of Ohio enough, but also those teams seemed to get physically embarrassed against any team known for being physical, i.e. LSU, Florida, USC, whichever year Wisky had John Clay truck sticking OSU's entire defense. 

3. Meyer lost his edge and to quote Mike Tomlin "his arrow was pointing down". Loved when he came here but enough with the loyalty and refusal to fix glaring issues year after year after year.

4. I can't stand white shoes in football. Black shoes need to come back at OSU, or at least red shoes - something with color. White shoes with white socks looks like a dallas cowboy's cheerleader. Black shoes look like a football player. 

5. I wish OSU was more like Alabama - Staunch defense, physical running game, physically intimidating, fundamentally sound, disciplined. Most importantly, black shoes. 

Comment 25 Jan 2019

I would argue the program was creeping downward with meyer. Not because of lack of talent, but because urban put too much focus on this being and NFL stepping stone. Seems like he lost his passion to win at all costs, letting loyalties trump doing what is require to win, and what elite coaches like Saban and Dabo would never do. It also seems like the Xs and Os have passed him by, when is the last time besides Michigan this year that Meyer outcoached someone? He brings in elite talent then they either ride the pine for 2 - 3 years or can't seem to live up to it when they do play? Clemson and Bama bring in 5 stars and they play and make impacts. I think Meyer was able to recruit so well by selling OSU as an NFL factory. Then when the players got here, maybe the focus was just on the NFL and that's why the development could have been better, and why people were bolting to it the first chance they get while Clemson holds on to that NFL D-line for 4 years. 

Comment 18 Jan 2019
I think I heard in the NCG this year that bama lost 6 defensive players to the draft last year. They are also a revolving door at DC right now and yet still are essentially the gold standard when it comes to college football defense. I read a lot on these boards that our defense was down this year because of howamy we've lost to the draft. Everyone loses players and Bama had a drop off this year but was certainly not giving up guaranteed 60+ plus yard runs every game. There are no logical reasons to rationalize how bad this past years defense was.
Comment 31 Dec 2018

Most of the past national champs and playoff contenders were anchored by dual threat QBs (Cam Newton, Jamies Winston, JTB/Cardale, Watson, Hurts/Tua, Mayfield/Murray.) Only Bama has been able to do it with immobile pocket passers who were more just game managers. I'm sure Baldwin has an amazing arm and all that, but I just find it funny those who have fully jumped on that bandwagon without having seen him take a snap at OSU. I'll take a dual-threat over a WVU/Oklahoma State style pocket passer any day of the week and twice on sunday. I would be pumped if Fields comes to OSU and I believe if he does he is 100% the starter. 

Comment 30 Dec 2018
How are people proclaiming Baldwin to had "an NFL arm" and pinning him as the starter? Has he even thrown a pass at OSU? If your basing it on high school tape, go ahead and watch Fields sling the rock in HS and tell me you still think this Baldwin kid is unequivocally the best QB in the country.
Comment 06 Dec 2018

Most memorable games for me are the ones that go down to the wire...have me on the edge of my seat, where I feel OSU has a chance but no idea if they will pull it off. Blow outs are great but for entertainment purposes, the close games against top 10 opponents are always way more exhilarating and for that, entertaining and memorable. 

1. Alabama. (Also most meaningful in the UM era as it brought elite status to OSU). No win gave us more cre

2. Michigan 2016. Thought this was better than 06 Michigan because of expectations. In 06, OSU was basically crowned NC before the season began. A win was expected where in 2016, Michigan's vaunted defense and OSU's lack of offense meant points were at an extreme premium. A FG almost felt like it would put the game out of reach. A rollercoaster of emotions all the way through the second overtime. Can't get better than that. 

3. PSU 2017. What a ride that game was. Felt like we were in it but kept digging ourselves in a hole everytime we inched closer. I remember exactly how I felt at different points in the game. Even remember which beers I drank during it. Another emotional rollercoaster. That video is goosebumps city everytime. 

4. 15 Michigan. Went into that game nervous as I have ever been after the MSU debacle a week before. The way the offense went back to the 14' NC run form was so much fun to watch. There is nothing like beating a team into submission with stout defense and smash mouth running. A huge sigh of relief was breathed after that game. 

5. 2016 oklahoma. Thought this would be a rebuilding year. Crushing oklahoma on the road in primetime after the NC in 14 and the historically talented 2015 season, it looked like UM had truly transformed OSU into an Alabama type program. I remember reading an article after the game talking about how Meyer had turned OSU into the "Alabama of the north". 

6-10. PSU 2018, Michigan 2018, Oregon 2014, Wisconsin 2014, MSU 2014 in no particular order. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018
There was something fundamentally wrong with our defense this year. I cannot remember an osu defense being as big a liability as it was this year in my entire life. No defense in the country was as guaranteed to give up multiple long runs A GAME as this year's was. I don't want to hear it's a lack of talent. Please of less talented squads out there that aren't as vulnerable to the long run as this year's bucks were. With the coaches downright refusal to make a single change, I find it hard to believe that if majors changes in coaching and a scheme aren't made next year that we won't be seeing the same thing.
Comment 07 Nov 2018
If White doesn't get majority snaps this weekend then I will puke. It's one thing to just accept we aren't that good this year just enjoy the remaining games we have, but I find it really hard to enjoy a team with glaring deficiencies and coaches who absolutely refuse to even try something different. Half the fun of football is watching a team improve. We have seen basically no changes since week one, and have watched these deficiencies get highlighted more each week.
Comment 03 Nov 2018
Need wholesale changes on defense. Play some freshman. Who cares. Can't possibly be worse than what's out there now. No other coach in America would continue buisiness as usual like we do with this defense. Bama threw in a bunch of freshman last year and won a natty. Never felt so bad after a win like i did today.