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Comment 08 May 2020
City of Boston has cancelled all activities until Labor Day. Governors, mayors, policy makers, school presidents, etc. are all going to play off each other. I just can't foresee any scenario that has college football playing this fall. I will be really surprised if kids are back on college campuses this fall. I want to be wrong but my rational brain can't convince me otherwise. Someone convince me I'm wrong.
Comment 29 Apr 2020

already mentioned above but also "personal brand". Such an overused term in today's social media days. 

Comment 29 Apr 2020

Was going to add "I mean" but Thomas Walter beat me to it. 

Other contributions: "on fleek", "on point", "wax lyrical" (I have no idea what means and neither do most people who say it). 

Runners up: "I'm spiritual, not religious", huh? So you believe in spirits, or think you are a spirit? introducing yourself by beginning with "by way of introduction". I don't know what that adds or why you said it, but I don't need you to tell me that you are going to introduce yourself before me expecting said introduction. 

Comment 29 Apr 2020

Not just athletes. If you listen for it, everyone, in everything, from home life to friends to the news, sports, movies, radio, etc., everyone answers questions starting with "I mean"

Comment 11 Jan 2020

I guess the point of my post was much less to continue belaboring over the Wade targeting call. I'm over that - we lost and it wasn't just due to that call. My point was more a broad question of how those bama players got away with those hits. Maybe I just don't understand targeting, but it just seemed crazy, especially since it's not just a one off. There are multiple examples of egregious targeting that didn't even get a second look. It's more than just "some calls will go uncalled, while others that are boarderline will get called". I guess watching those clips was like pouring salt on an open wound. I have moved on from clemson and don't blame the refs. But it's impossible to watch all three of those clips - all from the same team, who also happens to be the SECs/ESPNs pride and joy - and not be at least a little salty. I needed an outlet since I live in New England and nobody gives a s*it about college football. 

Comment 08 Jan 2020

penn state should be tough next year. There running back (can't remember his name), ran all over memphis in their bowl game. Guy is a real beast. Not sure who they return/lose from 2019 but Parsons is also a beast on the defense. If a night game in whiteout conditions, this one could be toughest game of the year given how close these games have been since 2015. 

Comment 06 Jan 2020
Hope Ryan Days career doesn't mirror Kirby smart or Lincoln Riley's. Both those guys came out swinging, UGA one play away from a national title, Oklahoma an overtime loss to UGA keeping them out of the championship game - in their respective first seasons. Both of those programs have not been as successful since their first year head coach's first season. Would hate for OSU to follow a similar path the next 2-3 seasons.
Comment 03 Jan 2020

agreed. it's a "whoa is me" question, but it has bothered me for some time now. Name the last top 15 pick that stuck around for ohio state? And to make matters more frustrating, clemson keeps arguably the best defensive coordinator in the game on staff for what will probably be the remainder of his career. we get what appears to be the next great one in Hafley for ONE FRICKEN SEASON. It's frustrating because as soon as we appear to be on the verge of dynasty we lose our best players and coaches every year. Someone said it in another post, can't remember who, but perhaps its because Ohio state sells the program as a gateway to the NFL, so it's part of the fabric of its culture, while bama and clemson sell the message of "coming here to win a championship" on your way to the NFL. they can pretty much guarentee recruits at this point that it they stick around for 4 years they will get a natty. 

Comment 01 Jan 2020
Exactly. Let's allow ourselves to grieve. Reading predictions already made it feel like we are in the middle of a season. Feels weird.
Comment 01 Jan 2020
I'm confused. Why does he think his decision deserves a lebrony press conference, when everyone else is quietly announcing on Twitter. He will look really foolish if all his and his dad's hooplah is to announce he's leaving when everyone else quietly walks off into the sunlight.
Comment 30 Dec 2019

People keep saying "this would be a terrible decision/mistake". There is plenty of precedence for 1st round draft talent coming back and it worked out well for them, i.e. Clemson's D-line last year. Also see Derrick Brown at Auburn. He's even committed to playing in a meaningless bowl game. We are so used to "go get your money" that we can't even consider a possibility of sticking around through 4 years. Nobody called Clemson's d-linemen out for "making a terrible decision", and I'm sure the fans sure as hell didn't say it was foolish. While I agree statistically players will leave early more often than stick around through 4 years, and that it's unlikely these guys come back for OSU, why is everyone acting like it would be some crazy illogical decision, or even an absolute impossibility for them to do so?

Comment 14 Nov 2019
Clemson, bama then LSU. Clemson is surging and the most balanced. Last thing we want is a Clemson as an underdog. As great as we have been, I'm worried about how this team will react if they can't make adjustments after the first quarter as has been so easy all season. Imagine venebles coming up with elaborate blitzes all game with a still relatively young Fields who hasn't had to really try beyond a quarter and a half. I'm most worried about any team that can make a game well into the third quarter and I think any of the above teams can do so.
Comment 08 Nov 2019

It's more like, how in the f*** does Clemson get three first round draft picks to play together for 3 years! Kept them through their friggin senior years!. Not even discussing howOSU would never have a star not leave early, but we can't even have one star defensive stud play for a full season! 

Obviously this is all self-pity but it seriously does seem like Clemson/Bama never have these things happen. And why now, when OSU comes out as #1 in the CFP and the heisman hype train gets rolling for Chase. 

Comment 16 Oct 2019
I made a comment in a other thread about this. Plenty of teams have come into the shoe 330 plus games and either won or have OSU a run for their money. I'm not at all convinced of an advantage despite the greater crowd noise, etc. Perhaps the atmosphere gets the opponent just as if not more pumped up that OSU.
Comment 16 Oct 2019
I watched both. Wisky msu was as much of a "grinder game" as you can get. Nothing special, no flashiness from wisky, just a very slow methodical beatdown by them. If you watched it play by play it looked even from talent standpoint. It's just that MSU got grinded and worn out over time. That being said, MSUs offense might have looked worse than us vs. Clemson 2016. I won't be surprised if we have trouble moving the ball for a half but I think our talent will win out. And I believe we can contain Taylor no problem.
Comment 14 Oct 2019
OSU always gets the best shot from underdog teams playing in prime time at the shoe. Almost to the point where it's not even an advantage for OSU. Going back to 2014, vatech, then 2015 MSU, 2017 Oklahoma, 2017 Penn State, 2019 MSU for the first quarter. You look at other big time programs like LSU, bama, Clemson. it seems impossible for them to lose at home in primetime. I get more nervous when OSU plays home primetime games now. I'm actually glad Wisconsin is a noon banger. When's the last time OSU lost a noon home game?
Comment 06 Oct 2019
2015 was the last year the bucks didn't majority go white cleats/white socks. Some of the players wear black cleats during the spring game. I've always preferred black cleats. Feel like they make you look tougher. Bama is another great example of never deviating from black shoes. I've always loved their look of black cleats/high white socks.
Comment 15 Apr 2019
This. I didn't read any polls just going if of general comments in the threads. While I haven't quantified it, general consensus from the comments is that Baldwin is hands down the better option. I certainly didn't see that. People are acting like Fields was a Joe bauserman out there. So what if he didn't complete a bunch of passes in the first couple drives of a spring game. He looks to be a dangerous runner with a cannon arm. I'm very optimistic.
Comment 14 Apr 2019
Baldwin showed me nothing that places him above fields. Again, I saw a lot of 5050 jump balls coming from him. Read through any comment threads and majaority of people think Baldwin is better. General opinion is Fields will start but he's not better than Baldwin. My question is what have you seen from Baldwin that makes him clear cut better? I'll trust Ryan Day's ability to judge a QB over most on this site.