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Comment 12 Dec 2017

To further denounce such activity by a university in hiring practices, they will settle or if in a court of law, Schiano will win to set a precedent for future shenanigans by a university in hiring an employee.  I think he is looking at $500k-$1M.  We might see a defamation lawsuit coming, if this becomes a boat anchor around his neck.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

What can one say.  Jt Barrett went from hero to zero.  Looking forward to next year so we can move on from JT Barrett.  He might hold alot of records, but that is about all they are.  Not sure why Schiano insist on bringing 4 and letting the QB  pick the pass defense apart.  Iowa certainly studied the Oklahoma film.  Not sure why Meyer did not play Haskins or Burrows when the game was hopeless early in the 4th quarter.  Time to move on to Sparty and the way things look, it will be another struggle.  STill unable to stretch the field with all the speed.  JT putting too much air under the ball instead leading the receiver.

Comment 22 Oct 2017

The Buckeyes have seen this before.  Penn St has done nothing different this year than last year.  A dose of Barkley and McSorley throwing jump balls to his taller receivers.  The Bucks know what to expect because the game plan last night was executed last season against the Buckeyes in the comeback.  They are a year older and more seasoned.  They returned at least 17 starters.  Expect the same game plan from Penn St.  Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Oct 2017

The issue with our pass defense showed early due to the quality of opponent.  Most other teams have tune up games to allow their youngsters to grow into a position/scheme.  The Bucks did not have that luxury.  The good news is we were aware of our glaring deficiencies early to address them before league play and stiffer league competition.  Need to win the B1G first realistically, before a national championships can become a reality.

Comment 02 Oct 2017

Maryland being a 31 point underdog is bulletin board material for the Terps.  The buckeyes should not under estimate the team speed of Maryland.  Ty Johnson has Johnnie Dixon and Parris Campbell speed.  Actually, the oddsmaker have made Maryland a bigger underdog than Rutgers.  Go figure.  The Bucks a better team away from 'The Shoe'.  Bucks win, but 31 points might be a stretch.