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Comment 20 Dec 2017

Man this is disappointing, but there is some serious saltiness in this thread. Everyone would be singing a much different tune if he picked the good guys. No need to take shots at a teenager. He made his college choice, he gets that right. Whether or not you appreciated the way he went about the recruiting process, he's still just a kid making the biggest choice of his life. He may or may not become a great OT, but I would have liked to see him strapping on the pads for the scarlet and gray. Recruiting miss for sure, but we still have another 2 months to pick up some offensive lineman. I don't think Urban has lost his recruiting prowess like many in here are saying and I think we can still close out on some big prospects that are still on the fence. 

Comment 20 Dec 2017

I think you're mixing up "lock" with "favorite". We were favorites for all of those guys, but they were definitely never OSU locks. 3 are out of state that were going to have their hometown calling for them to stay home the whole time. We always knew Georgia would make it tough to keep Cox, same goes with Texas and Cook and USC and Woodbey. Disappointing for sure, but not exactly surprising. 

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Ehhh, I don't know if this FSU team underachieving is as much of a disaster as it seems. They're starting a true freshman at QB and still beat Florida 38-22. Now I'm not saying FSU going 5-6 isn't terrible, because it is, but they weren't going to be in playoff contention this year with their QB situation, especially with the way Miami and Clemson are playing this year

Comment 26 Oct 2017

While I don't think losing Smith to PSU will be huge in the long run, it would definitely sting. Losing a big time recruit out of your backyard to a rival is never ideal. It'll definitely be interesting to see how everything shakes out, but the resurgence of the PSU program has made midwest recruiting much more competitive. Funny how a couple months ago everything was trending towards us landing Smith, Parsons and Oweh but now I'll just be happy landing either/both of Smith and Oweh. 

Comment 09 Oct 2017

Agreeing with some other posters, it's not just the QB picks that we're missing. This team is seriously lacking playmakers on both sides of the ball. The 3 QBs listed above all have much better offensive situations than any of the Browns QBs. When your top WR is Kenny Britt it's going to be tough to get the passing game going no matter who is under center. You just can't wiff on as many 1st/2nd round picks as the Browns have. Sure missing 1-2 early picks in a 4-5 year period is reasonable, but we seem to miss at least 1 a year and that's going to seriously stunt the growth of the team. 

Comment 10 Sep 2017

I'll play devils advocate here. Replacing a QB isn't  like replacing any other position. If one of the DBs/Linebackers/WRs is playing poorly, you can more often than not swap them out pretty easily. Changing up the QB completely changes the identity of your team on one side of the ball. I will say I didn't like what I saw from Barrett and I'm interested in what Haskins could do out there, but if he doesn't get great blocking or WRs that can get themselves open it will be much of the same 

Comment 09 Sep 2017

He's a teenager, why is everyone expecting him to act with the upmost humility? I know when I was in high school I would have been seriously bummed out/sour if I was good enough to play Big 10/Big 12 football but never got an offer from osu. I have no problem with him "using Ohio state" to go to free games, he's by no means the first person to do that. Think about all the 4-5 star kids that have visited us over the years that we know aren't going to sign with us in the end. Why wouldn't a teenager take advantage of free college football tickets/walking around on the sidelines whenever he can? 

Comment 28 Aug 2017

If someone is going to be playing a very similar snap count as that of the starter I don't see a big deal with listing an "or" on the depth chart. If someone hasn't separated themselves completely from the pack or it's a tight enough race that you know two guys will definitely be playing I don't have a problem with putting it that way in the depth chart. I feel like this is just one of those things that when we're so close to the season the anticipation makes people get frustrated about little things

Comment 23 Aug 2017

I agree that people thinking he would take JT's spot is ignorant, but it's also wayyyy too early to tell how good Tate will or won't be. He's a true freshman, he's not exactly supposed to sell you at this point

Comment 23 Aug 2017

I'm all for the Braxton's and JT's in the QB room that can do just as much with their feet as they can with their arms. However the prospect of having a future QB that can just rip it is super enticing. I know Haskins is no slouch with his feet, but having a QB known more for their throwing than their running would be a dimension this offense hasn't seen in a while

Comment 17 Jul 2017

Crazy thing about this class is we will still be seeing another 8 or so commitments, with upwards of 4 of them being 5 stars (Parsons, Carman, Cook, Campbell). We still have quite a few booms left and the class is already loaded, lots of good things to come for buckeye nation. A ton of talent coming in on both sides of the ball and the OSU football factory is alive and well

Comment 12 Jul 2017

Agreed. This was an intense situation and the cops kept their cool. Taking someone's life should not be taken lightly. This isn't a video game where killing someone isn't a big deal. If the man possessing the gun acted aggressively then the cops obviously need to protect themselves. However deadly force shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary