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Comment 17 Jul 2017

Crazy thing about this class is we will still be seeing another 8 or so commitments, with upwards of 4 of them being 5 stars (Parsons, Carman, Cook, Campbell). We still have quite a few booms left and the class is already loaded, lots of good things to come for buckeye nation. A ton of talent coming in on both sides of the ball and the OSU football factory is alive and well

Comment 12 Jul 2017

Agreed. This was an intense situation and the cops kept their cool. Taking someone's life should not be taken lightly. This isn't a video game where killing someone isn't a big deal. If the man possessing the gun acted aggressively then the cops obviously need to protect themselves. However deadly force shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary 

Comment 12 Jul 2017

Shoot first, ask questions later is a truly terrible mindset. I'll agree with you that he's definitely lucky he wasn't killed. The police officers are there to keep everyone safe, not act as a firing squad. They handled the situation incredibly well and DIDN'T shoot anybody

Comment 05 Jul 2017

I don't know about him being a diva, I feel for the kid. Growing up in Ohio it's just assumed you're going to osu without considering what the recruit actually wants to do. We're all biased and want every top Ohio kid to come to us but in the end these are just 16-18 year old kids being courted by the titans of college football. Hard to overlook the Cali life or living in the Carolinas. We're talking about USC who is a college football blue blood and Clemson who just won the national title. It's not like he's considering leaving Ohio to go to Michigan or PSU

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Have people on this site forgotten how upvotes and downvotes work? You don't just downvote people because you disagree with their opinion ha. Giving you guys upvotes to try to offset them

Comment 21 Jun 2017

And like Portland said above, thanks for writing the article and allowing discussion on it. Not everyone will agree with the message behind it, but considering the amount of comments, there was at least a good amount of respectful discussion. I don't come here for politics, but this site puts out the best OSU content on the internet day in and day out. If there is one semi "political" post out of every 250 articles that is perfectly fine with me. Hell if I don't want to read something I don't have to click on it. No need to get up in arms. I knew what kind of discussions were going to come along with this post and I was perfectly fine with wading through them. Props to Tyreke and hopefully we will be getting a boom from him in the near future

Comment 21 Jun 2017

I think there are a bunch of different ways you can be courageous. You doesn't necessarily need to be risking your life for our country, though that absolutely is one of the most courageous things you can do. Heck these are all technically synonyms to courageous: bold, daring, audacious, unshrinking, dauntless. So while I agree this might not be your typical "courageous" act, considering the amount of backlash he's gotten on just the 11W board, not counting all the other countless media outlets that got ahold of it, it was definitely a bold, courageous thing to do. Due to his football abilities he will more or less be a public figure for at least the next 4+ years, and will probably have to talk about things of this nature throughout those years. This isn't just some internet troll that throws a statement out there and never has to answer for it again. This is something I'm sure he knows isn't just a one off thing and I think that it definitely takes some courage to wear a shirt like that to a camp this big. Just because you have a different personal definition for courage doesn't necessarily make it wrong

Comment 21 Jun 2017

How old does he have to be before his opinions or views are deemed legitimate? 20, 25, 30? We expect these recruits coming in to be mature, young adults, however if they say something we don't agree with they go right back to being kids. I mean sure at his age he's obviously not going to know everything, but simply disregarding his statements without even knowing him isn't right

Comment 14 Jun 2017

The Conley induction is a little head scratching, but he's the single season assists leader. I know these awards shouldn't factor hypotheticals, but if he stays just one more year he could've been our all time leader in assists as well. With the one and done rules I don't see a lot of college HOF level players sticking around past 2 years. Regardless, congrats to everyone that was inducted

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I was talking with a friend and he made the point that everyone outside of LeBron and Kyrie were expendable. I think I would have to agree with that, not saying I want us to change out whole roster, but I think it's obvious changes need to be made. I wouldn't necessarily want to part with K-Love, but if it meant we were getting someone like Jimmy Butler or Paul George I would be all for it. He hasn't had a lot of moments where I thought "we need to get rid of him" but he certainly hasn't had many Kyrie/LeBron moments where you go "Wow, this is a guy we can build around". Next I think we just need to redo most of our bench. Nobody in the 2nd team can create their own shot, nor do they worry any defenses. Meanwhile GS has Iggy, Livingston and David West who are all starter quality players that played pretty consistently through the playoffs. Getting just 7 points from your bench isn't going to cut it against a team like GS. Honestly I have no idea what they should actually do, but getting rid of Frye and both of the Jone's would be a good start. 

Comment 12 Jun 2017

The Big 10 teams they were "destroying" were:

38-24 win over Nebraska in the 2016  Music City Bowl  

45–6 win over Northwestern in the 2015 Outback Bowl

45–28 win over Iowa in the 2014 TaxSlayer Bowl

Not exactly the conference powerhouse teams. You could just look at the bowl names and know they weren't facing top 2-3 Big 10 teams lol. I mean a win is a win, but they're acting like they go through murderers row year in year out. There is just so much salt in that forum

Comment 05 Jun 2017

Sad to see him go, and while the retirement isn't surprising, the timing itself is odd. I wonder who they plan on taking over the team this year. Regardless, very appreciative of what he did for the basketball program for all of these years, he made us a household name in basketball for about a decade. Hopefully we can actually field a team this year because our roster isn't looking so good.

Comment 03 May 2017

To be fair to Jackson, he seems to be alright with trading away the #12 pick at this point: "He was a little upset at the trade down from 12 at first, but now sees the wisdom in it. The Browns have two first-rounders in 2018 and three second-rounders. If Kizer doesn’t flash franchise potential, they have plenty of ammo to get their man, one way or the other.
“Having that extra pick, that might turn out to be huge for us," Jackson said. "I'm starting to appreciate how nice it is to be in that position, because it gives you options.""