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  • SPORTS MOMENT: '82 OSU 24- Ann Arbor U.-14
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Comment 01 Oct 2019
Many should be shamefaced. He and Borland became scapegoats. It was common to see them referred to as not even Division 1 caliber. Ridiculous but true. I was called delusional for saying Pete could start for Clemson. That "fan" questioned whether he could play for our MAC opponent: Miami.
Comment 23 Sep 2019
It's great and, if not for it being posted on its own, I would not have heard it.
Comment 23 Sep 2019
I don't like them and enjoy seeing those smug, arrogant smirks turn to frowns. I do want them to win if it helps our schedule strength, though. To that end, I generally pull for them in bowl season and I'll be pulling for them against the Golden Domers soon. Otherwise, they can rot.
Comment 15 Sep 2019

Right.   The SEC has some horrible OOC losses, too. 

Comment 09 Sep 2019

"He's athletic, he's way more athletic than anybody gives him credit for," Hafley said of the junior linebacker. "So that gives us a little bit of a weapon, that he can move around and do things that you or other people don't think he can do. Pete's an athletic guy, so it's fun to have him out there, you can do different things."

What's he know?  #FireHafley!

Comment 06 Sep 2019
Yet they both have more talent than more successful teams, including UC.
Comment 06 Sep 2019
UC has a little more overall talent than AZ, BYU, BC, SMU, Memphis, and KSt. They are just lower than Va., Syracuse, TX.Tech, and Boise St.
Comment 05 Sep 2019
Ramzy writing fire as usual. Small quibble:. Our D was ferocious against vs. FAU. Starters, anyway.