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Comment 14 hours ago
Some thoughts after reading these posts (No, I wasn't on the live game thread last night): 1. The team response in the second half was awesome. 2. We won. 3. Many here this morning weren't on the game thread last night (good for your mental health) and those that were are sober so the posts here may be more thoughtful and less incendiary. 4. Upsets happen for good reasons. 5.It's hard to hear you are the best ever all the time. "Rat poison". 6. it's hard to get up, focused, "right" for a team you dominated a month or so ago. 7. It's hard to get up, focused, "right" three weeks in a row. 8. Fields' injury changed things significantly. Not just in play calling. His passing was effected, too. 9. Wisky had a great game plan and played lights out, with the edge and attitude only an underdog can have. 10. That 2nd half! Showed alot about this team.
Comment 04 Dec 2019
I understand that generally, rematches are much closer games; it's harder to beat a team the second time usually. I'd like to see an in depth analysis of this phenomenon. My hunch is motivation and expectations, on both sides, play a large part. This team has been great so far at avoiding let downs and focusing on the task at hand but this is a tough one.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
Love your enthusiasm but this is the kind of praise that worries me. When there's so much of it, you can't keep it from seeping into the Woody. Satan calls it "rat poison". Hopefully, Day has poison proofed the Bucks.
Comment 19 Nov 2019
One breakdown I saw said the Nitties have trouble with RPO's because their LB's have to be on their heels. We haven't run much RPO this year (we're mostly zone read) so their LB's may be able to be more aggressive. They predict a score more in line with the spread. Will Coach Day run more RPO?